New Workout Video! L♡VE Your Total Body

Tone It Up Tuesday’s Brand New Workout!

Along with tons of motivation, daily challenges, inspiration and tips, the Love Your Body Series includes brand NEW workouts every week! If you’re just joining us, perfect! We’re just getting started! It’s time to get fit & fierce for Valentine’s Day ~ Learn more about here!

Today’s challenge is to sweat for 30 minutes for cardio and to complete this NEW sculpting routine: Love Your Total Body 2! Perform your new workout tonight for PM toning, or save it for tomorrow’s BootyCall!

The next few weeks are all about learning to love and appreciate every single part of your beautiful body and today, you’re going to tone every major muscle group! Get ready to send a whole lot of love to your arms, abs, legs and booty. Watch your follow along video below and Check in with the #TIUTeam once you complete it! #LoveYourBody

Clothing is your Victoria’s Secret Sport!!!! Keep checking in… because you’ll be winning prizes EVERY WEEK from us and our girls at VS SPORT! They’re looking at your check ins too!!! #LoveYourBody #TIUteam ~ #VSsport

On the go!? Download your Printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”


Did you see us on The Today Show this morning!? We shared two of our favorite moves for toning your midsection ~ See it here! Katrina and I are dancing off the butterflies before the segment…

Make sure you tune in this week for the second episode of our show, Toned Up on Bravo at 10:30/9:30 PM Central! Take a look at this fun preview of what’s to come…


tone-it-up-nutrition-plan-program-reviewBe our Next Success Story!!



  1. Marjolein Evelien Klok says:

    I love you girls <3 you are such an inspiration. Cannot wait to get the new Love Your Total Body routine in first thing tomorrow morning. You make working out fun!

  2. Ashley Nicole Waldock says:

    Some women of the community and I have began working out every morning and we LOVE your work outs! We have done all the “love your body” work outs including those from last year. Thanks for all the motivation!

  3. Kayley says:

    Are you allowed any rest days during the Love Your Body series? I have been doing it since Jan 2 but I have noticed really sore legs today. Tried to do the HIIT The Beach but I think I am too sore to do it to max potential. Is that ok if I just do the Full Body Toning?

    1. foodie4healing says:

      In order to get in your cardio, just walk slowly on the treadmill until your legs feel better. Don’t overdue it or you’ll be completely out for awhile. Also, use the foam roller. It really helps loosen things up. My legs were really sore last week & I noticed that if I walked, I still got in my cardio while letting my legs recover and it kept them from stiffening up. K&K call that an “active” rest day… you’re still moving, but not pushing too hard.

  4. kaixinguo85 says:

    It’s past midnight here in London so can’t work out now. But I know this is going to kick my butt come the morning: can’t wait!
    But… I didn’t know we had to check in with #VSSport. If we haven’t thus far does that mean we ain’t be in the running for a VSSport prize? Sad times if so…!

    1. Jennifer Mansfield says:

      I’m wondering this, too. Do we have to check in with #TIUTeam #LoveYourBody and #VSSport? I’m confused. I don’t have a smart phone and don’t use twitter. (yes, I know I’m old) Is just typing those hashtag phrases on Facebook enough to check in? Help an old lady out! :)

      1. foodie4healing says:

        Yes, you need to use all 3 hashtags & yes, just typing those hashtag phrases on their Facebook page is enough. :)

  5. Carolyn Salazar says:

    Hey! Love this new video! The best part is that you do all three rounds with us. Its much more motivating and eliminates the temptation to just do the videos one time threw. You Ladies rock!! I can’t wait till Thursday! ♥

    1. foodie4healing says:

      I agree. I love that they do all three rounds!

    2. Cynthia Stutsman says:

      I Totally Agree!!!! i hate having to watch it over three time LOL :)

      1. Carolyn Salazar says:

        Yes exactly! Me too! This New Video & method rocks! I hope the rest of the #LoveYourBody videos are the same. ♥

  6. Erin says:

    so happy to see this new workout! my (R) shoulder and wrist cannot do the plank sort of stuff and i was really discouraged earlier today. but it looks like i can do almost all of this new total body workout! thank you!!

  7. Melissa Bricker says:

    I was feeling so unmotivated to work out. I was making excuses that I was cold and didn’t want to change into my work out clothes but I sucked it up and I completed the workout! I worked up a sweat and I was no longer cold! I am going to try to talk myself INTO working out everyday instead of out of! I couldn’t complete all the sets and chaturanga was hard but I did my best and I know that getting started is the hardest part! I am going to get better as each day goes on!!

    1. Rachel Keeney says:

      you can do it! talking yourself into it becomes a habit. for me, it’s easiest to workout in the morning and i’ve heard some people sleep in their gym clothes.

    2. Keri Kae Nacin says:

      I’m totally guilty of sleeping in my gym clothes from time to time when I know I’m going to be dragging in the morning – it works!

      Also, I check as soon as my alarm goes off and I keep scrolling through until I’m motivated to get out of bed. Give it a try on mornings where you’re having that internal battle with yourself. :)

  8. Ally McLaren says:

    Wowza! Feeling that one already and gotta admit that I am LOVING it! You guys are kicking my butt this January and I am so thankful for it! xx

  9. nikki ten voorde says:

    hey girls loving the video so much.Can’t wait for the new show tomorrow yay!!!!!#loveyourbody rocks

  10. Emilie Dionne says:

    This new workout seems so damn fun! i can’t wait to do it tonight :)

  11. Sarah says:

    LOVED this workout!! So easy to do in my living room and I am SORE today!!

  12. Ashley Shea says:

    Thank you!! Great workout- I like that its only 20 minutes or so long so I can do it while my baby naps AND take a shower! I was unsure of how many reps were in the video though- it didn’t feel like enough… was it exactly the same as the printable workout? I’m only 2 months postpartum and I got through it pretty easily so I was surprised. one thing though- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not lower all the way to the ground for chaturanga- that will blow out your rotator cuff. Lower down so your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, then straighten the arms and come into upward facing dog with ONLY the tops of your feet and your hands on the ground. I’m a yoga teacher and this is the #1 thing that students do wrong that is dangerous and is the most common thing that leads to injury (rotator cuff and lower back). Maybe correct it if possible!

    1. Ashley-Marie Olgado says:

      As someone who has injured her rotator cuff, I 100% agree with not going past a 90 degree angle with your elbows!!

  13. Patty Harper says:

    The video was simply AMAZING!!! My body has been SORE since day 2 and I LOVE IT!!! Time efficient and body effective while breaking a #sweat!! #YouAreBeautiful #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam #VSsport ♡ Hope y’all have an AMAZING day and don’t forget your cardio!!! ;)

  14. Garashchenko_Tanya says:

    many thanks for all your motivations! Girls, you’re inspired us every day! Great workout!

  15. Garashchenko_Tanya says:

    Many thanks for all your motivations! I’m from Ukraine. At first time, I accidentally found your video on YouTube. Since then I do my best to do all your work outs. Sometimes it’s hard, another time it’s just laziness. BUT every your vidio is fullfiled with a power of love to yourself, your health and body Girls, you’re inspired us every day! Great workout!

  16. Liz says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s been sore! I’m a runner, so I thought this wouldn’t be that far from my normal workouts but I was DYING last week. So sore. It’s a good pain, though I love it!!

    1. Kate says:

      Omg I know! It’s a whole new kind of sore haha but I love it! :)

  17. Tiffany Terry says:

    Love this workout I can feel the burn!! And a plus is its getting me motivated for my Interview tomorrow for a New Graduate RN program! Cannot wait to throw it back on thursday <3

  18. Sarah Koenig says:

    Can’t wait to do this workout… I’ve been sick and I’m finally to the point where I can work out again, though not anything too intense. I had the flu on Christmas Eve and had a fever for several days, and a really bad sore throat, something similar to strep throat. Doing much better now and worked out today without the heavy breathing bothering my throat. I was so disappointed that I was sick at the beginning of the year and at the start of this series! I started doing the weekly workout schedules at the end of November last year, so working out had just become a habit for me when I got too sick to work out. Now I’m determined to make sure it stays a habit but I don’t want to push too hard, either.

  19. Nicole Batts Fye says:

    LOVED this! It was much easier to stay motivated and stick with it having you ladies go through the entire routine. Thanks!

  20. Ryan Alison says:

    Heading to the gym to do this workout now! So excited :)

  21. KoKo Laimana says:

    love this workout! its great that I could watch the video through and get all the rounds with you ladies!

  22. Andrea Stuart says:

    So glad I found you girls, you are so inspiring to me. Love the workouts, just waiting for your protein and DVDs!!! Love<3 thanks girls, look forward to more!

  23. StacyAnn says:

    Loving this workout and all the great tips you share with us. I am new to Tone It Up and I love going through the website finding all the great advice and exercises. Drank LOTS of water today with mint, cut up tangerine. lemon, and cucumber. It was refreshing and gave me energy all day long. Also started my day with a Meta-D shot. Whooo Whoo!!

  24. Katie Glover says:

    Hi guys! Okay so I’m need some # info. I’m not a big tweet person so I’m not sure how it works. I need you to tell me how I need to check in with the #toneitup, #loveyourbody, #TUIteam. Do I post on my personal twitter page? Or do I go to the tone it up page and write something there? AHHHH, I feel retarded. ;)~

  25. Melissa Bricker says:

    Is this the workout video for Tuesday & Wednesday? I did this yesterday (Tuesday) and I don’t see a new one posted for today!

    1. Melissa Bricker says:

      I did it again tonight anyway. Id rather do it again and not miss a workout. I am confused with all the different things going on that it is hard to know what I need to be doing!

  26. Kristen says:

    Great routine! Thank you! #LoveYourBody #TIUteam #VSsport

  27. Natavan Imanova says:

    Hi girls! I am from Russia – moreover from Siberia!:) I found you on youtube accidentally and now I am your fan) God bless the Internet:)) Love your workouts and style! Join #LoveYourBodySeries and this new workout is awesome! Thank you so much! Looking forward for next new video!:)) Wish you the best!!

  28. disqus_JpuqCtp5kf says:

    that was an awesome workout…and i have done all of yours! love the follow along and the twice through w/the bonus ending. bravo (pun intended) girls! xxo

  29. Kristen Peterson says:

    Loved this video! I did the new total love your body video this morning and got some exercise in before work! Thank you for providing such great videos, inspiration and more! #bootycall #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam #VSsport

  30. Maiada says:

    Hello Karena and Katrina, I wanna do these workouts but I have a question first. First I don’t want to lose any weight I actually want to gain weight because I’m so underweight.. I weigh 44 KG which is almost 97 pounds, I’m 165 cm tall (almost 5′ 5), 22 years old and I almost never workout. the thing is I want to gain weight while still maintaining a healthy slim figure and I do want to workout but I just don’t want to lose anymore weight. I’ve struggled with this almost my whole life. I eat a lot of food but I guess it’s in my nature to burn calories way too fast. Some doctors have recommended taking dietary supplement pills but they just don’t work and I don’t have any disease that makes me lose weight so this is how my body works.. can you give me any tips on what to do, what to eat exactly while working out to gain instead of lose weight along with building muscles??
    Sorry for the long post and thank you for your efforts, you’re both amazing

  31. Sheryl says:

    Hi!! I just joined TIU and watched your new video. I am sooo excited about your program and can’t wait to try your this workout in the morning! Wish me luck!!

  32. Sheryl Milliken (Milli) says:

    Hi!! I just joined TIU and I am so excited to try your new video in the morning. Wish me luck!!!

  33. Stephannie Hearit says:

    This was just what I needed! My sister’s wedding is in August and my goal is to look like I did when I got married three years ago!!

  34. Kara Scott says:

    I just discovered Tone It Up and I’m loving it! I especially love the beach babe series. Living in New England, I’m always depressed during the winter (because I’m such a water-baby) so just being able to work out while soaking in the sun, water & sand on my TV screen is a little slice of heaven. Not quite as good as being there in person, but it reminds me that in another few months I’ll be on the beach again (and this year, I’ll be ready to wear a bikini – woohoo!)

  35. Neethi says:

    Bonjour! I just did Love your total body 2 workout and it feels body is thanking me for it…working out with Karina and Katrina never tires me out. Yes I love that they do the whole workout and you are not the only one working out <3

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