Sculpt, tone and tighten all over…
Your NEW BIKINI KETTLEBELL Routine is here!

Kettlebell focused routines are one of the best ways to get the MOST out of your toning workouts! This amazing tool engages multiple muscle groups at the same time—increasing your metabolism and burning major calories for one intense and effective sweat session!

Join me on the beach and get ready to target all the areas your summer bikini will showcase, including your arms, abs, thighs & BOOTY!

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

New to using Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 pounds and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell. Go through this routine one time through, or if you’re feeling energized, do it twice!! See more of my kettlebell workouts, including beginner routines HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.22.30 PM

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  1. Fee Musterfrau says:

    It’s private even when you’re logged in and follow your channel :((

  2. Farah Langton says:

    The video doesn’t work :( Please fix. This is sad. Can’t wait till it is up.

  3. Vero says:

    Sniff. Was waiting for it to load while gathering my workout stuff. Hopefully they fix it soon

  4. Maggie says:

    Just completed this video! Absolutely loved it! :)

  5. Valerie says:

    Yes! This workout is amazing! Thank you Karena and Katrina! One question, does this count as any “miles”? I know the swings are cardio and my heart was thumpin’ the whole time! –

    1. Christina says:

      So far, all of their kettlebell routines are just toning. Im sure this is the same.

  6. Erin says:

    haha! love the outtakes!! do more of those! :)

    1. DaniMama_TIU says:

      They said to do it once thru, but if you’re feeling extra energized, do it twice.

  7. So excited to do this workout! I’m actually in the middle of Bridal Babe right now!

  8. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    About to do this routine now for my bootycall. Excited!! :)

  9. DaniMama_TIU says:

    Nailed it! What a kick butt routine! Definitely gonna do this one 2x thru someday! Those burpees to cleans, and the side plank moves! Ahhh so amazing! Thanks ladies!

  10. Elyssa Ezmirly says:

    This is probably my favorite Kettlebell workout to date- loved it! Thanks K&K!

  11. Ashley says:

    Such a great workout. I feel amazing!! I love it!

  12. Rachael M. says:

    AM workout done! but i still have some time so i may add on some arms!

  13. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    I did this x2 today! So proud of myself!! :) :) :) and lol to the outtakes… that guy in the background flexing his muscles hahahaha omg!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    I had been skipping the kettle bell ones because i did not have one but I wish I hadn’t. This works really well with a heavier dumbbell. That was awesome.

    1. Maren says:

      I don’t have a kettlebell either. My dumbbells are supper light so i just put them together and use that as a kettlebell haha:)

  15. Jessica says:

    So i did HIIT, bridal babe and the new kettlebell workout!! Wow babes A-M-AZING!!!! Preparing dinner now and then going to continue with sunkissed abs and yoga

  16. Erin McCarver says:

    oh my gosh the guy in the bloopers is my favorite!! LOL

  17. Bethany Cowbrough says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this workout! It really demonstrated to me how my body has changed through out the bikini series! It definitely demonstrated a change in my balance, and I was able to spring up in my burpees like Katrina does! Thank you K & K and the Tone it up team for putting this series and work out together !!

  18. BeautifullyBlessed says:

    Omg in LOVE with the tone it up Kettlebell you ladies soooo need to sell those online!! Kat once again I love all your kettlebell routines they keep me on my toes and my body motivated :)

  19. Brittney says:

    Loved this new routine! I am loving how with all the new workouts, including the DVD you are sprinkling in some new moves. Gotta challenge those bods! A big overall THANK YOU! For all the new, weekly workouts on top of BB3…wowza! I can’t imagine the work that has gone into everything for the Bikini Series. Thank you Karena, Katrina & crew!

    1. Susan Brabant says:

      I keep saying they need to bring out TIU branded Kettlebell!

  20. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

    OMG! I just finished this routine and I’m totally sweating!! Getting my protein in next :) I loved it!!!

  21. Allison says:

    Love you guys and love that you recognize the power of the KB!! Only comment is the swing should be more hip hinge than squat and the kettlebell should not swing low but as close to the crotch as possible( excuse the TMI) I did swings while squatting and could not figure out why my back hurt until I worked with a trainer. The goal for women is to eventually swing much higher than 15lbs and proper form when swinging heavier bells is everything. ( I started with 15 and can now swing 45lbs)
    You are so inspirational, non judgemental and positive and are wonderful role models!
    Looking forward to doing this workout.

  22. Linzey says:

    Thanks for posting the printable! I’ll be taking that to Vegas with me this weekend to keep up with my workouts =)

  23. WAISTSHAPERZ says:

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  24. Angela Appel says:

    Awesome, fun workout! I used an 18 lb KB and some parts were tough! What weight is she using in the video? Can’t wait to check out more KB workouts! Thanks!

  25. Today I used to loosestrife instructions. I have to say that the muscles warmed up well.

    1. Kristin Abakin says:

      i’m thinking of just buying a regular iron kettle bell and a can of teal spray paint ;)

  26. Amy Pollard says:

    After doing this workout, I’m having some pain in my lower left rib cage. Could I have injured myself? Is this common?

  27. Casey Tucker says:

    OK so a little late but I LOVE this 20 minute workout! Thanks ladies! Xox

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