The Best Total Body Detox Workout To Start 2019

Happy day 2 of 2019 love! How are you feeling? Karena and I are so excited to kick off this new year with you by our side! We both felt like we wanted a little reboot after the holidays, so we’re pumped to do the 5 Day Detox Plan as a team. It’s a FREE program we created just for you to refresh your body, mind, and spirit! The recipes, workouts, and lifestyle challenges are designed to help you feel light, clean, centered, and confident going into the new year. Aaaand it’s the perfect way to prep for the Love Your Body Series starting January 14th. You can get your 5 Day Detox free HERE and do it anytime before Love Your Body starts! 

Today I have a great workout to pair with your detox! I filmed it when I was doing the detox last year and it’s one of my absolute favorites. It’s all about toning from head to toe, with combination exercises that also raise your heart rate. So grab your dumbbells and your Booty Band and get ready to work it! Just make sure you have water nearby so you can stay super hydrated ~ that’s key for this workout and the 5 Day Detox.

Remember, you can do this routine ANYWHERE, anytime! I’m doing it right outside of the TIU HQ! So squeeze it in when you can, head outside if you want to, or just do it in your living room! If you want an even longer workout, we paired this routine with an amazing ab-focused circuit in your Studio Tone It Up app today so come join us there!

Looking forward to 2019 with you babe!!



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  1. so excited for LOve Your Body!!! Does anyone know what to do if you missed a mealtime? Should you still have that meal with the next one or skip it?

    1. Hey babe! We suggest aiming to stick to 5 meals a day to keep your energy and metabolism up. If you miss a meal or snack, no worries! You don’t have to make it up at the next meal but you can take a look at the calorie add-ons page in the meal plan and add some to that meal to make sure you’re staying satiated. xxo

    1. Hey babe! It’s totally up to you! For Love Your Body, we have a meal-by-meal guide in the meal plan that you can follow. If you want to do the detox one week instead, go for it!

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