If your goal is to tone up and get the ultimate fat burning, metabolism boosting workout, there’s one fitness tool you will LOVE to incorporate into your fitness routine: a Kettlebell! This amazing tool engages your entire body at once— revving your metabolism and burning major calories for one effective sweat session! And today’s moves are going to blow you away! Get ready to sweat, tone and BURN SOME SERIOUS CALORIES! 

If you’re new to using Kettlebells, start with a 10-15 pound kettlebell and work your way up from there. Of course, if you don’t have a Kettlebell, you can still perform these moves with a 10-15 pound dumbbell.


Find your Move Guide for this workout HERE!

Complete the sequence below 1-3 times through!


Targets every part of your core and helps improve balance and stability!


How to do it: Stand on your right leg with your left hovering slightly in the air behind your body. Hold onto the kettlebell in your right hand and pass it around your core. Continue this counter clock-wise movement for 15 seconds. Switch standing legs and pass the kettle bell in the opposite direction. Continue for another 15 seconds.


Tones your shoulders, hamstrings, arms and core.


How to do it: Raise kettlebell overhead, keeping left arm extended directly above shoulder. Place legs a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, with right foot pointed out at 45º degrees and left foot pointing straight. Rest your right hand, palm open, against your right thigh as you hinge at the hip in the direction of your right foot. Slide your right hand down to your ankle and keep the weight directly above your shoulder. Tip: Keep your eyes on the kettlebell! Once your hand reaches your ankle, slowly straighten back up. Repeat 15 repetitions on one side before repeating on the opposite side.


This moves increases your heart rate while engaging your core, inner thighs and booty!


How to do it: Begin with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Sit back with kettlebell swinging between your legs and bring forearms to inner thighs. Drive all your weight into your heels and thrust your hips forward driving the kettlebell up to shoulder level. Continue for 60 seconds.


Lifts booty, tones thighs and sculpts shoulders


How to do it: Stand tall with feet wider than hip-width apart, holding weight in both hands in front of your chest and keeping elbows in. Keep your back flat as you squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground and knees stay in line with toes. Press up through heels as you press kettlebell  up to the sky directly above your shoulders. Pause at the top, and lower back down to repeat. Complete 15 reps.


Sculpts the backs of your thighs, lifts the booty and engages core!



How to do it: Stand with feet together, the kettlebell in your right hand. Perform a single leg deadlift by hinging forward at hips, and kicking your right leg back until you’re in a straight line from ankle to neck. Allow the kettlebell to hang under your shoulder before slowly returning to start. Complete 10 reps and switch sides.


Tones the quads, glutes, hamstrings and works your core.


How to do it: Begin in a standing position. Step back as far you can, dropping straight down. Twist toward the leg you are lunging with using your core and waistline. Driving all your weight into your heel, stand back up. Complete 15 on each leg (30 total) 



K E T T L E  B O O T Y



B I K I N I  K E T T L E B E L L

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.58.36 AM

C A R R I B E A N  K E T T L E B E L L from Beach Babe 3!




This brilliant teal kettlebell is a must-have for toning all over! It’s sleek, smooth and features the Tone It Up logo on both sides to keep you inspired. 


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What’s your favorite move from this routine? Comment below! xxo


  1. LOVE IT ! Is there a printable for this one?? It slows down the workout to keep scrolling down to the next move… I got a great sweat on with this though :) Fun moves! <3

    1. Ive been asking about printables for several week and they haven’t responded at all. Disappointing. My phone is cracked and so it makes it really hard to see the online workouts. I just don’t like to us emy phone during workouts.

      1. I would suggest copying and pasting the descriptions and printing that out, or making a note in your phone of the moves and reps/time! (: I think the move guide is only for people who don’t know how to do the moves. I know people requested for many years for them to discontinue printable workouts because they didn’t understand how to do the moves, so I think that’s probably why they transferred over to gifs.

        1. Ya I was going to suggest making a list of the moves and reps in a notebook that’s what I do :)

        2. WHY IN THE WORLD would anybody ask to DISCONTINUE the printables?!?!?! those were my fave parts and so easy to follow. They had a video to go with them. If I had trouble with the printables I just watch the video first. That is selfish to discontinue one thing just because YOU have a problem with it! I don’t like gifs because I like an offline component. I am a visual learner and the gifs are just stupid to me. I hate seeing them everywhere. PLEASE K&K BRING BACK THE PRINTABLES!! There are user friendly for so many people!! This site is just so un-user friendly anymore. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t use their workouts anymore because I don’t like this change…. :( sigh.

      2. why dont you just screen shot it? saves data and keep them organized in your phone :) they’re only 2 people <3 TIU LOVE xo.

    2. There’s a link for the printable at the start of the workout. Underneath the title it says “find your move guide here” and if you click on “here” it takes you to the printable ??

  2. Yeah! Another kettlebell routine! Looooove it ?You also give other kettlebell routines we love but no mention of the Bikini Kettlebell routine? I really enjoy that one too. ? I agree with Katrina, would love a printable. ? Also, the GIF & description of move 6 is different. ?

      1. Thank you, you girls are just darlings.?? Is there by any chance going to be a printable for this one? ?

  3. Move 4’s GIF & description is also not the same? Should we follow the GIF’s or exercise explanation /description? Thanks again, can’t wait to try out this workout. ?

  4. oh! they are finally selling the TIU kettle bell! :) how cute!! too bad I already have some but they are waaaay cute!! :)

  5. Once again I am reminded that I NEED to get a Kettle bell!! Good thing my dumbbells work for these moves as well! I agree with the previous comments I would love a print-out version! The wifi at my apartment stinks so I love being able to print them off at work & do it at home!!

    1. get it, girl ! it is absolutely worth it ! the kettle bell is my favorite work out accessory now, it just pays off :)

  6. Adding to these lovely ladies’ request – would absolutely love a printable version of this workout! Thank you!

  7. I loved this new routine! I was inspired to increase my kettlebell weight to 15lb (for half of the moves). While everyone wants printables, I’d rather have a video. :-) I just do better with a video to follow along to, but like someone else mentioned, I know the moves so I made a little list on my phone with the reps/time to complete and that did the trick.

    Thanks for always giving us new routines to try! :-)

    1. I think they should do a little for everybody. Do a video, then make a printable of moves from the video and have them giffed too for those who need it. We all like something different. So stupid to shut something down when everybody likes that. Makes so sense to me whatsoever.

  8. Where is your outfit from? I love lululemon but I’m trying to branch out to explore other workout gear? ;)

  9. Killer kettleball, 2 rounds. Two days later, I’ve never been this sore in my life! When I can move again, can’t wait to do it again!

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