How To Use Your Studio Tone It Up Workout App

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to your Studio Tone It Up app! 💗

With Daily Moves, new classes, and inspiration for you each day, your Studio Tone It Up app is the BEST way to set fitness goals and crush them every time! Start your 7-day free trial HERE!

Everything about the app is programmed to give you the BEST results. There are daily Studio classes that are selected by your trainers to target a specific muscle group and fitness style — and over the course of a week you’ll hit every muscle group and do a variety of workout styles! First thing’s first ~ we want to share some tips and tricks and give you a lil’ rundown on what you can expect in Studio Tone It Up so we filmed a little tutorial video for you!!!

Everything you need to know ~

✓ Here’s how to work out using the Studio Tone It Up app  

Visit your “My Day” screen every day for everything you need to crush your Booty Call (that’s what we call morning workouts ~ it’s when you wake up and do something amazing just for you in the AM)! 💪🏼

  1. Do your Daily Moves for a short 15-20 minute workout! Tap through the arrows or scroll through the moves until you reach the “congrats” screen!
  2. Take your daily workout to the next level and sign up for the fun and effective Studio class ~ or do the routine On Demand!
  3. If you’re feeling extra strong, do both the Studio class AND the Daily Moves for the ultimate burn!

Tap your “My Weekly Workouts” to log other workouts, and check out “My Activity” to see everything you’ve logged for the week! Get it girl!

✓ Add new classes to your schedule every Sunday

Every Sunday your new week of Studio classes is released! Set your week of workouts in advance by signing up for the class time you want! Classes are offered every hour (and half hour during peak Studio times!) Planning is instrumental for keeping yourself accountable and motivated. We plan our week of workouts every Sunday and sign up for an entire week of classes on Sunday when the new schedule is released.

You’ll receive notification reminders to check in to class before it begins, and you can invite your girlfriends to take the same class with you, too! We encourage you to share your weekly schedule on Sundays (see the My Week tab to see a snapshot of your weekly schedule) ~ we want to see what classes you’re taking so we can sign up and work out with you! 🤗

Pro Tip: Adding a class to your schedule is so easy and important because you’ll receive reminders before class begins. It also allows you to enter the class at any point if you’re running a little behind schedule or lose your Internet connection. All you have to do is tap the “add class” button before class begins and you’re in! (Remember, you can add as many classes as you want!)

✓ Join class 10 minutes before the workout to connect with girls

Chat with girls exclusively in your Studio class 10 minutes before, during, and 10 minutes after class! This is one of our favorite features of the app because it’s the best way to stay accountable and make new friends in the Studio! (This feature is coming soon to Android!)

Pro Tip: You can also invite your BFFs to work out with you! Just hit the “invite” button to send your friends a text about the Studio class you’ve signed up for or the Daily Moves!

✓ Can’t make a class? We gotchu!

If you’re not able to make one of the scheduled daily classes in the Studio you can find the routine in your On Demand section! If the class was a combo, the individual workouts are listed in the Studio class description so you can complete it whenever works best for you!

✓Access all of your workouts on demand

As part of your premium Studio pass you also have access to all of your favorite workouts in your On Demand section! Yoga, kickboxing, barre, yoga sculpt, cardio, kettlebell, HIIT, strength, Tabata, dance cardio and so much more! 💛 There’s also an all-new pregnancy channel where you can find #TIUpregnancy workouts! You can filter the workouts by duration and intensity ~ there’s always something for you babe!

✓ Enjoy your workout with a larger screen

While enjoying your Studio class or an On Demand video you can rotate your phone to landscape mode for a larger screen. We also suggest mirroring to your Apple TV or using the “cast” button below the video with Google Chromecast.

✓ Keep crushing your goals

Create personalized fitness goals, track your workouts & tell your TIU Team more about YOU on your profile page! 😽 You can change your interests and goals whenever you like!

We’re adding ALL NEW workouts in your Studio weekly and have so much more to come!

Remember, starting your free trial and joining the Studio gives you UNLIMITED access to your Studio classes as well as all of the On-Demand workouts! So amazing, right?!

We CAN’T WAIT to work out with you and make all of your fitness dreams come true!


Karena, Katrina & All Your Studio Trainers