It’s time for BIKINI YOGA! Our favorite flow :)

Today’s brand new BIKINI SERIES workout is a beautiful way to welcome the day as you awaken your body. Come join us on the beach for an amazing flow of postures that lengthen, improve balance and increase flexibility— all while strengthening and toning your gorgeous body!

This is our favorite flow that we’ve learned by practicing. A regular yoga practice is a wonderful way to feel centered and connected to yourself while also getting quite a workout. Complete this flow anytime, day or night!

Also, look into your local yoga studios to see where you can practice. You’ll love the positive effects it has on both your body and mind. Know of a great place? Plan a #TIUmeetup in your area and invite other TIU girls to come with you! Hashtag #TIU+yourcity and #TIUmeetup. Fun little fact… Karena and I had our second ‘girlfriend date’ at a yoga class at Equinox :) It was my first class ever!

Get ready to revive your spirit, tighten your core and work your stems with this heart opening routine!

All you need is a yoga mat and some water!

Watch on YouTube HERE!

~This yoga routine is created to be a follow-along~

Our tops are by B Swim from BestSwimwear and the pants are Beyond Yoga.

Want to listen to your own yoga tunes? Find your music-free version HERE

 Bring that sense of presence and peace along with you for the rest of the day!

How Far You've come

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How amazing do you feel after this lengthening routine!? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter & on Facebook with the hashtags #BIKINISERIES & #TIUMermaid! 


  1. Diana says:

    Yay so excited to do this workout in the morning!

  2. kari says:

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful routine! Great way to start my morning!

  3. VSfanTIU says:

    Hi K&K, not that it’s a problem because both routines are awesome, but just to let you know you’ve mixed up the versions that you have posted as music-free and the public one. The public one is actually music free, and the one posted as music free has all the background music, in case you were unaware.

    Anyway, spent all night reading Fit Fierce & Fabulous on my Kindle. Simply amazing, thank you and well done. Can’t wait for my paperback to also be delivered. Will also be gifting it for friends because it’s terrific!

    1. toneitupcom says:

      Just woke up and saw that!!! It’s switched out now. Thanks for the heads up :) :)

      So happy to hear that you love #FitFierceFab! Sending lots of love! xxo

  4. Kandace Ayala says:

    That was a tough routine to follow, very little vocal instruction. For next time, please include some post voice over instruction

  5. Erin McCarver says:

    This is such a wonderful routine! I was hesitant to get out of my warm comfy bed– but this was so worth it! Just what I needed to start a busy day! Thanks for always being amazing and giving us your best work! :)

  6. Laura says:

    Amazing routine! Loved it! Just one question, where are your tops from?they look beautiful! :)

  7. Starflykiwi says:

    So the one on YouTube was music free… I think I kind of liked that, nice and quiet. I’ll give the music version a go too but that was great seeing as I was doing it in front of the non-yogi husband! Can’t wait to do it again and really get to know the flow! xo

  8. Destini says:

    Beautiful routine this morning! Loved it, especially since I was feeling the soreness from the last couple workouts!

  9. DaniMama_TIU says:

    This was a perfect routine for waking up stiff!! Thank you ladies, I feel re-energized and motivated to conquer the day!

  10. Lupita M. Briones says:

    That routine was phenomenal! I loved it so much!! Especially tree pose! That’s my absolute favorite! <3

  11. Margaret Deptula Schmidt says:

    I have to say I am starting to love me some yoga! What a great way to start the day :)

  12. kp_Sparkles says:

    I’m not very strong enough to do the downward dogs. Is there an alternative for that or should I just skip it? How should I do this?

  13. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Loved it. Has to be my fave TIU yoga routine. Woke up feeling refreshed after doing this, thank you times a million ladies!!

  14. Katherine Thousand says:

    I slept in this morning because it’s my day off, but I can’t wait to do this tonight! Did I mention I got in my 2.8 miles before lunch? Yesss!

  15. kp_Sparkles says:

    I’m very scared about that because I’m so heavy (I weigh almost 300 lbs :( lol ) is there a way to ease into I guess is what I want to know. Thank you!

    1. Samantha says:

      How about starting off with a knee plank! Then work your way up to full plank and eventually to down dog! You can do it!

  16. Em says:

    I really do not enjoy your yoga routines because your cues and alignment are always off. Are you even certified to teach this? I love your other routines but I can’t get into this. From a fellow yoga teacher.

  17. Jacqueline says:

    I loved this video. I would only request that you could take a little bit more through the videos. I often found I would be twisted to try to see the screen to follow or I would miss that you moved on. Granted this could be because I am not that use to yoga and maybe with more practice I would have a sense of when to move on.

  18. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries #Bikini Yoga Flow check in….Love the new yoga flow. I feel so much more relaxed, xoxo

  19. Iris Valgeirsdottir says:

    Can’t wait to do this, just watched and I think this might be my favorite yoga routine ever!

    You should really have a page where you just list all of the bikinis and clothes you wear during shoots and videos. I have often wondered where you get things and it is hard to find the answers just searching through the comments. You have a gift for finding the best looking bathing suits, I want some ;)

    Love /iris

  20. Crystal says:

    I have tried and tried to get into yoga, and I just can’t! If anyone has any tips on how I can learn to love it, please let me know! I have tried this and I made it half way and I just can’t do it! I don’t know how to learn to love it?

    1. Erin Walsh says:

      Crystal, I suggest going to an actual class. This video is more than a beginners class. I’m actually disappointed in it. In a class you get constant instruction. K&K also didn’t specify when to breathe in and when to breathe out, which is a very important part of yoga so you can do the poses right. They also don’t give any alignment instruction. Which will cause you to do the poses wrong and it just makes it harder. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that’s never done yoga before at a class or a real online class.

      1. Crystal says:

        Thanks, Erin! I thought maybe it was just me. I did think some of the moves were difficult. Maybe I will take a class! Thank you!

  21. Emma says:

    Really good routine that got my heart rate up a bit… only thing would be to hold the stretching poses at the end.. I always pause your yoga videos to hold my stretches, they are way more effective that way!

  22. Meagen Nicole Jenkins says:

    I am SO in LOVE with the new #BikiniYogaRoutine <3 I was feeling down about myself and this helped me to refocus! Thank you K&K

  23. Jocelyn says:

    I would really recommend heading to a yoga class instead of following this video if you are a beginner at yoga… K and K are fantastic but the cueing is very off in this video, and also as another member mentioned, breathe is what yoga is all about and its not clearly instructed in this video. A little disappointing, but still loving the series :)

  24. Bethany says:

    Did this yoga routine before bed last night – and just like you said in the video, it really is perfect for morning or evening! I felt refreshed, calm, and happy after :) Thank you!

  25. Kate Olson says:

    LOVED this routine! Finally had the chance to do it and will definitely be adding it to my weekly rotation. Just enough instruction, but not super talky, and perfect music. WONDERFUL!

  26. Cecilie says:

    I haven’t worked out for a few weeks because I got a cold, but today I jumped back in with the hiity bitty bikini routine and sweated like crazy, then I did this and ended up crying from the release of energy. So much bodily fluids, but I absolutely love it! Not working out makes me feel like crap, but I can always count on k&k and this community to get me back to feeling amazing and powerful!

  27. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

    A little late to comment, but I loved this routine!! Super relaxing and invigorating :)

  28. Christina says:

    I don’t remember if I commented on this yet. But the music changes about halfway through this, and I absolutely LOVE the music in the second half. Its quiet, slow, methodic. I could sleep to it. Its so relaxing! Music like that really helps to make for a fantastic yoga session. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  29. Sophia says:

    I would LOVE to see more yoga routines from you guys! They’re incredible and my favorite part of working out.

  30. I LOVE this routine! It introduced yoga into my routine when I was on vacation in Turkey this summer and I have continued learning yoga since then. I love repeating it over because it reminds me of the summer and vacation and it also reminds me of how much further I have come (to quote Katrina) since starting my yoga practice :)

  31. This is my first time doing any type of YOGA and I loved it! Literally tears were running down my face at the end of the video thank you!! I feel so motivated for this new year!!!! :)

  32. Hey loves :) Beautiful and challenging workout :)
    Side note: your link for where the tops are from doesn’t work

  33. This Yoga flow is so beautiful that it made me cry right in the middle of the session! Thank you Karena and Katrina!! You’re the best and you make me feel SO good!!! I will keep practicing this flow until I know it by heart!

  34. Hey :) I love this video and was wondering if there was a link to download a printable version of it?

  35. Still love this routine. It was the first flow I could actually follow and now I’m addicted. Are you planning on doing any more? (Already have kettle flow and cardio flow) Thanks.

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