NEW VIDEO ~ Can your boo hang in a TIU workout? The BOBBY CALL HIIT Routine!

Have you ever wondered if your #TIUboo could keep up with you and your TIU workouts?! I decided to put Bobby to the test and show him what it’s really like to work out with this community!Β πŸ’ͺ Bobby knew that TIU girls were tough, but after I took him through today’s HIIT workout… let’s just say he’s even moreΒ impressed with you girls ;)

Today’s workout is a total body HIIT routine. I loveΒ HIIT because it tones every inch of your gorgeous bod while boosting your metabolism all day long. We’re talking a mixture of cardio moves to raise your heart rate and strength training to form beautiful, lean muscles.Β You’re going to sculpt your tush, tone your abs, and strengthen your arms. Bobby definitely felt the burn after this workout ;)

Show Bobby who’s (girl) boss and let’s do this! It’s time for your BOBBY CALL!!

And don’t forget to shake your booty!!  😹



You can also watch on YouTube and AppleTV HERE!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly Move Guide HERE!

Bobby and I love makingΒ protein pancakes after our morning workouts using our clean, non-GMO, gluten-free Tone It Up Protein! We’re currently obsessed with topping our pancakes with unsweetened coconut flakes and mango slices. Grab the recipe HERE!Β 


  1. Oh my goodness these are the best! What a good sport Bobby is! I literally just burst out laughing (in a good way)… Bobby’s curtsy lunges are the cutest! Love, love everything about the TIU Team!
    Sidenote: Love Karena’s top :)

  2. Absolutely loved this πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Booby is such a good sport, his face on the still photo you’ve used is fantastic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. This was fabulous!! And the TIU men in our lives who already cook, bake, and eat TIU approved can now workout the TIU way also!! Thanks for this couples routine!! πŸ’•

  4. OMG YAAAS!!! I have been WAITING for this!! I try to get my #TIUhubby to do my TIU workouts with me all the time! He did it once and was soooore for days! Love this workout and how adorable Bobby and Karena are together!!

  5. Just made my #tiufiance watch this with me and all he said was, “not happening.”

    Haha maybe I can convince him to give it a try with me tonight!

  6. That was awesome! This was my 20 minutes of Cardio, but it was also a serious ab workout because I was laughing the whole way through!:)Thanks for being a good sport Bobby! You guys made my morning!

  7. Loved this!! Thank you Bobby and Karena. I was just going to do yesterday’s yoga since I was switching up days but when I saw there was a Bobby Call I had to do this with him! Giggled all the way through and the pace of this workout really suited me. I was able to do all of the pushups off of my knees, which rarely happens when I am trying to keep up. Hoping to get my husband to try this at some point. Thanks for being a good sport, Bobby!

  8. This was awesome! I feel exactly like bobby after this workout…thanks for kicking our butts Karena!

  9. i was grinning from ear to ear this entire time! i MUST get my man to do this one with me!

  10. Love this workout! Bobby you are such a good sport! I hope there are more videos like this…or maybe a whole challenge?!? How fun would that be!

  11. This is amazing!! I already did HIITY Bitty Bikini this morning, but I think I’m going to do this before Absolutely Bootyful for my PMWO and see what my #tiuhubby thinks! ;) Bobbi and Karena are the cutest! Ans I’ve totally been into the Coconut Bikini Pancakes with Mango slices!! So dreamy!!

  12. These two are the cutest thing! Love seeing the TIU hubby’s stepping in front of the camera. Bobby is such a good sport, and I can’t wait to put this in tomorrow for cardio since my little is out of preschool and a jog is out of the question. As always, thanks for sharing and being the glue that holds this fantastic team together!

  13. I’ve always wondered if my hubby could keep up with me during a workout! This would be a good one to figure that out :)

  14. Hahaha what a great sport! Would love to see how my #tiuboyfriend holds up to this!

  15. This is soo great!!! “COUNT FASTER!!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just had my #tiufiance agree to do this with me tonight! 😁

  16. Great job Bobby! You pulled through the whole workout! Thanks Karena and Bobby for making a couples HIIT workout! Hope to get my #tiuhubby to try this workout!

  17. Loved this! Totally had me smiling the whole time! Thanks for this awesome workout! I was sweating up a storm!

  18. Just finished and this was amazing and cute! Bobby curled up in a ball at the end was the best! Thank you for a great sweat and laugh session <3

  19. HAHAHAH this just made my week. Bobby being honest about the struggle. But seriously, this is so appreciated, it goes to show that time and dedication take you to where Karena and Katrina are. I vote for Bobby workouts every month!!

  20. Hard to keep good form on this one since I was laughing the whole time! Thanks Karena and Bobby!

  21. ahhh i love this!! bobby looks like he works out and maintains his body, yet i was able to keep up with him and even do more reps for each move!! i grew up with 4 brothers and was always thought of as the “weak” one since i’m a girl, so it makes me feel so proud of myself that i can workout just as hard as a guy. would love to see my now-married brothers (who have all put on a little weight) try to keep up with these workouts you girls give us!! my fiance is always amazed at how hard you work us and at how good i keep up :-)

  22. This was so good!! Bobby is such a good sport!! Thank you for the amazing workout Karena!

  23. This is a new favorite workout of mine- made even better by the fact that my #tiuboyfriend did it with me!! He saw that Bobby was doing it, so he rose to the challenge lol. Those mountain climbers at the end though…Bobby made us do extra! :)

  24. I did the routine right after Absolutely_Bootyful! sweating and laughing! I printed out the routine and Im giving it to my husband! Karena, you and BoBBy are so adorable together!

  25. Such a fun (and challenging) workout! Those mountain climbers at the end though… whenever the countdown would start over I was like “Bobby get it together, I’m dying!” hahaha

  26. LOVED this!! Bobby – I felt your pain, I was right there with you:)! Can’t wait for my husband to try this with me! Thank you for this one! Now for #flexfriday… Have a great weekend everyone!

  27. Oh no poor bobby!!! LOL
    I feel so bad for him at the end when he’s curled up! Its ok Bobby work out with us more often and it will become second nature :)

  28. I see ‘This Is My Bobby Call’ workout shirts in the making!!!! Could you imagine the confused looks from the other gym goers as they read your shirt! HaHaHa!! Love this! Please keep the couples routines coming! They are fun(ny)& are a good way to motivate the whole family to join in! Way to go Bobby & Karena! Thank you for bringing is new things all the time to keep us motivated! Love you guys!

  29. Loved this workout! I kept laughing the whole time! Tried to convince my #tiuhubby to do this with me and said it was “too hard for him”! Haha

  30. oh my gosh HAHAHAHA Bobby is all of us! He literally struggled in all the places I always die – those mountain climbers at the end though! the TIU boyfriend agreed to do a workout with me once and he made it 5 min into HIITy Biity Bikini hahahahah

  31. I have my boyfriend do workouts with me ALL the time and he’s always amazed at how difficult he finds them. Can’t wait to try this one. ❀️

  32. LOVED this workout! I was feeling Bobby’s pain at the end with the mountain climbers! Thanks!

  33. This workout kicked my butt…and could not have been more fun. Bobby is the best. THANK YOU!!!

  34. Well, Bobby finding this tough sure made me feel better about finding it tough! And SO many giggles all the way! What a good sport. You guys are the cutest. Thanks for doing this, Bobby!!

  35. My fiance tried this workout and he says he has never been so sore! He has some crazy respect for the TIU girls!

  36. This has been the highlight of my day! funny funny. I plan to go home and do this workout with Bobby and try to convince my hubby to join. ..unlike Bobby though, mine wont last that long. haha ;)

  37. This workout is great! I’ve been doing it by myself for a couple of workouts here and there, so I could prepare myself (because cardio and I just don’t see eye to eye) before challenging my boo! We’ll definitely be doing this tomorrow morning when he comes over!! Thank you for the fun workout, and way to go Bobby!!

  38. Recommitting to tiu with the #7dsd to get back on the #tiu tip! Like Bobby this wo kicked my boot.! New #wogoal for summer to do this routine to the max without breaking down during the mountain climbers!!!

  39. Way harder than I thought a 25-minute workout would be and it was AMAZING! Definitely helps keep a smile on your face having the commentary of a struggling dude during these moves ;-) Thank you!!!

  40. his comments were hysterical! I feel your pain though bobby! I had a hard time finishing myself and I was not in the blasting 100 degree sun on the beach. Much Kudos to you and k&k always.

  41. This was so much fun!!! I could barely finish I was laughing so hard!! Way to go Bobby!!

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