The 7 minute HIIT Workout!

Get ready for the ULTIMATE busy girl’s workout!

This 7 minute HIIT workout is designed to get your heart rate up while targeting every major muscle group in your beautiful body—from your arms and abs to your gorgeous stems and booty! The best part is that you can customize this routine to fit your schedule, completing it once, twice or even three times through for a sweat session you’ll want to go back to over and over again!

See below for references for some of these moves!

7 minute HIIT Printable

M O V E   R E F E R E N C E

~ Criss Cross Jacks are from your HIITY BITTY BIKINI ROUTINE

~ The Tone It Up Punch N’ Crunch is from HIIT the Beach 2 from Beach Babe 2! See a preview of the move HERE!  

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The past few weeks have been incredible and we’re elated by your enthusiasm for the new workouts we shared with you each week! Take a look below for the Tone It Up team favorite routines from this year’s BIKINI SERIES!



Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just right click & select “Save Link As…” 


Download your on-the-go PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right CLICK and Select “Save Link As…”


Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

What are your favorite Tone It Up Workouts!? Let us know in the comments below!




  1. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

    Omg how do you choose ONE routine? I am in love with the LYB series, but also to be honest, I haven’t done this year’s Bikini Series workouts! But I can’t wait to do so starting Monday at the new challenge!!!

    1. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

      I just purchased ALL Beach Babe DVDs AND the Fit Fierce and Fab book!! PLUS I just got my Journal in the mail!!! I am one ready Beach Bombshell for the NEW challenge!!!

  2. Laura Lebherz says:

    I love the Total Body Mermaid Routine. All Bikini Arms and Abs workouts. Bikini Kettlebell! The list goes on and on and on!

  3. DaniMama_TIU says:

    I loved the 7-Minute HIIT. Nothing makes me feeling stronger in the morning then some good ‘ol planks!!! And the Mermaid will always be my fave because it was the first!!

  4. Brittney says:

    My fave workout is from sad little lonely BB1 lol, the surfer girl workout. Maybe it’s because of the “boogie” break ;).

    1. Marie Masters says:

      That’s definitely one of my faves too! I’m sad they never put BB1 workouts on the schedule anymore.

  5. Rebecca Lippert says:

    You guys have seriously outdone yourselves this year. The styling is incredible, the motivation is real, the passion you have is SO SO obvious! And it gives me chills and makes me so inspired to get my life in action. I love supporting you guys because I can see your passion is real and the community you’ve built and results you produce have changed people’s lives. Much love from Ohio!

  6. Nikki Vega says:

    Bikini Kettle bell is my favorite!!! Burped with clean hang press! I love it!!

  7. Marie Masters says:

    I love the new Kettle Bell routine – It’s my favorite kettle bell workout I’ve ever done! I also really like the new Bikini Abs – It’s hard to choose!

  8. Jamie Davidson says:

    Bikini Series ABS has definitely been my favorite!!! It is my go-to if I’m looking for a little extra toning for my tummy!!! Thanks K&K!

  9. The Daily Melody says:

    These are by far my three favourite workouts from the Bikini Series this year, and I guess I’m not the only one who loves them so much! I love how each and every year just keeps getting better! And I also love the throw-back workouts that you can incorporate with the new routines!
    I’m obsessed with TIU. I said it. I dream about it! #therearefarworseaddictions

  10. Katie Oberholz says:

    The Mermaid is my favorite!! It has become a go to work out. especially when I have sparingly time. Most days I work anywhere from 9-15 hours, and on those 15 hour days I run up to our corporate building(where we have a small gym) and bust out a 30 minute work out and all these bikini series work outs have become perfect for that and I don’t have to feel guilty for missing a work out!! Thanks K&K!!

  11. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    I love the mermaid workout, malibooty, bikini buns & thighs!!! Who am I kidding?! I love them all lol but those are a few of my faves ;)

  12. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    And I can’t wait to try this workout at the gym!! Thanks K&K!!

  13. Zoë says:

    Definitely the HIITy Bitty Bikini and the Ultimate Booty Call. I didnt even know I could raise the intensity after the HIIT the Beach 2 but these HIIT workouts definitely push me! I also love the new exercise ball routines because they challenge parts of me I didnt even know I had!

    For the bicycles and lungs would both sides be 1 rep or would 1 side be 1 rep?

  14. Hannah says:

    My favorite was HIITy Bitty Bikini and the new arms routine!!

  15. Julie says:

    There are so many good ones this bikini series but my favs are The Mermaid, Ultimate BootyCall & Beach Ball for sure!!

  16. Gabrielle Patricia says:

    Umm is it possible to say ALL of them?! :) Such an amazing Bikini Series! My top favs were HIITY Bitty Bikini, The Mermaid Workout, & Bikini Abs. They’re such awesome workouts! Oh & Bikini Kettlebell too :)

    Thank you for being so awesome K&K!! My body feels amazing & looks amazing after working so hard this whole series, I love it!!!


  17. Elyssa Ezmirly says:

    I LOVE the Ultimate Booty Call and Bikini Kettlebell- the Hitty Bitty Bikini kicked my butt so much because of the 60 second intervals- but I just do 2 sets of 25 seconds and take a 10 second break in between. I also (finally) discovered the Sunset Stretch from BB2, and I love it at the end of the night! :-) Thank you so much K&K!

  18. Kat says:

    Love ALL of your workouts, but my favorite is the Kettletoning routine from the 2014 Frisky Fall series. SUCH A GOOD WORKOUT! Love you ladies!!

  19. Megan Heimel says:

    Hiity Bitty Bikini is definitely my favorite! A great burn & is FUN! Tone It Up takes at home work outs to the next level! <3 Thank you!

  20. Bikini Buns and Thighs gets that deep burn unlike any other routine. And how can you not love a hot pink exercise ball like Katrina’s? I need it :) My TIU Husband and I also love The Mermaid. It’s amazing how tweaking a position just slightly can make such a difference!

  21. Christine says:

    I love HIITy Bitty Bikini! That’s my No . Going to do it for my Bootycall :)

  22. Mary Beth Carson says:

    Honestly, can I just say ALL OF THEM!!?? I absolutely LOVE Beach Ball and Ultimate Booty Call…oh, and Beach Bombshell!! I will just say the WHOLE BB3 DVD and I am absolutely in love with the new Bikini Series workouts! I am so motivated to wake up and work out, because I love these workouts so much! Love you K&K!!

  23. SaltwaterBabe_ says:

    Thank you for this awesome 7 minute HIIT Karena & Katrina! This Bikini Series is the Best one yet! xo, @saltwaterbabe_

  24. SaltwaterBabe_ says:

    I love the new 7 minute HIIT! Thank you Karena & Katrina! This is the Best Bikini Series yet! xo, @saltwaterbabe_

  25. Valarie Tonkin says:

    The Bikini Series was so amazing this year it was hard to choose!! If I had to I’d pick Kettlebell followed closely by Mermaid. Thanks again ladies, you just fueled my TIU workout obsession even more!! :-)

  26. karli_tonesup says:

    You gals are just plain awesome! Wasn’t able to do the workout yet because I’m sick but printing this baby out for my upcoming trip to AZ! Just what I was looking for, thanks girls!! Can’t wait to do it!

  27. Christina says:

    I did the 7 minute HIIT, twice today after I did HIITy Bitty! I liked it! Thanks for another great one! My favorite workout comes from the BeachBabe 3 dvd. Beach Bomshell!

  28. Haley says:

    Making Waves! I can do it over and over (not in a row, of course!) and not get bored. You ladies rock! xoxo

  29. Sarah says:

    Love hiity bitty bikini because I feel like a badass when I’m finished. Coconut core and booty, caribbean kettlebell, the mermaid and bikini yoga have been my other faves so far. You always raise the bar K&K and I love you for it!

  30. Heidi says:

    Bikini Buns and thighs!! My hamstrings were apparently very neglected because this routine kicked my booty!

  31. Caitlin Lebel says:

    Cannot forget that kettle bell workout that one is my favorite!!!! Especially the the swings!!

  32. Katy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the bikini buns and thighs on the ball routine!

  33. christina olnils says:

    I love the Kettlebell routine and Coconut core!
    I celebrated 6 months of bootycalls today, yeah :)

  34. Kristina Parkinson says:

    Ahh Love this 7 minute HIIT! HIIT has become my total fav.. I feel like I get so much out of it and it actually makes me feel STRONG! Thanks K&K! xo

  35. Courtney Gilbert says:

    The Mermaid by far is my new favourite! And the Coconut Core on the dvd!

  36. bodaciouschick1 says:

    I love Bikini Arms – so effective! From the site, I really dig The Mermaid and the new yoga routine you girls made for the 2015 BikiniSeries. From the DVDs, the Ultimate Booty Call and Beach Arms are hands down faves & I am beyond challenged with the Beach Ball workout (had no idea I needed to work on balance so much!). I am LOVING this series and I think the latest DVD is the best yet!!

  37. Cortney says:

    Ahh, it’s so hard to pick, but I would have to say my favorite new routine is Hiity Bitty Bikini! It is SO challenging, and I love how I feel after I do it! K&K, you guys have done an amazing job with the Bikini Series this year. The videos are shot beautifully, the vlogs are so fun, and I love being part of it! Thank you!!!

  38. katj frid says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mermaid workout !!!
    I feel so good after i do this workout :)))

  39. Ashley St John says:

    This year was amazing =) JUST what I needed & my favorite routine? HIITY Bitty Bikini from the Bikini Series & the Coconut Core/Booty from BB3. I did that routine, and thought “Yeah, that was fun” then was actually really surprised when I was SO sore the next day! That’s what happens when you have fun working out, right?? ;) Love you two & TIU. I went years searching for quick fixes & am never going back to that. Thank you for all you do for us!! xoxo @ashyogashine

  40. Lindsay Earp says:

    I have loved the bikini series and can’t wait to continue throughout the summer! I was new to TIU, and have since joined the nutrition plan and purchased the Beach Babe DVDs and the book. I have never been more inspired or motivated. I love all the workouts and I especially love the variety because I never get bored! Thanks Karena and Katrina for changing the way I look at exercise and nutrition!

  41. Marria Michelle says:

    I love the hiity bitty bikini workout and that dasiy dukes!

  42. Mariah says:

    I did the 7 minute HIIT workout this morning and I loved it! Wow. I love when you girls do HIIT workouts, those are my favorites. Great routine! :)

  43. Chelsea Marie Gray says:

    I LOVE the entire BB3 dvd Ultimate Booty Call makes you sweat so bad you drip but the short and horribly good HITTY BITTY BIKINI has to be my all time favorite workout from the series!!!

  44. Brooke Belcher says:

    WOW!! This past year, Tone It Up has skyrocketed to major success! I knew it would when I became a member in 2012!! I’m so happy for K&K and to be a part of this wonderful community!!!!! <3

  45. aliwos says:

    I love the Love Your Body 2014 series! The HIIT and total body workout are two of my favorite workouts ever. Maybe because there’s no beach to distract me haha

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