Our Favorite Yoga Routines To Get Long & Lean

Hey babe! It’s week 5 of your Summer Series and I am SO proud of your strength, dedication, and determination! You’ve put those gorgeous muscles to the test and shown us what you’re fighting for!

Today in your Tone It Up app it’s time to take a much-deserved moment for YOU, and yoga is one of my favorite ways to do that. I filmed today’s new Sculpt + Flow yoga routine in my backyard. Join me at home to lengthen, strengthen, and connect your mind, body, and spirit. ✨

Yoga has been linked to improved flexibility, balance, and muscle tone, not to mention reduced stress and increased feelings of gratitude. So why stop at savasana? Here are 7 more of my fave yoga workouts from the On Demand section of your Tone It Up app for whenever you need ‘em!

From Kat’s Beach Yoga Tone to Chevy’s Booty Call Flow, there’s something for every yoga babe, every mood, and every focus. I can’t wait to flow with you!!



Our Favorite Yoga Workouts To Lengthen & Strengthen

Find them all On Demand in Studio Tone It Up in the Yoga + Stretch section!

Bikini Yoga Flow

Trainers: Karena + Katrina

Best for: Busy babes

Take your mat to the beach for this 20-minute magic hour routine. You’ll sculpt and stretch with every pose and vinyasa as you center your body and mind. It’s a Bikini Series classic!!

Booty Call Flow

Trainer: Chevy

Best for: Booty work

Need a lil’ pick me up? Chevy’s got you! This super lengthening routine will feel so good — and you’ll sculpt that cute tush too 🍑

Beach Yoga Tone

Trainer: Katrina

Best for: Total body toning

Grab those dumbbells and prepare to tone as you flow! This 30-minute yoga sculpt routine is Kat’s fave for finding length, strength, and calm.

Core Slow Burn Flow

Trainer: Heather

Best for: Amazing abs

The name says it all! This core strengthening routine will open your hips and heart as you light up those gorgeous abs. Prepare to leave your mat glowing, inside and out.

Rejuvenating Detox Yoga Flow

Trainer: Karena

Best for: A quick refresh

Feeling sluggish or need some extra inspiration? This detox flow will reinvigorate you from head to toe while increasing your flexibility giving you a deep stretch. 

Yoga Cardio Flow

Trainer: Chevy

Best for: Revving your metabolism

Chevy’s heart-pumping yoga routine combines traditional yoga vibes with cardio bursts to tone your total body.

Morning Mantra Yoga

Trainer: Katrina

Best for: Boss babes

Set the tone for your day and you’re guaranteed to slay! Kat’s mantra-based routine will get you in the right headspace to feel positive, productive, and move forward with intention. You’ve got this girl!

Did we miss any of your fave flows? Share ‘em in the comments below! Let’s get our ommmm on! 

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