VIDEO ~ HQ Stair Workout!!

Let’s hit the stairs, girl!


You ready to kick some booty today!? We’ve got a stairs workout to beat ALL other stair workouts! You’ll be sweating, climbing, toning, and smiling! It’s a satisfying burner and so fun to do with your girlies. Stairs are one of our favorite #TIUHQ sweat sessions to do together after the workday! It raises your heart rate and your metabolism immediately switches into fat burning mode as you rep out each set!

You can do this workout wherever there’s a set of stairs! A high school stadium, your house, office, a local park, or even a stair master is purrr-fect! Wherever you can find some steps, you can do this workout! ;) Which makes this a great routine for when you’re on vaycay, too! Just make sure whatever stairs you use are equivalent to at least two flights.

Follow along with our video below and hit the stairs!


Watch on YouTube HERE!!


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  1. Fabulous! Love the new HQ Stair WO! Can’t wait to try it out – would it be possible to get a printable of this?
    And congrats to the winners of the #TIUofficeworkout !!

    1. Yes a printable would be awesome of this workout to take it out for the workout :D Amazing job ladies! Love this!

      1. ditto! love the workout – and would love an “on the go” printable to carry with me all of the time – it’s a great workout! :) <3

  2. Amazing workout I will do it for sure 🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💕😘💕💞

  3. Printable please!! Now to just get over my fear of going down a set of stairs! hahaha

  4. Yes printable please! This would be great at the gym on the stair mill too!

  5. Not a printable but I typed out each set so it was easier to bring to the gym!

    • Warmup- Up and down (3x)
    • Cross step with leg lift (2x per side) 4x total
    • Booty kickbacks (2x up and down)
    • Plank knee to elbow (60 sec)- hands on stairs, feet on floor
    On ground
    • Jump squat (60 sec)
    • Back lunge and twist (60 sec)
    On stair railing
    • Pushup with booty kickback (15x per side=30 total)
    • Tricep Dips (20)
    On a step or floor
    • V sits on stairs (20x)
    • V sit twist (10x per side)

  6. I love seeing the nurses do this in the OR! You go ladies! Saving lives and looking good doing it!

  7. I watched the vid and wrote down the moves it helps anyone!!

    Warm up:
    Run up and down 3x
    Cross-step leg lift 2x per side
    Booty kickbacks 2x up and down
    Plank knee to elbow 60 seconds
    Jump squats 60 seconds
    Back lunge and twist 60 seconds
    Bunny hop up x1
    Push up and booty kickback 15x per side
    Tricep dips 20x
    V sits 20x
    V sit twist 10x per side

  8. Love this workout! I’ve got a set of 15 flights at work calling my name tomorrow after my 12 hour shift bc i foresee some serious sweatage happening!

  9. Did this WO today, it was so fun! Def going to mix it into my cardio routine when I get outside for a run! Thanks girls!!

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