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Get ready to WORK it! This routine is all about defining your total body, sculpting every inch from head to toe. You’re going to feel that amazing burn in your arms, abs, legs and booty!

Follow along with us in the video below…


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  1. Amazing, cant wait for the evening to excercise this awesome routine!

  2. Can I just say thank you for improving the upload times for the schedule & workouts. This really helps me! I’m 9 hours infront of the TIU HQ and this way I still get to follow the schedule along. Before I always had to switch up some workouts. Love this new full body WO!

    1. Amazing Susanne! Thank YOU!!! Cheers to 2016!!

      1. Loved the new #TotalBody workout! And the “extras” at the end… You girls always keep it fun! :) #TIUteam

    2. I live in France and I was thinking the exact same thing then I saw your comment !!! :)

    3. I agree. I used to have to swap two days over!

    4. Can’t agree more- thank you, thank you!!

    5. I so agree with you Susanne, I am also 8-9 hours ahead of the TIU HQ. And it is so awesome now that we can follow the schedule and workouts exactly! The full body WO was awesome. I did lose my balance a few times though. Lol. But my backside had such a nice burn with the New Workout. Loved it.

  3. Hi TIU!
    Could you please post earlier during the challenge for us Aussie babes! We don’t get them until 7pm Tuesday :(
    Loving the new exclusive workouts!!

  4. IT’S HERE! I’m going to do it right now! So exciting!
    Thank you for having it up early for us who are in a time zone thats ahead of your own!

  5. I’ve been checking in on this since ten ’till 3am EST lol! I can’t wait to do this it looks like a challenge with the whole balancing.

  6. This WO is great! Thanks for upload it early!

  7. Hi,
    I already did Tuesday mornings booty call (hump day cardio) and will not have time to workout tonight as well. Tomorrow should I do the self routine or this new one instead (don’t have the exclusive workouts)?

  8. I’m 9 hours ahead and coming home from the night shift I just want to get my workout down. So, the earlier the upload, the better for us european TIU Girls! The new workout is awesome, I love your Total Body Workouts. Perfect for not neglecting any bodyparts when on a tight shedule. Thank You for a new challenge!

  9. love the new workout!! and i love the footage at the end

  10. Just finished the total body tone up! Do I need to do this routine 3 times through? The instructions didn’t say so.

  11. I love this new workout! Ya’ll really stepped it up for 2016! And I LOVE your outfits in this video and the new exclusive workouts you released a few weeks ago. Where are they from?

  12. Loved this Workout! Thank you K&K! will be checking in @morgstiu

  13. Thank you for posting this early!! I was so glad to have it ready when I got up for my bootycall. It was an awesome workout too!

  14. I can’t seem to find my nutrition plan on the new site, can anyone lead me in the right direction?


  15. Love this new workout! It was just what I needed! A quick total body toning as I slept in a little and only had time for a short bootycall!

  16. Thank you for posting! Really helps me complete them and handle the rest of the day. You guys rock!

  17. What a great way to start my day! Thank you for having this posted early! xo

  18. Loved this workout-the intensity and the shorter length are a perfect way to start a very busy day!

  19. Great video! Perfect for first thing in the morning!!

  20. I love, love, love this workout! :) It’s amazing and it really made me sweat. Great job! :)

  21. Done baby!
    Plus extra 20 minutes cardio!

  22. Awsome music choice girls! Love the energy! Thank you for your dedication!

  23. We need a Pinterest button on here! Can’t wait to do this workout later :)

  24. I looooove the bloopers at the end!! You guys are amazing and so realistic. Loved this workout so much !

  25. The printables for this series are soooooo pretty. I love them! I just want to print all the things!!!!!

  26. I also appreciate the early post, since I live in China– I always have to wait until the evenings here to do the new workout videos, but I don’t mind:) Loved this workout!!

  27. This looks fantastic – Can’t wait to do it tonight after work! (Already did my spin class bootycall) <3

  28. I love the new look of these videos. You two and your team are really kicking it up. Love it!

    Also, a shout out to your Perfect Team. Ordered my protien and was shipped so quickly

  29. Haha, I love the outtakes at the end! :D Thanks for a great workout!

  30. Love this workout! What weights are you ladies using?

    1. … as in how heavy, not the brand! :)

  31. Love the new work out! <3

  32. Yeah! I love the booty workouts!

  33. Loved this routine! and the music was BOSS!

  34. Great way to start the day! Loved this total body WO!

  35. Katrina- where did you get those shoes? Love the gold! Also love the workout!

  36. Loved this new workout!! Thanks K&K!!

  37. Loving the new workout! Can’t wait to try it!!! I must say that it is fun to see that you guys are «struggling» a bit too while you are doing it LOL Have a good one girls xoxoxo

  38. Great workout!!!Love it

  39. Absolutely love the music in this workout! I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so pumped to do a workout on music alone. I love the new routine! Keep them coming! <3

  40. Loved this! Quick, but not easy. This is my first time to do a TIU workout with you guys and I have to say the “bloopers” at the end were the best part! It is nice to know that you guys are not perfect and don’t do these entire things without falling over or messing up! ha! :) Can’t wait for the next one!

  41. Is there going to be an update for the tone it up app??? I can’t seem to get mine working since this new website came out and that app is my lifeline!!! Lol

  42. I loved the workout and am feeling it this morning! I have a couple of questions. First, how many calories does this burn? Second, how many times should we do it? I only did it once this morning but will repeat later if I was supposed to. Thanks! Love it!

  43. OMG this workout <3 <3 <3
    Love it! It's a little dance-y which I totally appreciate, and omg, burnnnn in under 15 minutes?! A+ ladies, thanks for another rockin' workout!!!

  44. What pound weights do you recommend? Also, will you need multiple sets during the challenge? I want to get some for my house, so I don’t have to run to the gym for these morning workouts.


  45. This is looks so awesome!! I can’t wait until I get home to do this new workout!! Thank you ladies :)

  46. This workout was PERFECT!!! XO

  47. My two year old was LOVING the intro song! HA! One thing that I wish we had more of in all of your workout videos is coaching to remind me about deep breathing and *correct form*! Anyone else feel that way? Maybe it’s just me… I still need the reminders. Enjoyed the new workout. Will go for round two now! Thanks K&K!

  48. I did this workout as my Booty Call because my roommate wanted to run this evening. What a great workout…I loved the running girl and the arnold press!! Definitely have to work on my balance and flexibility if anyone has suggestions? LOVED THIS!!!!!

  49. Loved this one, ladies! Thanks for another great workout. ?

  50. Can’t wait to try the new workout this evening. Thank you so much for more videos and for the outtakes at the end- that’s usually my favorite part LOL :-)

  51. Loved the new workout and absolutely LOVING the new music for this challenge! :-)

  52. Love the new music you guys have been using!!! <3 Great workout

  53. This workout is AH-mazing!!! The running girl definitely challenges your balance :D I’m feeling the burn, ladies this is a must try!

  54. Love the workout, the music and the outtakes! Haha! Nothing like laughing in the middle of a workout, awesome! Also- love love love the running girl move; I usually have good balance but this new move got my core to work out like never before, thank you!

  55. How come this isn’t listed on YouTube? I use my Apple TV for the videos, but I can’t get to this one. =(

  56. LOOOOVEED IT!!! the outtakes were so cute! :) The outfits were also adorable! can it be another TIU Tuesday? I love seeing the new videos!!

  57. I had lots of fun doing this workout this morning! Thank you so much for posting it early!! :) <3

  58. Loved this! Sweated it out for sure!! Also to sign up for the birchbox give away how can I? the link didn’t work and neither did the video. =(

  59. I love this routine?
    Thank you K&K!

  60. Thank you for leaving in the outtakes! Love it! Lol

  61. Awesome workout! Loved it so much I had to do it twice :)

  62. Thank you for posting this..<3

  63. Loved this workout! They do such a great job making sure every move targets your whole body so you can get a great workout in under 15 minutes! And the bloopers are great!

  64. Loved this new routine so much! Running Girl was my favorite move!! Thanks, K & K! Looking so forward to the rest of the challenge. It’s just keeps getting better! XOXO

  65. Awesome workout and loved all the intense power moves and continuous movement! Thanks K&K from AK! ;-)

  66. Excited for this workout today!

    I checked on YouTube and don’t see this uploaded. I searched under the Tone It Up subscription and by the video name. When do the videos get uploaded to YouTube in addition to being available via the website?

  67. Boy am I sweaty. Loved it! I needed that Ladies, Thank you.

  68. Fun workout!! I’m starting to feel so strong because of Tone It Up and I am thrilled for this 8 week challenge. :)

  69. OMG! after running in the beach this feels amaaaaaziiiing!!! I´m all awake and energetic! :D

    1. Also, I would love it if (eventually, I know this site is new!), we could save our favorites in categories. Like, sometimes I forget which ones are best for vacations, and I’d love the ability to save a little list for myself within my account.

  70. Any advice on how to get this to play on my TV from my iPhone?

  71. So excited to try this out tonight! Also where did Kat get those shoes from? I want every outfit!

  72. You’re both too funny, loved the out takes with Brian having a drink and watching you sweat. Awesome workout!!!!

  73. Hi All! I am new to TIU and need to get some weights. What weight to you all use/recommend? How heavy should I start?
    TIA <3

  74. Loved this work out for my Booty Call!!! The new site also looks great and is so much easier to navigate!! I am so excited to be starting my journey to Fit, Fierce, & Fabulous!

  75. Awesome workout ladies!

  76. Such a fun workout! Loved it. Also, I have to know about Kat’s shoes! Anyone know what they are called so I can search for them?

  77. Such an amazing workout!! I was so sore from yesterday so that´s why I´m feeling twice as great today :) Go go #TIUteam

    1. Me too – sore today from yesterday, rocked it today, and wondering what tomorrow’s AB/BUTT routine will bring?? SOOooooo motivated to kick some butt this challenge!!

  78. love love love! the energy is unreal! quick question…1x or 3x’s through?

  79. Hello K&K,

    I have done it! On the other side from the ocean. In Bavaria, Germany! It´s 10 p.m. here and I´m very, very happy that I have finished this amazing workout! Thank you. Bye and Servus (this is bavarian for bye) Judith

  80. Love love loved it! The outtakes at the end were too funny! Another amazing workout! <3

  81. This workout was fun! I really enjoyed it :D

  82. Really sore from yesterdays workout, but feeling good!!!

  83. Great workout! I love the outfits! What brand are they? You ladies always have awesome workout clothes :)

  84. Amazing!! Love it :) Feeling these workouts like I haven’t worked out in a year, SO GOOD!

    Go #TIUteam Go!

  85. LOVED THIS!!

  86. OH.MY!! I LOVE IT!! :) :) Thank you!!! :)

  87. loved the total body toned up

  88. Love this workout. It focuses on the one thing I’m trying to improve, balance!!!

    Where are Katrina shoes from?

  89. loved this quick work out! It is going in my saved workout section! Thanks Girls!

  90. Loved this new workout so much that I had to do it twice! Thank You Karena and Katrina!

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  94. Are we supposed to do this video 1x through or 2x through? :)

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  96. LOVE this! And love, love LOVE that I got it via email this morning. :)

  97. obsessed with the new workouts!! such a different feel from the beach style workouts but i love them just as much! everything on point ladies!
    also, does anyone know the name/artist of the intro song?! i always find myself doing a warm up dance to it ;p

  98. Holy burning muscles batman!!! Whew! I loooooove it! Awesome job beach babes!

  99. Fabulous and quick! This was the perfect pick me up – day 2 of the challenge and I can’t wait for tomorrow :) Thanks K&K

  100. Such a quick, but effective workout! This is my first challenge, and I am loving the support and positivity the TIU community provides <3

  101. Don’t take this the wrong way but I actually LOVE that Karena loses her balance sometimes! makes me feel normal and like it’s okay that I’m not perfect (I lose my balance…all the time…but I hope it will get better as the challenge progresses!). love love love you ladies!

  102. Just want to say THANK YOU!!! You guys are amazing. The workouts are great, I can barely walk due to being so sore but you guys motivate me to keep going ;)

  103. Question.. What if we are so sore that we could hardly even walk today? Should we take a rest day? Or just push through. Clearly I’m very out of shape haha. Thanks for the kick booty workouts!

  104. Love the updated site and REALLY appreciate the mobile workout version girls THANK YOU. Agree with the babes above the release time for us down under is perfect ? New workout was so much sweaty fun !

  105. This is now my go to workout! P.S. You both look stunning!!

  106. I love it! It is amazing workout! Super! Thank you! Happy new year K&K ! :-)

  107. Enjoyed the new workout but had to modify some moves but practicing them so I can eventually get to that level. The music was fab as well. You both make it look so easy.

    Loving the Self meal menu. Is it similar to your nutrition plan? Also I’ve been forgetting to use #tiuteam and #tiuchallenge here on the forum but have been using them on my personal Instagram.

  108. Absolutely LOVED this new workout! Probably one of my favorites thus far.

  109. I really love this workout, amaizing and complete movements for all body. Thanks K&K xoxo?

  110. I Love this Workout! I do this yesterday evening and it push me very good! :-D

  111. Loved this workout! I’m a little behind on the schedule but I hope to catch up!

  112. This routine was a killer! But my back feels great and I know if I keep at this one my balance will improve 10-fold! Thanks for this routine, ladies!

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  114. What kind of shoes is Katrina wearing?

  115. Does anyone know what brand their leggings are?

  116. How many calories does it burn?

  117. I love these leopard print outfits! Where are they from???

  118. I love this workout!!! It’s great for golfers! :D

  119. Love, Love, LOVE this workout!!! I can feel it working every muscle in my body.

  120. Just completed this in my office over lunch with a resistance band and medicine ball. Yes I keep them with me. hahaha Thanks! I find this one a lot of fun with the different combo moves. I will be repeating it 3 more times when I get home with dumbbells. <3

  121. I love this one so so much! Also where did you ladies get your workout gear for this video from? I love animal print and both of your full outfits!

  122. This is one of my ultimate favs!

  123. Great video, but very challenging for me.

  124. Awesome workout! just gave this one and the HIIT workout a try for the first time. Thank you ladies!