The All-Time BEST Bikini Series Workouts!

We’re counting down the days until summer…beach bummin’, bikinis, sand in our toes, and a glass of rosé in our hand. We’re all getting summer ready together with the BIKINI SERIES. Sign up HERE for your free Starter Pack! We’re kicking things off April 24! From now until then, we’ll have tons of tips on to set you up for success during this Challenge.

Today, we put together three of our fave Bikini Series HIIT routines. You gals know we’re kinda in love with HIIT. It gets your heart rate up and revs your metabolism while toning every inch of your beautiful bod. And once the workout is over, you’re still burnin’ up and torching calories hours later. These routines are all #TIUgirl faves, and you may recognize them from your Weekly Workout Schedule, too! ;) They’ll get your body prepped for all the major toning coming your way in the BIKINI SERIES!! Now let’s HIIT it, babe!

Cardio Abs

This workout will have you burnin’ UP! If you’ve got 13 minutes, you can raise your metabolism and tone your midsection at the same time!

HIITy Bitty Bikini

Such a classic! This is always a #TIUgirl’s fave. And ya know why? It’s a MAJOR metabolism booster with incredible full body toning. And there may or may not be burpee jump tucks involved! ;) You can do it, girl!!

K+K Slay

Zero equipment needed to get your sweat sesh on! This is another one of our faves when we feel like turning the intensity up. You’re going to feel like an absolute boss after you’ve slayed this workout.

 Have you signed up for BIKINI SERIES yet?! We’re all starting April 24th! Sign up HERE to get your free Starter Pack with all the deets ya need to totally rock this series!


  1. My fave workouts too!! I just posted this q…but does anyone know if we are still eligible for Challenge prizes if we are not on Instagram?? I am so bummed I will miss the live workouts, but I am just not there with wanting to set up an Insta account. Thx!

  2. New to TIU and need to get back into working out. I have a gym membership since I don’t own a ton of workout equipment. I won’t buy any until I know I how to use the equipment and that I’m sure I’ll use it all the time. I can’t lift more than probably 5lbs right now, so can I adjust the workouts to accommodate that? Super dumb question: what does HIIT stand for?

    1. Hey girl! HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It’s the type of workout that increases heart rate and boosts metabolism while still getting incredible toning benefits in, too! And you can always adjust the workouts to fit your fitness level! Use whatever weight challenges you, but still allows you to get your reps in! ;)

  3. GirlZ belive me u are the strongest coacher i never met in my life. I’m following u from italy. And your work out specially hitty bitty is OMG unbeliveble. Tooo much i can’t stay with u till the end..too hard!😂 But thanks for your help to let feel us more confortable with our boootyyyy!!!!

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