How To Use Your Studio Tone It Up Workout App

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to the Studio Tone It Up app, we are so excited to have you join the team! 💗

The Studio Tone It Up app has hundreds of On-Demand workout videos, daily workout classes and endless inspiration from your trainers. You’ll crush your fitness goals, every day with Studio Tone It Up!

To get started, we wanted to share some simple tips, tricks, & inspiration. Watch this quick video to get to know your app a lil’ better!


Daily Studio Classes ~

✔️What are they? Full workout videos that you take in real time with girls all over the world! We’re always mixing it up from HIIT to yoga to kickboxing. Each day features a workout class picked by your trainers so that by the end of the week you’ve worked out every part of your body.

✔️How long do they take? 25-30 Minutes

✔️How do I do them? Daily Studio Classes can be accessed by tapping the “Studio” icon from the menu. Click on the class you would like to schedule, and we’ll notify you 10 minutes before class begins.

On-Demand Workouts ~

✔️ What are they? Hundreds of AMAZING workout videos from the BEST trainers in the game! Think HIIT, barre, yoga sculpt, and more. You can even select videos based on the muscle groups you want to focus on!

✔️How long do they take? 10-30 Minutes

✔️How do I do them? On-Demand classes can be accessed by clicking on the “On Demand” icon from the menu. From there, just pick the type of workout or muscle group you want to work. Or use the filter icon in the top right corner to sort routines based on intensity and duration. Select your workout video and hit start!

Daily Moves ~

✔️ What are they? A set of exercises specifically designed by your trainers for muscle toning and metabolism boosting benefits! Complete them at your convenience.

✔️How long do they take? 15-20 Minutes

✔️How do I do them? For each move, do the number of reps indicated, then scroll to the next move. You’ll see a congrats message once you have completed all the moves!


✔️Take streaming to the next level: With the Studio Tone It Up app you can mirror your mobile device to an    Apple TV or cast with Google Chromecast! See step-by-step instructions here.

✔️Create your weekly schedule: Schedule your workouts in advance by signing up for class. Signing up for your workouts in advance helps to hold you accountable. And don’t worry, we’ll send ya reminders before your class begins.

✔️Chat at class: Chat with other babes in your class before, during, and after class. It’s an amazing way to stay inspired and connect with girls in the Tone It Up Community.

✔️Invite your girls to work out with you: Just hit the “invite” button, next to the class you signed up for, and you can text your girlfriends to join you in class… right from the app!


Your 7-day free pass gives you UNLIMITED access to your Studio classes & all of the On-Demand workouts for FREE! We know you’ll love it and we can’t wait to see you in class!!!