NEW Workout Video: BIKINI ARMS!!


What’s the best summer accessory!? Sexy, sculpted arms!! Today’s NEW Tone It Up Tuesday BIKINI ARMS Routine will leave you ready to rock tank tops, sleeveless dresses and your favorite bikini with confidence!

This amazing sequence of moves is designed to alternate between working your biceps, triceps and shoulders for the ultimate arm defining routine!

You’re going to feel the burn, and fall in love with your strong, wow-worthy arms!

Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Or your new BIKINI SERIES music mix? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI ARMS workout!

Download your printable HERE ~ Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-1 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-2 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-3 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-4 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-5 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-6 Tone+It+Up+Bikini+Series+BIKINI+ARMS+Printable-7



  1. Sanna Atran says:

    How much should the dumbbells weight? :)

    1. Shreya Patil says:

      They typically suggest 5-8 lb for beginners and move up as you get stronger. Basically you should choose weights that make you feel the burn, but allow you to get through the routine. Hope that helps :)

    2. brooke says:

      I used 5 lbs and it burned the whole time like crazy. This workout is awesome!!! Might even do another round…but maybe only with 3 lbs. haha

    3. Julie Marie says:

      beginner likely 3lbs-5 lbs, intermediate 5-8lbs, pro/ambitious 8-10lbs. I wouldn’t go over 8lbs. I used 8 for most except some of the shoulder raises because i can’t maintain good form. Idealy your form is most important so if you even start with no weight that’s fine in order to get your form right. don’t go to a higher weight until you can maintain good form.

  2. Gina Stallone says:

    How many reps are each of these? The font color blends into the graphic making it little hard to read …

    1. brooke says:

      Most of them were 10 reps, the tricep extension is 15. If you can, follow the video. She switched between moves really quickly so that it burns your arms out but it goes by really quickly.

  3. Alicia Jeffrey says:

    Do we do multiple sets of this routine or just once through the whole thing?

    1. Maui2010 says:

      I would think just once through the whole thing, but at least two times per week, perhaps even three.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    This is great! Where is your top from I love it!

    1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

      I’m wondering the same thing Sue! Hope we get an answer soon but in the mean time I’ll look in the Maaji website.

    2. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

      Sue Maaji has two similar tops just search for macrame. They are in different colors but very cute and fashionable.

  5. sally says:

    Hiya, how many calories in each video do we burn as I absolutely love them

  6. Sasha Milbrandt says:

    I love this routine! I love that every move flows into the next! This is my new fav. arm routine :D

  7. Terri Kiser says:

    Random question for the workout post…but..has anyone seen or heard anything about when they’ll get the vanilla perfect fit back in stock??

  8. Jwalsh2002 says:

    5am in Singapore, got it done before I had to head to work. Good thing jet lag gets me to bed early to get up and get arms burning before work!

  9. Laura S. says:

    I love that lately the videos have been longer, but only have to be done once instead of repeated! I have tons of motivation to finish a video I’ve already started, but hitting the replay button (especially if I hated a move) is way more difficult!

  10. Katrina says:

    love that there was a music free version of the video! had my #bikiniseries mix in the background :) LOVE IT!

  11. Maui2010 says:

    Does it look like she has gained a few pounds? And I really mean a few…like 3-5 pounds. I don’t mean this at all to be mean or negative. She looks absolutely fantastic! I’m just saying she doesn’t look quite as thin. I was wondering if was just my eyes or was it the video?

    1. aliwos says:

      I think maybe it’s your screen mashing the video proportions. I was thinking she looks incredibly thin, thinner than normal that is! Could just be different angle, camera, lighting, etc.

    2. Janine Paul says:

      I kind of thought that lately to that karena looks a little bit thicker…in a good way..I figure it was all that triathlon training!

  12. Katie says:

    I LOVE this new arms routine. I love how everything flows very smoothly together. My arms feel it for sure!!!

  13. Tatia Barraza Beyeler says:

    Love this arm workout! It’s exactly what I want and need!!!!

  14. aliwos says:

    Just a heads up but the rocky background makes it really hard to see the positions when you print it out! Something to consider in the future :) Love the new video!

  15. Liesl says:

    Just did this workout tonight–I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake-up with really sore arms tomorrow. :P

  16. Noelle St.Clair says:

    I love your recipes and your workouts are fun, but as a fitness instructor I am concerned that you do not instruct on proper form or include stretches at the end of each video. You may have beginners doing these workouts, so teaching proper form is essential!!

    1. Becky Albertson says:

      Yes agreed! I work in a gym and it’s always bothered me that their form and stance are not always on point. I can adjust the moves to how it’s supposed to be done, but I too worry about those that aren’t aware and what that’s teaching everyone.

  17. xoxodanih says:

    Even months later – this is my favorite arm work out!!

  18. Allison says:

    I really dislike coconut, even the faintest taste or smell makes me naseaous. Is it possible to still follow the nutrition plan, despite this

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