New Spring Routine & an Exciting Announcement for the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


Tone It Up Tuesday.

Are you excited!? We are turning the corner into spring! From the looks of your photos on Instagram and in the community, you’ve been enjoying the longer days and taking your workouts outside.  

Karena and I are moving full steam ahead planning the 2014 BIKINI SERIES™, which is launching April 28thexactly 8 weeks out from the first day of SUMMER!! 

Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan ~ we heard last week was one of your favorite weekly newsletters of all time! We LOVE hearing this!!! So much thought, love and energy goes into the weekly newsletters from us and our team so it means a lot to see your #TIUMembersEmail tweets and Instagram posts after you receive them. Karena took screenshots of your tweets and sent them around! Happy YOU = happy trainers :)tiu-tone-it-up-nutrition-program-toneitup-nutrition-plan-small

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve now found a way to offer a payment plan for anyone who wants to join the Tone It Up Nutrition Program! We understand that it is an investment in your health.  We want it to work for you and your lifestyle, so we have implemented Paypal which has the ‘Bill Me Later’ feature, which allows you to spread out your membership cost.  You set it up with your paypal account.  Once you join you’ll receive a free lifetime membership to the weekly Member’s Only Newsletter, Updates to your Plan, Special Editions and Access to our Member’s Only Community Group.  Read more about the plan and see our incredible success stories HERE.

We also want to say WELCOME to all of our new members! As this team grows, we strive to continue to provide you with the best program for a healthy lifestyle with outstanding service and motivation every single day.  We have big plans for you… and this is only the beginning!! 

Your trainers,
Karena & Katrina


Now, onto your new workout!! We want to see your check in photos on instagram and in the community. Hashtag #ExcitedforSPRING

Your NEW Excited for Spring ☀ Cardio workout


You’ll also love this long & lean routine from last year’s BIKINI SERIES!

Download your Printable Routine HERE! Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Craving a sweet treat!? It’s National Oatmeal Cookie Day!

Celebrate by baking up a batch of your 3 Ingredient Cookies!

These are a team favorite.  Show us how you mix your cookie up :)

3 Ingredient Cookie recipe-healthy-tone-it-up-2


  1. Monica Sanchez says:

    Thanks for the welcome! I am so excited to officially join the Tone It Team! I waited for a long time to purchase the nutrition plan and I am SO glad that I finally did!

  2. Danielle says:

    I sent an email because I never recieved the members only email last week.

    1. Tone It Up says:

      Hi Danielle!! We’re checking on your email now to make sure you receive this week’s newsletter. You can see last week’s email by going to the Nutrition Member’s group in the community under discussions. <3

  3. Alyssa Dawne says:

    I’ve been a member for awhile now, but am so excited that you are now offering a payment plan as an option! I know I have seen lots of girls ask about this so I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new members to the team!! Thank you for continuously putting in so much effort & hard work for this community. It certainly does not go unnoticed :) xx

    1. Jessica Collins says:

      Yes, good idea. Doesn’t Katrina have some special training in prenatal exercise?

  4. Maeve Kennealy says:

    I was very excited to see this new payment option, but unfortunately it is not available in Ireland :(

  5. Amy Porto says:

    Joined the Nutrition Plan yesterday and sent request to be able to access the member’s only part but haven’t heard back….ironic that the payment plan came on the day I ordered (didn’t see that option when I checked out though?)

  6. Casey Jude Lambert says:

    Can’t wait for the Bikini Series to start!!! Always the best time for tiu sisters to connect and achieve amazing things!!!! :)

  7. Marla Kaye says:

    I am having trouble using the Bill Me Later option with PayPal. It keeps telling me that I can’t use that option. I don’t think its anything on my end, since I use PayPal fairly regularly, and I was approved through PayPal for the Bill Me Later option. Has anyone else had issues?

    1. Jane Almon says:

      I’m having the same problem. So bummed :/

      1. Marla Kaye says:

        Me too! I tried again today and nothing has changed.

        1. Lindsay says:

          I’m having the same issue. Have you guys had any luck yet?

          1. Marla Kaye says:

            No luck. I have emailed their customer service to tell them some of us are having problems with the Bill Me Later option.

          2. Jane Almon says:

            I tried again too today and still no luck :/ Hopefully the issue is straightened out soon. I’ve been really excited to get the nutrition plan for a while now.

  8. Анна says:

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  9. Ashley Byrne says:

    I just purchased the nutrition plan, I am confused on how I can access the members only section of the community. How do I send the request? Thanks to anyone out there that can help!

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