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Get ready to WORK it! This routine is all about defining your total body, sculpting every inch from head to toe. You’re going to feel that amazing burn in your arms, abs, legs and booty!

Follow along with us in the video below…


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  1. Can I just say thank you for improving the upload times for the schedule & workouts. This really helps me! I’m 9 hours infront of the TIU HQ and this way I still get to follow the schedule along. Before I always had to switch up some workouts. Love this new full body WO!

    1. I so agree with you Susanne, I am also 8-9 hours ahead of the TIU HQ. And it is so awesome now that we can follow the schedule and workouts exactly! The full body WO was awesome. I did lose my balance a few times though. Lol. But my backside had such a nice burn with the New Workout. Loved it.

  2. I’m 9 hours ahead and coming home from the night shift I just want to get my workout down. So, the earlier the upload, the better for us european TIU Girls! The new workout is awesome, I love your Total Body Workouts. Perfect for not neglecting any bodyparts when on a tight shedule. Thank You for a new challenge!

  3. Loved this! Quick, but not easy. This is my first time to do a TIU workout with you guys and I have to say the “bloopers” at the end were the best part! It is nice to know that you guys are not perfect and don’t do these entire things without falling over or messing up! ha! :) Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. I loved the workout and am feeling it this morning! I have a couple of questions. First, how many calories does this burn? Second, how many times should we do it? I only did it once this morning but will repeat later if I was supposed to. Thanks! Love it!

  5. My two year old was LOVING the intro song! HA! One thing that I wish we had more of in all of your workout videos is coaching to remind me about deep breathing and *correct form*! Anyone else feel that way? Maybe it’s just me… I still need the reminders. Enjoyed the new workout. Will go for round two now! Thanks K&K!

  6. I did this workout as my Booty Call because my roommate wanted to run this evening. What a great workout…I loved the running girl and the arnold press!! Definitely have to work on my balance and flexibility if anyone has suggestions? LOVED THIS!!!!!

  7. Love the workout, the music and the outtakes! Haha! Nothing like laughing in the middle of a workout, awesome! Also- love love love the running girl move; I usually have good balance but this new move got my core to work out like never before, thank you!

  8. Excited for this workout today!

    I checked on YouTube and don’t see this uploaded. I searched under the Tone It Up subscription and by the video name. When do the videos get uploaded to YouTube in addition to being available via the website?

    1. Also, I would love it if (eventually, I know this site is new!), we could save our favorites in categories. Like, sometimes I forget which ones are best for vacations, and I’d love the ability to save a little list for myself within my account.

  9. Hello K&K,

    I have done it! On the other side from the ocean. In Bavaria, Germany! It´s 10 p.m. here and I´m very, very happy that I have finished this amazing workout! Thank you. Bye and Servus (this is bavarian for bye) Judith

  10. obsessed with the new workouts!! such a different feel from the beach style workouts but i love them just as much! everything on point ladies!
    also, does anyone know the name/artist of the intro song?! i always find myself doing a warm up dance to it ;p

  11. Don’t take this the wrong way but I actually LOVE that Karena loses her balance sometimes! makes me feel normal and like it’s okay that I’m not perfect (I lose my balance…all the time…but I hope it will get better as the challenge progresses!). love love love you ladies!

  12. Love the updated site and REALLY appreciate the mobile workout version girls THANK YOU. Agree with the babes above the release time for us down under is perfect ? New workout was so much sweaty fun !

  13. Enjoyed the new workout but had to modify some moves but practicing them so I can eventually get to that level. The music was fab as well. You both make it look so easy.

    Loving the Self meal menu. Is it similar to your nutrition plan? Also I’ve been forgetting to use #tiuteam and #tiuchallenge here on the forum but have been using them on my personal Instagram.

  14. Just completed this in my office over lunch with a resistance band and medicine ball. Yes I keep them with me. hahaha Thanks! I find this one a lot of fun with the different combo moves. I will be repeating it 3 more times when I get home with dumbbells. <3

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