WORKOUT VIDEO -Get Sleek and Sexy Arms With This Routine!

Get ready to FLEX, girl!

After this workout, you’re going to feel strong and on FIRE! There’s just something about upper bod training that makes you feel like a total badass, right?! Today’s video will tone your biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back. You’ll finish feeling sculpted, tall, and confident- and there’s nothing sexier than confidence!  After all that sculpting, make sure to give your muscles the love they need with some protein! You can create your own Tone It Up Protein Smoothie masterpiece with our mix ‘n match guide. Find it HERE!

Now it’s time to sweat!


Download your printer friendly version HERE!

Watch on YouTube HERE!


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  1. So dissapointed. Are you girls not going to be doing the printables anymore? It really is annoying having to play the videos every time you want to do the workout. The printables that used to accompany the videos really helped so much.

    1. You can find the printable version above the video where it says “download your printer friendly version here”

      1. Thanks Jessica, I have tried that but it comes out very small. All the moves is one picture, so even when i print it on A3 size paper it comes out very small. But never mind, I’ll just scribble down the moves on a piece of paper and keep it in the folders where i keep all my other printables.

        1. Can you save it to iBooks on your phone? I have some workout organized as PDFs on my phone. Very handy and no data/internet required to access them. Not a printout but may be easier than writing down. (: happy toning!

        2. On Chrome when you click on download the printable, hover over the image and zoom. Then go to the upper left and print it will print on 7 pages and be much larger. Don’t know if this will work on other browsers.

          1. Thank you very much, I will go & try it.

    2. On safari you can also download as a PDF, I usually do that and send to myself to open in iBooks. If I do it on my phone it cuts up some of the imagery/workouts. Although even saving this as one image you can enlargen in iBooks and it’s easy to follow.

      1. Thank you to all the ladies that gave me tips and helped with the printable. I really appreciate your kindness so much. I was going to try all your tips this morning when I noticed under the comments that Laura commented that they’ve uploaded a new printer friendly version. This just proves how much love goes into what they do. Karena, Katrina & the TIU HQ & Community is just out of this world! Have an awesome day ladies. My shoulders is still feeling yesterday’s workouts :-)

    3. There is a link right above the actual video to download the printer friendly version! I LOVE these workouts!

  2. My apologies, i see there is a printable. The printable is squeezed onto one page though and when i print it, it comes out very small.

    1. It initially looked really small for me, too, but I was able to click on it to enlarge which came out to 7 pages for printing.

    2. You might want to try playing around with your computer or printer settings. I think the printable is very easy to follow and looks beautiful! You can also screen shot or save the printable on your phone if you have a smartphone. Karena and Katrina make it easy for us and I am super thankful we actually get such high quality workouts for free!

      1. I do agree with you. But i do prefer the PDF Formats they used to do. I’ve tried playing around with my computer setting but were not very successfull. I did though save it to my phone & it seem to work nicely on there. It’s just, i very rarely take my phone with me when working out.

  3. Love all the free workouts that are provided during this challenge :)
    You put so much work into this, thank you for doing what you’re doing!

  4. Love those leggings!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get home tonight to try out this workout plus the Daily Moves. Absolutely love arm workouts and Karena’s arms is MAJOR inspiration.

  5. I love the Plank Row to Press in today’s Daily Moves. It is one of my favorite upper body moves, especially in their “Bikini Strap Workout”, when they combined it with the tricep push up, and the V-Sit with Upper Chest Press was also awesome. “Bikini Strap Workout” is one of my all time favorite workouts together with Malibooty. Love these girls and their workouts. They make it so much fun.

  6. Thank you! Great starting my day with you Karena! Really appreciate a new video for my Saved Workouts folder :-)

  7. LOVE this workout and all the videos you are putting out this challenge!! always love doing arms with karena. thx k+k <3

  8. Woo, that was no joke! My arms are on fire – had to drop weight ay the end to keep proper form!! I just keep telling myself “I want her arms!” over and over!

  9. I always look forward to a good arm workout with Karena! I am going to try this workout again by alternating between heavier and lighter weights. :)

  10. I love workouts like these! Simple quick and in fire. I almost gave up on those shoulder ones but I pushed through and I’m so happy I did! Thanks Karena! You’re always killin it with the arms!

  11. I love having the videos to follow! Its so much easier for me to follow. Thank you for all of these awesome workouts!

  12. YAS! Finally a workout I can (mostly) do with my knee injury. It’s been really bumming me out to watch y’all from the sidelines while I rehab a torn MCL/meniscus. But I’m cheering all you ladies on as you #lookforlove.

    K&K: any other suggestions for ways to get a workout in while I have a severe knee injury? It’s been 11 days since the ski accident and I’m already going a bit crazy not getting any of my workouts or cardio done. I’m trying to eat right + do all my rehab exercises, since those are things within my control, but if you have any suggestions to keep my abs/upper body toned and to get some cardio in (even if it’s seated), I would really appreciate it!

  13. Hey Ladies! We’re sorry you were having trouble with the printable. We’ve uploaded a new version that’s more printer friendly :)

    1. Aaawh, THANK YOU so much!!! You’re an ABSOLUTE ANGEL. :-) , I did this workout yesterday after my Daily Moves and LOOOOVVED it! It was awesome! Had to drop the weight from 3kg to 2kg for the shoulder toners but picked up the 3kg again for the next exercises. Thank you so much ladies for all you are doing for us. I love Karena & Katrina, TIU and all you ladies at Head Quarters and the Community. xoxoxoxo

  14. Awesome workout routine following my daily moves… I feel soooo SEXY!!!

  15. our arms got a double workout with the daily moved and the new TIU Tuesday workout! my arms and booty are burning

  16. FINALLY! A new workout that’s more than 5 moves, you don’t have to pay for or log in every day for!! I was not enjoying the new Tone It Up, so happy to get this workout!

  17. Love this workout and LOVING the Body Love workouts, very zen, and I can easily modify some of the more difficult moves until I reach my goal of getting stronger.

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