The 3 Booty Routines You Need to Add to Your Workouts!

Hey babe! As you know, Karena and I LOVE booty work ~ because the more you work your booty, the stronger and more confident you’ll feel! And you’ll form a gorgeous, cheeky 🍑 too ;)

So get ready to drop it low, because today is all about the tush! We’ve put together three of our favorite booty-licious routines that do WONDERS to the backside. Mix and match these workouts with your Daily Toning Moves, or use one for a quick sculpt sesh before slippin’ into that bodycon dress for Girls’ Night Out 😉

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Now let’s tone that tush!

Yoga Booty Workout

Come hang out in Kat’s living room for a beautiful and toning yoga flow!

 Booty Barre Workout With Jillian

Get ready to work that booty-ful backside with you Studio Tone It Up trainer Jillian!

Bombshell Booty

This is one of our all-time faves ~ it does some major toning to allll the right places!

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  1. I just tried the potty barre workout with Jillian and loved it! It is amazing how working with your own body
    weight can be so challenging. Thank you! XO

  2. Yes! Can we just admit that booty workout is something each of us wish to do like all day everyday? :-D Like if it doesn’t hurt it “does not work” :-D

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