Our Favorite Strong and Sexy Arm Workouts For Every Occasion!

We love working our arms anytime, anywhere. We’ve even been known to do tricep dips during HQ meetings! Strong arms make us feel beautiful and confident ~ like we can do anything! There’s something empowering about strengthening your upper body. Think about it…you use your arms for a lot. Hugging your best friends, picking up your fur babies (or kids or nieces and nephews!), and raising that wine glass up for a cheers on Wednesdays. All super special things that bring joy and happiness to your life!

That’s why we’re sharing our 3 favorite arm workouts for every occasion. Use any of these workouts when you want to give your arms, back, and chest a little extra sculpting. Because by giving your body love you’re able to give others love in return❤️



An arm workout for when…

You want a quickie routine before happy hour

Getting an arm workout before heading out for a date or girls’ night is one of our favorite confidence boosters. You’ll feel amazing strutting in your strapless dress too!

You’re getting ready for your #TIUFlexFriday checkin

Fridays are for flexing! This routine hits every muscle of your upper back, chest, and arms. Best part ~ this workout can be done any day, not just Fridays ;)

You’re using wine bottles as your dumbbells🍷

Because sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 😹

 How amazing do you feel after those arm routines?! They’re some of our faves! We’re constantly creating for you and we just filmed 70 NEW premium workouts for Studio Tone It Up! Head over HERE to the App Store for your FREE 7-day trial!



  1. Hi TIU! Just joined the app for the year and I’m so excited! Any chance that classes will be offered on the half hour for us early birds? 4am is WAY too early and 5am is too late. Thanks for listening! 😘

    1. Hey girl! We’re so excited you joined!! We completely understand busy lifestyles, which is why we created the On Demand section in the Studio! You can do your workout anytime! Make it work for you! xxo

    2. Agreed! I’m also up early and prefer to workout in the AM. Having classes every 1/2 hour would be awesome! Or a way to stream the daily workout on demand!

      1. Girls, you can go on demand, search for the daily workout video and do it any time you want :)

        1. Hey Ladies, try the on demand option. I travel for work and can’t always do the classes so I do on demand when I need it. The bonus with on demand is you can rewind when you need to do a move over or miss reps because of balance (maybe that’s just my issue). On demand is amazing and I love the app!

          1. We love the On Demand workouts when we’re traveling too!! We did them a bunch in NYC ;)

  2. Love the arm workouts! And hoping for Studio Tone It Up for Android in 2018, it will be my belated gift to myself lol

  3. Can I get Studio Tone It Up on my MacBook? or just my iPhone? I find my phone way too small for me to see!

    1. Hi babe! Studio Tone It Up is optimized for your iPhone. We’ve been mirroring it to our Apple TV for a larger screen and it works great. It also works with Chromecast! xxo

    2. I also find the iPhone too small. I keep having to put my glasses on to see what I must do, but then have to remove them to work out as they kind of get in the way :-( And then repeat the process because I’ve lost my coordination!

    1. Hi babe! Our developers are working hard jamming on every version of the Android App and we’re doing our best to have it available as soon as possible! In the meantime, we’re offering a 3-month Studio Pass HERE where can access all the classes! And we will keep you posted on all the updates with the Android app! xxo

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