Spring Into It ~ Our 5 Fave Moves For Strong & Sculpted Arms

Hi babe! Today we’re sculpting your gorgeous arms and we’re PUMPED 😌

When I first spotted Karena across the gym, one of the first things I noticed about her was her amazing arms. I’ve been workin’ on my Karena arms ever since! Upper body workouts make you feel like the strong, confident babe you are. Your strong arms carry your kids, hug your family, and lift your wine glass to cheers your girlfriends!! And as spring begins and you start rocking those strappy tops and sundresses, you should feel SO proud to show off your beautiful, sculpted arms!

Today’s workout will make you feel strong, bold, and beautiful! This 10-minute routine targets every muscle in the upper body. You can swop this routine for your Daily Toning Moves on an upper body day or add it in if you’re looking for a little extra toning action!

All you’ll need is a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells ~ we recommend 8-12 lbs (you can do a drop set and drop down to a lighter pair too)! And if the weather is nice where you are, take this routine outside! A little sunshine goes a long way☀️

After you rock these moves, we wanna see you FLEX 💪 Make sure you check in with us on Insta and show us!

 Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

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    1. Kat mentioned Android babes in her post on Insta today! So hopefully that means soon!

  1. Yes, I was wondering the same thing, is there a date for Android app yet? I am getting jelly seeing everyone’s check ins and only able to do the 5 daily moves…..Or can you post suggestions on what workout to do along with the 5 daily moves for that day if you haven’t got the app?

    1. Hey babe!! Thanks for being so patient! Some things came up in the development of your app. We’ve been working hard on perfecting it for you and we’re so excited for what’s to come!! In the meantime, check out your complimentary workout suggestion along with your free Daily Toning Moves on your Daily Workout Page each day plus your Weekly Schedule posted for you on Sundays! xxo

  2. when will you guys be announcing the love your body winners? the excitement is killing me!!

    1. We’ve been watching all the videos and they are all so beautiful and are making us cry!! Keep a lookout ;)

  3. I have an android and can’t watch from my phone, but I can log into my online account and watch the full videos from my kindle fire!! I used to able to watch on my smart tv. I would just log into my online account but I am having technical difficulties. It started right around the time the app came out and I switched cable companies. I think its the cable/internet:(

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