Snooze Button Workout ~ 10 Minute Total Body!


Winni!! Time to wake up and get your Booty Call in!!

We get it. Some days no matter what you do to prepare for the next day, that snooze button SOMEHOW gets hit ;) You’ve set aside your kicks, set your alarm and even laid out post-workout clothes. Girl, you’re ready to crush that Booty Call!! But, then your alarm goes off and your bed is so snuggly and warm that you can’t imagine leaving it… sooooo ya hit snooze.


We’ve all done it! Sometimes you don’t even remember hitting the button! Instead of getting down on yourself and skipping a workout entirely, just accept the slip and make the best of it!

Any workout is better than no workout!! As long as you still have ten minutes to spare, you can push that tush and tone from head to toe using only your body as weight. This is a timed workout that raises your metabolism, tightens the booty, tones your arms and sculpts sexy abs!!

Get ready and set a timer for 10 minutes. Complete each move for one minute then go directly into the next one. In order to get the most out of every second you have, make sure you don’t take breaks in between the moves! It’ll burn, but just remember that it’s only 10 minutes and then you’re finished!!

Show that snooze button who’s boss and get your Booty Call on!



Download your PDF printable HERE! Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

What you need: Just a timer! :)



Gets your blood pumpin’ and heart rate up! Tones hamstrings, quads and booty!

Start with legs your hips width distance apart and feet angled at 45 degrees. Bend down into a squat and bring hands straight down by your knees. Jump your feet together and raise your hands to a clap above your head. Jump back out into a squat with hand by your knees to return to start. Continue for 1 minute.



Continues to raise heart rate for increased metabolism! Sculpts sexy legs and core.

Begin in a lunge position. Make sure the front knee doesn’t bend past your toes. Push off the ground and jump in the air. While in the air, switch legs so that the front leg is now in the back and the back leg is now in the front. Try and land as softly as possible, making sure the front knee doesn’t bend past your toes. Continue for 1 minute.



Tightens triceps, core and quads!

Start with hands positioned directly below the shoulder and legs bent with feet directly below the knee. Bend at the elbows as you lower your booty to the floor. At the same time, raise your right leg directly into the air. Return to starting position with both feet on the ground and arms extended. Lower back down and raise the opposite leg. Repeat for 1 minute.



Tones the booty, hamstrings, shoulders, core and back!

Starting in the same position as the previous move, lower the booty to the floor with arms still extended. Using the right hand as support, push the booty up while raising the left arm into the air and twisting your chest to the right. Slowly lower down and repeat on the opposite side. Continue for 1 minute.



Sculpts sleek arms, shoulders and chest!

Begin in a push up position. You can modify with knees on the ground as well! Slowly lower to the ground with a flat back and neutral spine until arms reach a 90 degree angle at the elbow and return to start. Continue for 1 minute.



Tones the lower back, booty and hamstrings!

Lay on your stomach with hands on the ground in front of your face and knees bent at a 90 degree angle with toes touching in the air. Keep your neck neutral and looking down at the ground as you lift your knees into the air as high as you can. Make sure to not bend your knees anymore than 90 degrees throughout the move. Continue for 1 minute.



Tones the waistline and shoulders!

Begin in a plank position with a neutral back. Lower the left hip down to the left side then switch and lower the right hip down to the right side. Make sure to keep the back in a straight line and not drop the booty to the ground or raise it up into the air! Continue alternating for 1 minute.



Sculpts the lower abs!

Begin on your back with legs straight in the air and hands under the booty for support. Using your lower abs, lift the booty and legs straight up into the air. Return to the ground. Repeat for 1 minute.



Tightens your entire core!

Begin on your back with arms and legs out to the side. Lift your chest up by engaging your core and bend your knees in toward your body. Hug your knees to your chest for 1 second then slowly lower back to the ground. Continue for 1 minute.



Tones the booty, quads and lower abs!

Begin on your back in a bridge position with hands by your side and feet directly below your knees. Lift one knee toward your body then slowly lower. Lift the opposite knee toward your body and slowly lower again. Continue to march for 1 minute.







  1. This was so helpful to get out of my bed! Thanks! I really beat the snooze botton (after 3 times) :p

  2. You are ALWAYS so on point with exactly how i’m feeling…thank you so much for this post! I have been setting my alarm with the best of intentions to get my booty up but that hour of sleep loss is killing me! I did this routine this morning and felt so much better! Thanks K&K! P.S. Winni is the cutest thing EVER!!!

  3. MAN!! I wish I had seen this before getting in the shower this morning!!
    This will be a LIFE SAVER for me!! Thanks K&K!

  4. I love this! I’m definitely going to use this as a lunch break workout too since no equipment is needed. Thanks K&K. Another awesome routine for the win :)

  5. Love these quickie workouts you girls are posting and creating for us! Sometimes I hit snooze too and don’t have enough time to get in a good full workout in the morning, so having these little 10 minute workouts or less is so helpful! Thank you KK :)

  6. JUST what I needed this morning!! Thank you! You think since it’s only 10mins it’ll be easy but nope, I struggled, but in a good way! This is the perfect workout to do consistently to see improvement. this may be my go to bootycall since I’ve been struggling to get up and workout but 10mins is the perfect amount of time AND it’s effective!

  7. This would have perfect for this morning! Thankfully I have JUST enough time to get in a quick gym upper-body wo. I have a feeling I’ll be making good use of this tomorrow… ;)

  8. Winni’s nose looks like a heart <3…. thank you this post is so appropriate. I started a new job this week and went from 7am alarm to a 5am alarm…. its killing me but with this workout there is no excuse. :-) You guys are the best xoxo

  9. You rock! I love these short effective workouts! Winnie is absolutely adorable under the sheets!

  10. This was a really great workout for just 10 minutes! I kept thinking how many more moves? I’m dying!
    Lol! Thanks!

  11. Just putting these exercises into my interval timer made me tired! Trying this out tomorrow. Looks like a burner for sure!

    PS. Winnie is too stinking cute! And that little burrito dog!

  12. Seriously! You girls ALWAYS know exactly what I need! It’s like you have ESPN or something! hahaha ;) I’ve been struggling with proper sleeping times this week, thank you for this!

  13. THANK YOU for the printable girls!! I have an easier time keeping up with my workouts when I have one. I am motivated to work out today!! :)

  14. this is wonderful! It’s going to be so useful for the upcoming MONTH of early practicum!! ?? thanks K&K you read my mind yet again!

  15. This is exactly what I needed omg! I was struggling to do any work out today and as soon as I got this in my inbox I was like THANK YOU. This girl needed a sweat and thats exactly what I got! (and buns burnin!) xo

  16. HOW DID YALL KNOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE?!!! Love love LOVE this routine! did it this morning and was burning up! Thank you K+K!

  17. Hello :-) I have a question, if we don’t workout in the morning can we do it like late afternoon or is it really better to do it in the morning? Cause I love to do my workout between like 5 and 7pm but I’m not sure it is as efficient as the morning… Thank you :-)

    1. Hi girl!!
      We like to work out first thing in the morning but if you don’t have the time, just fit it in whenever you can! ;)

  18. I needed a quick workout while at the office. This “Snooze Button Workout” was just what I needed! Instead of just sitting at my desk for 8 hrs, I will do this once in the morning and some occasional other moves as my day goes on.

  19. After 18 h working day yesterday this workout was just perfekt today!!! Good Job girls wuhuuu

  20. This is such a great, quick ,full-body blast! I’m still adjusting to getting up early to work out in the morning, so this was perfect for this morning when I really really did not want to get up! Thanks! xoxo

  21. Perfect! This is usually how my Thursdays and Fridays are since I work until late on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I always feel guilty afterwards. Glad to have the snooze button workout so I don’t feel so bad about missing my cardio

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