The Pink Flamingo Workout ♡

How’s everyone doing this week!? Summer is so near ☀ can you feel it!?!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.32.21 AMKarena and I have been so busy traveling, working and, celebrating holidays, birthdays and weddings, that we are wondering if a lot of you out there are also feeling GO-GO-GO!!

This community is filled with students, moms, nurses, business women… and we know how busy you all are. We want you to focus on Y♡U~ even through all of the chaos.  Make your healthy lifestyle the one consistent part of your everyday life, even if everything else is moving and shaking! Maybe crazy is your new normal??  Haha, no really!

It took me a while to understand and accept this. A couple of years ago my mom told me crazy was my new normal when I called her in what felt like a tornado of responsibilities. She has a way of putting things quite bluntly for me, and tells me to always make the best of whatever happens in every moment.  It helped me cope with not having a routine anymore. We know you’re on-the-go, with a ton of commitments in your life and if having a healthy lifestyle is more of a challenge than you thought ~ remember, that’s why we’re here!!!  Karena and I 100% understand! We all crave a normal day, week and routine, but in reality we are all so blessed with commitments, family events and friends that add the flavor to our life. Soak in the downtime when you have it, and enjoy every bit of the ‘crazy’ along the way.

Okay, so it’s midnight and we’re hopping on a plane at 5am, but that’s not stopping me from releasing your new BIKINI SERIES routine! It’s your Pink Flamingo Workout~~ in honor of your new suit that I designed for you :)

See it in your summer shop ~


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The Pink Flamingo Workout 


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Download your Printable HERE! Just Right Click & Select “Save Link As…”

Complete this routine 3 times through and get ready to unveil beautiful stems at the beach this summer. You will be confident, ready to spread your wings and fly!


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  1. soignelle says:

    Oh boy, I just finished Abs and then saw this post. Still have Bikini Booty to do but are we supposed to do the Pink Flamingo as well?

  2. Ashley-Marie says:

    Hey Karena & Katrina, is there a video for this new workout?

    1. Tone It Up says:

      Workout videos go up on Tuesdays and Bonus on-the-go printable workouts go up on Thursdays!!! xxo

    1. Tone It Up says:

      Workout videos go up on Tuesdays and Bonus on-the-go printable workouts go up on Thursdays!!! :)

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