The Stretching Routine You NEED After a Killer Workout!

Slow it down, girl. It’s time to stretch!


This week’s Tone It Up Challenge workouts have us feelin’ SORE! Those slider pikes, tho! Your bod could use a lil’ TLC after all that work you’ve been putting in with your Daily Workouts! Today, we’re bringing you just what ya need. Total body stretching – oh yeah!! This is the perfect routine after a hard workout, run, or just when you’re feeling a little tight. You can do this everyday if you want! Plus, zero equipment required. ;)


Watch on YouTube HERE!


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  1. Love this :) Shall finish up my booty call and workout with this tomorrow morning. One can only hope to work up to Karena’s flexibilty level!

  2. Im so exited to do this after my hitt workout today ;) thanks girls x also loving your hair karena :)

    1. Hahaha… Those Turkish get-ups… For sure, we need this stretch routine!

  3. Thanks for the new stretching routine! Been really enjoying the free weekly workouts in addition to the new premium ones. Also love karena’s outfit in this, where is everything from?

  4. Yessss!!! Thank you!! I definitely need this and need to practice more stretching. I hope to see more stretching videos soon too!!


  5. Always enjoy Karena’s stretching routines! Also, keeping fingers crossed for a yoga routine this challenge too! :)

  6. Definitely needing a good stretch at this point in the challenge, I’ll do this when I get home. :)

  7. THANK YOU! My body was screaming for a full body stretch this week. That’s why I substitute 1 workout this week for YOGA w/Stacy. Can’t wait to do this later tonight. XOXO

  8. THANK YOU!!!! I really needed this as an afternoon break at work! Especially after my sister and I ran 3.1 miles at lunch!!!

  9. Yay! love stretching, but with so much toning exercise I don’t get a chance to make the time. Thank you!

  10. Karena – your stretching routines are EVERYTHING. It’s one of my favorite things to do and it’s so good for the body! I’ve been obsessed with the Beach Stretch & Release from Beach Babe 3 but I’m definitely adding this one into the rotation now. Thanks ladies! <3

  11. Love and needed this! Is it possible to get it in a printable version? I would really like to be able to go at my own pace and I think it would be easier that way. Thanks for the routine either way! :)

  12. Great stretching video… thank you! Very relaxing after several days of steady #TIU activity. Happy Easter all!

  13. The absolutely perfect stretch routine after the #TIUliveworkout… East Coast humidity + burpees + mountain climbers = crazy hair!!

  14. I love this stretching routine, because I can use it after pretty much all of my workouts. Thank you!

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