K&K here in full effect… to work you up a SWEAT!

OOooo Babay Babay!!! Today’s Tone It Up Tuesday workout was made with that tush in mind! It’s the YEAR OF THE BOOTY and this workout will definitely get you sweatin’ and burnin’! Plus.. you’ll be singin’ this all day ;)


You’re about to get that heart rate up, lift your booty and SCULPT those gorgeous stems! Oh yes, girl. We’re talking about moves that work double time for lean legs AND a beautiful behind!

Follow along with us in the video below and let’s TUSH IT… TUSH IT REAL GOOD!


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    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-1


      Tones your booty and hamstrings!

      Position your feet about hip-width apart. Lower down into a squat and make sure your knees don’t pass your toes. While you’re lowered in the squat, pulse twice before returning to standing position.

      Complete 10 reps.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-2


      Gets your heart rate up and firms up your legs and booty!

      Begin in a squat position with your feet hip-width apart. Jump up into the air as high as you can. Land softy on your feet back into a squat. Make sure your knees never go past your toes.

      Complete 10 reps.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-3


      Tones your booty and hamstrings!

      Begin in a lunge with your left leg forward. Make sure that your knee doesn’t go past your toes.Engage your core and push off your back leg while straightening your front leg. Kick your back leg into the air behind you.Land back in a lunge.

      Complete 24 reps. Finish the next move then switch sides.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-4


      Raises your heart rate and tones your legs and tushy!

      Immediately from the previous move, stay in a lunge on the left side.Push off with your back leg and jump into the air with your front leg. Land back into a lunge.

      Complete 5 reps. Immediately after this, do Moves 3 and 4 using your opposite leg as the lead.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-5


      Tones your booty and legs!

      Begin by stepping out with your left foot directly to the side and lunge. Make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toe. Push off your left foot and have your legs meet at center. Step out to the right into a lunge. Continue alternating sides. Make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the move.

      Complete 14 reps on each leg, 28 reps in total.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-6


      Tones and lifts your booty and strengthens your hamstrings!

      Begin in a plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders. Keep your core engaged. Lift your left leg into the air and squeeze your tush! Lower your leg back down to plank position.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-7


      Raises your heart rate and metabolism, strengthens and tightens your core!

      Start in a plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders and your core engaged. Hop both legs out then immediately jump back to starting position. Keep your booty low and core engaged the entire time!

      Complete 16 reps.

    • tone-it-up-tush-it-good-workout-8


      Tones your booty, hamstrings and shoulders!

      Start in a table top position with your hands directly below your shoulders.
      Keep your right leg bent as you kick it into the air behind you.
      Lower your leg briefly back down to tap your knee to the ground. Push back into a down dog and lift your right leg back into the air. Lower back down to a table top position. Repeat with the opposite leg.

      Complete 7 reps on each leg, 14 reps total.


Feelin’ amazing?! Let us know what your favorite move was in the comments below! Don’t forget to checkin with the TIU Community and on Instagram using #TIUBIKINISERIES and #TIUTeam!



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  1. Yeay thank you K&K for uploading the new workout so soon! :-) Greetings from Germany (8:35 am in the morning) :-)

      1. And it’s nearly noon here in Abu Dhabi! Thanks for posting it early enough for those on the other side of the world! xoxo

    1. I m from Germany too :) even though i couldnt do it in the morning cuz i leave 7 am:P so this is gonna be my pm workout today

  2. Heheee #TushItRealGood ???? love, love, looove it! And yes- thank you soooo much for uploading so early (in Ireland/Europe in general anyway) ?

  3. I wish I lived near the beach. Loving this years Bikini Series, I actually feel as if I can do it.

  4. I love this! And some Salt N Peppa! Where are your capris from? Love them!? Thank you both for always keeping workouts so fun! Can’t wait to meet you both in Miami! 15 days!

  5. My fav move was the Down Dog Donkey Kick….thanks for a great workout today! It was real hard waking up at 5:15 but I did it!! Tried working out in the afternoon with the kids…no dice! So super early am workouts it has to be.

  6. Thanks for a booty kicking workout! Favourite moves….well Tush Toner is a CLASSIC, but I LOVED the Down Dog Donkey Kick!

  7. This was sooooo much fun!! If I had the time I would do it so many more times this morning. I can’t wait to revisit this one. Such a quick fun one to add onto workouts when you have that extra 7 minutes. Love you K&K!

  8. Love it! You girls are awesome – week 2 is shaping up to be amazing!

  9. K&K I absolutely love your enthusiasm……it is awesome! Great workout, great intensity…….I just joined this community 10 days or so ago, but I love the variety of workouts, K&K’s outfits, the comments and suggestions by the different members……..and of course the beach in the background:)

    1. I’m new too and feel the exact same way! Everything they do is so motivating — I feel so enthusiastic about the workouts and guilty if I veer off the nutrition plan. Thanks K&K!

  10. This was so amazing. My thighs are already killing me, I did 3 sets of the Tush it Good! Thank you ladies!! Happy Tuesday!!

  11. I was completely unmotivated this morning so I decided just to watch the new workout to see what it was all about. After K&K’s hilarious performance and amazing enthusiasm I am ready to work out and work hard. Thanks for the motivation girls!!!!!

  12. This video made me love you guys even more, if that was even possible!! Thank you for starting off the morning in the best way!

  13. Hey love the workout, and the tights and the sports bra! I was wondering where I could purchase the clothing you both are wearing?

  14. Loved the workout especially the ‘Down Dog Donkey Kicks’!! A great move that you can feel everywhere!!

  15. Can’t wait to do this after work!! And of course, the obvious question, where did y’all get those workout pants??!! ??

  16. I LOVE this workout! I’ll be feeling the donkey kicks for a couple of days. So much fun!

  17. totally loving this workout, and can’t wait to do it tonight! You gals are to cute and I love how fun you make the workouts.

    also, I’m sooooo in love with your outfits <3 sigh, those pants are amazing, simple, but fun and I love Kat's sports bra with the multiple straps. This is def an outfit I could see myself wearing.

  18. LOVED this workout! I love that it is quick enough that I can do it anywhere anytime and several times in a row! Any chance on us getting those outfits!??

  19. I loved this workout and a HUGE thank you for having it ready on YouTube right away! Makes things much easier. Personally, I loved the down dog donkey kick the most. And now, I will have Salt & Pepa AND K & K in my head all day:). You girls rock!

  20. So happy to wake up this AM and find this new workout! Love it and loved your outfits!

  21. Loved this! I have a question: do cardio flow and kettle flow count towards our #100bysummer?

  22. I tushed it real good!!! HAHA That was super fun! I love the DOWN DOG DONKEY KICK! I even ran around afterwards for 5 minutes kicking my own TIU booty in the makin! Have a great day babes!

  23. Loved this one! Did two rounds and got a big sweat and a sore tushy! Thank you for these weekly workouts!

  24. This workout looks great. I can’t wait to do it later today. This mornings bootycall kettle flow was amazing. Thanks K & K for quick yet effective way to slim and tone our bodies. ❤️?

  25. Can somebody please help me out, I’m a little confused as to which workouts I ‘should’ be doing.
    I’m following the beach babe 4 program (my planner still has to arrive in the mail), so I’m wondering should I be doing the Kettle Flow + 25 min cardio + tush it good workout? Or only the kettle flow and the cardio? Thank you! :)

  26. I loveeeee the lunge kickbacks! Definitely will be adding these to my days when I randomly lunge across the house! :)

  27. @karenakatrina You girls had wayyyy too much fun in T&C! ;-) Kick that boootayyyy!! Thank you angels xx

  28. Hi guys! Does anyone know whether miles walked count towards our #100bysummer? Thank you!

  29. Loved reading everyone else’s comments and it’s gotten me super motivated to tackle my tushie after work ;)

  30. I think the Tush Toners were my favorite! And my family knows I love this song…wait until I show them this workout! This was so much fun and got me laughing while working out – also a great break from finals! Thank you both so much! XO

  31. Just Completed my workout 3 miles on elliptical and Tush work. #tiubikiniseries #tiuteam!!! Loving my workouts and you two. Keep them coming. Xo

  32. Loved this!!! K&K have done it again!! That downward dog donkey kick move is a booty kicker for sure!!

  33. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! i have been keeping up with the daily workouts for 5 days that is the most consistent i have been in over a year! BABY STEPS right! I just wanted to share my true appreciation for the fire you ladies have lit under my tush and so to be BOOTY! haha I have never felt so connected to a program and the community and women who works os hard to give girls like me hope that I can gain back control of my life!

    ps. can you guys post where you get you AMAZING CLOTHES – WORKOUT AND STREET WEAR you always look incredible – i know you already share so many of your secrets but hey I thought i would ask! HUGS AND KISSES xo Jackie

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