New Bump’n Body Prenatal Workout With Kat & Kristina!

Hey mama!

Look who we have joining us…your Studio Tone It Up trainer Kristina! We’re so excited to be expecting together~ and for our lil’ TIU girls to be best friends! 💕 When Kristina was in town, I surprised her that I was pregnant and we filmed a total body prenatal workout :)

I’m 10 weeks here and Kristina’s 23 weeks :) So crazy how much our baby girls have already grown so much!

For all our mamas to be, congratulations!! So excited to be on this journey with you! This routine focuses a lot on your postural muscles because that’s so important during your pregnancy and through postnatal too. We’ll also be working your cute booty and strengthening your arms for when you’ll be lifting your baby! And then we’ll end with a stretch that feels amaaaazing! This routine is perfect for all trimesters, but of course, make sure to check with your doctor before participating in any exercise program and go at your own pace.

During this workout, remember to listen to your body. If you need to make any modifications, go for it! Take it easy baby :)

Special thanks to baby daddies Brian and Mike for being the camera guys! This is your Bump’n Body workout!

We can’t wait to hear from you and see you doing this workout in your living room! Check in with us @KatrinaaScott and @StudioToneItUpKristina #TIUBumpnBody @ToneItUp! And let us know how far along you are and any tips you have for all of us first-time mamas ~ we’re both so nervous/excited 🤗

OK, now we need a nap haha! Love you girls!



PS: We’re SO happy to be bringing a pre- and postnatal section to Studio Tone It Up soon! And we can all chat with other mamas and moms-to-be before and after class to swap tips and stories! Keep your eyes open in the Studio!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!


  1. I practically lived in a plié squat in my 3rd trimester! 🤣 you girls look great! 🤗

  2. Yay!! I can’t wait to do this workout when I get home from work! Can’t wait for all the pre and post-natal content to come! You girls are so amazing. 23 weeks today, baby girl must be punchin and crunchin in there!! :D

  3. Definitely those squats came in handy when little one arrived! You don’t even realize how many times you’ll be picking up baby, baby’s things, over and over. It might feel silly squatting but it will save your back picking baby up in a plié.

  4. So excited to do this workout today! The prenatal and postnatal content will be a great addition to the already amazing TIU content.
    Congrats to both of you and excited to share the journey with you as I am a first time mama too! On Monday, I will be 20 weeks!

  5. 32 weeks today! Did the class without weights and didn’t go quite as fast on the moves. Felt great! Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more!

  6. This was a great total body workout! Thanks ladies! This is my third pregnancy and swimming is my favorite form of exercise in the third trimester. It feels so good on your joints, but will definitely keep up my toning workouts with you!

  7. 21th week is on. :) I started my day with this workout and it felt great! Thank you girls! 💕

  8. Oh my gosh!! Thank you guys for doing this workout! It’s exactly what I needed! 34 weeks tomorrow!!!! ☺️

  9. This workout is also great if you’re not pregnant but just need a more gentle and mindful workout on a slow energy day! loved it.

  10. Loved this workout so much! I was hoping for some pregnancy advice..I’m 11 weeks pregnant and mentally I want to work out so bad but I’ve been really low on energy can’t get myself to do the workouts as often as I want! Did anyone else have that feeling as well? Did you do anything special to get back into the swing of things or just wait it out? Thanks in advance TIU mamas!

  11. Okay, SO… I learned I was pregnant Week 1 of the Bikini Series and am just now, at the start of 8 weeks along and exactly halfway through the Bikini Series, feeling like I am able to do an actual workout! I have been SO tired and blah and nauseous and the last thing that ever sounded good was a workout… I could barely eek out easy walks without getting winded and my heart rate shooting up to kingdom come– and the ENTIRE week before the start of the BS, I was in my work gym spinning and rowing up a storm and even did abs afterword! Thank you SO much ladies for workouts like this, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!! (And just wanted to add that this is my first pregnancy and I am only a few weeks younger than Kat– I know I can do this!)

  12. Awesome workout ladies, thank you! I’m 39 weeks today and this was the perfect total body workout I needed! I had to put the brakes on my barre classes about 2 weeks ago and have only been walking and stretching since then. Thank you for providing us with a little something extra to keep the right muscles and posture primed for pregnancy, labor, and beyond. :-)

  13. Hello Ladies,

    Congratulations to all! My baby girl is 21 fierce and strong. I used a pregnancy belt that helped relieved the pressure off my lower abs and it helped my back. At the time, I was working as an in patient acute medical- surgical nurse in Boston. The belt is soft and goes under the belly and secures with Velcro. It makes a big difference. Do what you can. Be kind to yourself.
    Back to working out today! Had dental surgery last week after not feeling well for about 6 weeks.
    I lived on bananas, TIU smoothies, frozen peaches thawed, cottage cheese, ground chicken salad with non- fat Greek yogurt,water with Ultimate electrolytes. It has been a blast. Next weekend, a black tie wedding!

    Congratulations mommas!

  14. Did this workout today! Very excited for more prenatal workouts. I gained too much weight with my first baby and TIU helped me get back into shape. Really hoping to gain a healthy amount and keep exercising during this pregnancy. Looking forward to more!!

  15. Congratulations ladies. I am excited to use these videos for my next pregnancy, and even more excited to see the bounce back videos you ladies put together. TIU is helping me get my stomach back. Thank you ladies!!!!!!!

  16. Can you please do a prenatal arm workout?! I am 30 weeks and need to get some strength back before our little man arrives!

    1. Congrats mama!! Have you seen the new pregnancy channel in your Studio Tone It Up app? It’s amazing and has so many prenatal workouts. There are some incredible arm workouts too 💪 xxo

  17. Thank you so much for this workout! As a labor and delivery nurse and pregnant mama, I know how important working out during pregnancy is but I couldn’t find ANYTHING “bump” appropriate. I could actually do this workout and felt like I was accomplishing something. Keep the videos coming!

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