It’s time for a TOTAL TONER! This insanely effective workout is great anytime you crave some serious burn… whether it’s first thing for that Booty Call, on your lunch break, after work or at the gym. These moves target all the areas you want to firm up the most. We’re talking about sculpted arms, a lifted booty and a rock solid core. All in just 8 exercises!

What you need for this workout: A pair of dumbbells and an exercise ballStart with anywhere from 5-10 pounds and work your way up from there as you build your strength.


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  • Go through this sequence 1-3 times through! You can either count the reps below or complete as many as you can while maintaining proper form for 30 seconds for each move. Set that timer on your phone!



SCULPTS legs, booty AND shoulders!

STAND tall with dumbbells in hand, palms facing towards you, resting in front of thighs. Simultaneously step right foot back into a lunge creating a 90 degree angle with your left leg as you raise your arms straight up to eye level. Alternate legs. Complete 12-20 reps! (10 on each leg)



TONES hamstrings, booty and abs!

BEGIN on your back, legs bent at 90 degrees with the ball under your feet. With hands at your side and palms down, raise your left leg straight up as if heel was stamping the ceiling. Use hands and right foot on the ball to raise up into a bridge. Squeeze booty at the top before lowering with control. That’s one rep. Complete 12-20 reps keeping left leg raised the whole time and then switch sides.



WORKS inner thighs and lower abs!

HOLD the ball between ankles, squeezing your thighs. Pull belly button down towards spine as you lift legs up to pass the ball to your hands. Keep shoulders and neck on the mat. Lower your legs as you bring the ball straight back behind head before returning to start. Repeat 15 times!



TONES sexy shoulders, back and arms!

PLACE the ball underneath torso with dumbbells resting on the ground directly below shoulders. Keep your body in a straight line, using core and legs to keep stable as you pull elbows straight back to perform a row. Repeat 15 times.



WORKS upper body while engaging core and lifts that booty!

PLACE heels on the ball and lift hips to the sky. Engage your core and booty to stay there as you perform a chest press: straighten arms to press weights up in line with shoulders. Lower, bringing elbows out to your sides. Complete 15-20 reps.



TONES triceps and engages core!

PLACE shoulders and neck on ball, legs at 90 degrees and feet flat so you’re in a table top position. Bring weights up so arms are straight and in line with shoulders. Complete a tricep extension by bending at elbows to bring weights on either sides of temples, then straighten. Complete 15-20 reps!

Katrina-Hamstring-Curls (1)


SHAPES the backs of the thighs and booty… oh and CORE! HELLO!

PLACE heels on the ball and lift hips to the sky. Curl legs towards you, bending your knees and bringing your torso up and back as you use hands for leverage. Bring hips up with your body, keeping core engaged. Slowly and controlled, return to start. Complete 15-20 reps!



BLASTS calories while toning your legs and booty!

SIT back into a squat and then explode up in the air as high as you can go. Land softly into a plyometric squat. Repeat 10 times!




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  1. Hamstring curls are sooo hard, but I love the burn afterwards :) As I am not the biggest printable fan, I will do the Beach Ball workout from Beach Babe DVD 3 instead. I just love your funny comments and am much less likely to quit a workout when doing a video than when I am following a printable!

    1. I feel the same way. I get a much better workout from a video than a printable. I will be doing Tuesday’s workout Wednesday morning due to the time difference, so trying to decide which workout to choose from their website…

      1. Looks so good but i feel the same here! I love to see them working at the same time with me ! Tonight i will be doing a HIIT workout and after that Bikini Body Routine 2! BIKINI SERIES ☀
        on instagram i am andrafit :) Let’s do this girlsss ! <3

      2. Same here! I was really looking forward to the video. The short gifs help but I’m still not 100% sure as watching K+K actually do the workout.

    2. I’m the same way! :( I was so excited for a new video! But I’m gonna give the printable a try!

    3. I agree! Stick with the videos more. I don’t know why, but it’s true. May be it is because I have to stop and look at the next move. Maybe with videos I feel more accountable. IDK! Wish they were all videos.

  2. I also prefer a video but I have to say I have been loving the printables for this challenge. I throw a workout mix on and pretend K&K are doing it with me haha! Can’t wait to do this tomorrow!

  3. I dusted off my exercise ball this morning! Using it makes me rediscover muscles I’ve forgotten about – love it! Thanks K&K <3

  4. Sorry to see that this workout incorporates a gym ball – which I don’t have :( Unfortunately not all of the moves will work with a bench/ couch etc. Anyhing I can do instead, for similar results?

  5. Looks like a great workout. I can’t wait to try this one tonight, I always have such a hard time incorporating my exercise ball into my workouts. Thanks ladies!

  6. Love the move guide and can’t wait to try the workout! But still longing for a printable…. I really loved having a pdf version to save into iBooks.

      1. This is soooo great! thank you! I can’t watch the videos at the gym!!

  7. Wow! This workout was great! My heart rate is definitely up there and my legs are burning! Maybe not the best idea to do burn it up HIIT before hand ??? thanks K&K xx

  8. If you don’t have an exercise ball, what do you suggest as a substitute? I was using a pillow, but that wasn’t much of a challenge :)

  9. I’m just starting after too long of very little physical activity so the printables are great for a beginner like me. Less intimidating and I am more likely to do the excercises because I can set my own pace. Love this workout! my hamstrings… ack!

  10. I really miss the printables. The gifs don’t help me because they are slow to load and I waste so much time looking at my computer in the other room.

      1. I agree! I strap my phone to my arm so I can listen to music while in the gym. These GIFs make it impossible to follow the workout… bring back the printable please!

        1. No use ladies, so many has asked for the printables back but they seem determined to stick to the current New format. Sad but true. I think it would be best if they just incorporate both the video and printable, like in the past and just leave out the gifs. That way video lovers can access the videos and we who prefer printables, can work with printables.

  11. Ah! Came on to do the workout while baby is napping but my stability ball is in his room!! Haha. Looks like a great workout, will have to do it later today but I can’t wait!

  12. These workouts with fitnessball are difficult to do it but i love it! Are so funny and the muscles works exelent. I want more! :-p

  13. I was just thinking I want to work more on my hamstrings! Perfect timing ladies! Can’t wait to do this workout!

  14. UGH! Another printable :( I am just no good at these..was looking forward to it but I already know I’ll get a better workout from one of their videos. I go from drifting off to the days worries ahead, to counting, to trying to go back and read..I like when I can just listen, glance at the dvd or video and burn and focus on nothing else ..

  15. I dont have a ball so I improvise. My place is too small to store one. I prefer videos but seeing them do it online without audio helps too. :)

  16. I agree! Not the biggest fan of printables so I will also be changing it out for the Beach Ball Workout from BB3.

  17. Did this 3 times through. It was the first time using the TIU ball. I am horrible at balancing on that thing, lol. Something to work on! Great workout.

  18. Love the routine but would love to have printables again, they are very pratical when hitting the gym! :)

  19. Love the moves! I’ve been trying out my stability ball. I agree that the gifs make it harder to follow along! I feel like they mess up my groove because I have to keep looking at the screen and scrolling to the next one. I definitely prefer to follow along with a video. At least I gave this workout a try :-)

  20. I would really love to see a video with the exercise ball. I’ve never used one before and just felt like I didn’t understand how to do these moves correctly from the gifs. I’m going to have to give up on this workout for today and find a video to do instead.

    1. They have a Bikini Buns and Thighs video using a stability ball. It was part of the Bikini series last summer. It’s under Booty in the fitness section or the Bikini Series playlist on their YouTube channel. Even though the moves are different the video might help get you comfortable with the ball.

  21. Important question that I am still really confused about: Does HIIT count as moderate cardio? I don’t think it does, but their favorite cardio workouts are almost exclusively HIIT. Help!

    1. Based on requests and feedback from the community, we created this new workout format. Our NEW workout guide format is mobile friendly for everyone on-the-go, which the printables were not. We’re also going GREEN! :) When you’re at home, follow along with your free workout video. If you’re at the gym, these move guides are mobile friendly. Hope this helps with any confusion!

        1. Thanks, Roxanne! The printable are so great! Plese keep doing it and keep us updated) lol

      1. I understand that, however, at the gym it’s impossible to keep looking at my phone while working out :(

  22. Hi K&K
    Will you ladies add a 55cm workout ball the the TIU shop? I love it but for us short gals (5ft) its just too big!
    ? love ya

  23. This is the first time I’ve done a TIU workout in a LOOOOONG time and I loved the gifs! I went through the workouts 40 seconds on/10 secs off 3 times through and it felt awesome! I am always wanting to incorporate the ball into more workouts and I will definitely be feeling that booty tomorrow! Woohoo! Great job everyone!!!!

  24. I purchased the bundle with exclusiv workouts and saved them. However, I am unable to access them. Is there a way TIU can resend these as we purchased the bundle? I really like the workouts.
    Maybe under My TIU, that is how we can access it with a special code. I went to the Apple Store and they said I did everything correct to save it.

    Thank you,

  25. Can anyone tell me why I have zero check ins when I journal almost everday? Any help is most appreciated!?

    1. Think of it as a counter and it’s looking for certain words in your journal entry. The number of check-ins reflects the number of special words you used. Bootycall, tiuteam, M1, M2 etc, and check-in all register in the counter. Those words also show up in blue. Hope that’s helps.

  26. I am clicking Checkin time anddid it does not open. I have had problems with this. Therefore, it does not reflect my daily workouts and journaling. Help please. Anyone having this problem?
    Much thanks! ?

  27. I totally prefer the GIFs to printable! I mean videos are amazing, but I’m sure that is 1000x the effort to produce. I like the GIF so you can really see the movement and make sure your form is good. Thanks KK!

    Love, KK :)

    1. I have been looking all over for them too! I would love to know who makes them! I found Karena’s but I can’t find Katrina’s exact pair.

  28. Saved this workout for today and LOVED it!! I did it twice and then kettlebooty so needless to say I’m now using my foam roller. Thank you K & K!!!! ? @toneitup

    1. I am REALLY looking forward to trying this — looks great! Saved it for weekend. You did this and kettlebooty — wow! Inspiration!

  29. Yes, agree with all you girls! I do like the little GIFs but I almost never even do the printables – where as I’ll normally always do the video. Videos are the beeest,

  30. I disagree with everyone I love printables! Haha I dont like taking my phone in the gym so find them so helpful and I still get a really good workout from them! Xx

  31. I don’t like GIFs/printables either and the whole month of the Self magazine challenge was gifs online. I ended up doing the gifs with Self and the Tone up it videos. I find the GIFS/printables hard to follow because I have to stop and read or look at each move and perfect it before moving on. I think they do GIFs/printables instead of videos because of cost. Figure they have to hire a whole crew to shoot the video for them which is expensive and GIFs are more cost effective.

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