NEW Love Your Body Workout ~ Stop, Drop, & Booty Pop!

Happy day one of the Love Your Body Series babe! We’re SO happy you’re joining us. Get ready for new workouts, nutrition and lifestyle advice, and motivation to love your body, mind, and soul every day. For the next six weeks, we’ll all be inspiring each other and becoming the healthiest, happiest, fittest, and most confident versions of ourselves! Lean on this team for support and keep that fire burning all Series long! You are unstoppable!

To kick off this Series, we decided to get the whole squad together in Studio Tone It Up for a b🍑🍑 tylicious workout! So grab your girls and get your cute tush over here so we can start this Series the best way ~ booty poppin’! This is going to be so much fun!!



PS… when you join us in the Studio Tone It Up App, you can work out with these amazing trainers and chat before and after class with babes around the world! And If you haven’t downloaded your app yet, you can get it HERE!

Now let us see ya get low girl 😉

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

We LOVE working out with our Studio Tone It Up trainers! These babes are so inspiring and kickass! Join us in Studio Tone It for HIIT, total body toning, yoga, dance, and MORE classes with these bombshells. Download HERE for your free 7 day trial!


  1. Done! 💪 I’ve been following your workout videos for a while now but now I’ve decided to really commit by buying the new lifestyle kit last night, I’m so excited to get it! Only problem is I can’t seem to find the new love your body nutrition plan, where do I find it? I’ve downloaded the other plans I just can’t seem to find this one? x

    1. I was emailed the Love Your Body Nutrition plan, check your email registered with your TIU account!

  2. Hey guys, it would be nice if the special work outs could be available on the app the day before as I’m a New Zealand TIU girl and I couldn’t do the love your body workout today because it wasn’t available till around 10pm my time 😭😭😭 :( would be great if this could be fixed as I feel like we get missed out a bit on this front!

    1. Hi babe! Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll talk to our development team about it ~ we want to make sure you’re able to get your workout on!

      1. Thank you! I would REALLY appreciate that. Today (Tuesday) for example, the main workout isn’t available on the app yet and the complimentary one just says stay tuned and doesn’t link to anything. It’s so hard to feel involved in the challenge when I can’t actually
        Participate like everyone else :(

        1. Whoops looks like you’re all already on top of it! I added my voice to this opinion as well before seeing your post- I can only work out AM and in Finland I am missing all the fun new LYB workouts as well.
          Thanks for looking into this TIU!

  3. The Love Your Body plan is with your nutrition plan. Scroll down. It is a few rows down. I did not see it at first either since I expected it to be in the first row. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Agreed! I’m in Singapore but it would be amazing to be able to do all the workouts in the morning :)

  4. Hi babes, please tell me where are the Karena’s leggins from??😊 Thank you so mutch girls😍

  5. I’m loving this class style of workout. Lots of fun and really feels like you’re in class together. Plus… who’s dying over the coordinated outfits. Beautiful videos!

  6. I haven’t gotten signed up yet for studio tone it up, just curious if this workout is the same one as it is on the app for today? If so, what makes the one on the app 23 mins and this one is 11?


    1. Hi babe! Your daily Studio Tone It Up classes are a great option to add a little something extra to your routine ~ we add new Studio exclusive classes to your app every week! Your Studio classes range from 25-30 minutes (today also includes Karena’s Guided Meditation!). Today’s Studio routine features this Love Your Body Series Drop + Booy Pop class plus an app exclusive biceps burner from Kat so it’s just a little extra for ya! xxo

  7. Thank you for providing alternative workouts again for those of us without the app. I was so sad the last few months but you guys listened! Glad to be following your workout schedule again!

    1. I love this too! I’m a member of the nutrition plan but since I’m a stay at home mom I didn’t want to spend more money. I’m sure it’s totally worth it but I’m enjoying all the workouts I am able to do and still feel like I’m getting an amazing workout and TIU love! ❤️ Thank you Tone it Up! 😘

    2. Me too. I was going elsewhere for workouts as I dont have the app either. So enjoying this alternative.

  8. I’m doing the detox plan this week and incorporating some of the new workouts, as last week our house got hit by the flu :( …this is the FIRST time in 2 years since I’ve had the nutrition plan that I am fully committing to the “plan” for a week and I am so EXCITED, but also a little nervous. 6 weeks postpartum I was already down to my pre-pregnancy weight (I really am not positive if this is why but I had a killer oversupply of breast milk and filled my freezer in a week; I was told I was perfect for a case study HAHA!) but now am about 10-15 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Any tips on what foods to supplement and WHEN during the detox to not hurt my now normal supply for breastfeeding? Thank you!!!

  9. Walk – complete
    5 daily moves @ 42 reps each – complete
    Booty Pop workout – complete

    Love you guys!

  10. I was wondering, I really want to get the studio app but I have a Google phone and still not seeing the app come up in my play store….I also tried on my Samsung Galaxy tablet and not seeing it in the play store there either. When will the app be available on all devices? Thanks!! ❤️

  11. Going to recommit to the tone it up workouts starting today! Gotta get my nutrition in check! Will be completing today’s workout after work :)

  12. Such a fun workout! I loved it and might just have to have it on repeat all week! 😊

  13. I just finished this and my booty was already sore from totally toned a couple days ago…so I am toast right now! So good!

  14. I love this workout! Did my workouts in the evening, but I am starting a new job next week with a new schedule, so I’m planning on working out before work every morning from 7am to 8am. Looking forward to a new year, new job, and new me!!!

  15. Loved this workout and the addition of the girls! Made it such a great experience for me, especially with the varying sizing woman. Thanks! <3

  16. Hey k&k, I waz wondering on top of the daily workouts, can I add a little more? Like do some of my own daily pick me up workouts or like 15 min dance parties?? Btw just finished the workout and LOVE LOVE IT..the moves are easy but super challenging and definitely feel the burn!😰🤘💙🔥

  17. First timer here ! I felt I was in class working out with you guys ! Thank you for the workout !

  18. This felt soooo good! My very first day of being a TIU girl is going great! Cant wait to start seeing some changes! I have already noticed me feeling 100% better just by following the nutrition plan for one day :)!

    1. Welcome to the team!! We’re so happy you’re a part of this community and way to rock your first day 🤗

  19. Would it be possible to have the new workouts posted earlier for us overseas TIU girls? Especially as Pacific Time is one of the last of the day. I was sad to miss this workout because I LOVE Booty day! (But I had a great workout with the complimentary workout with Chyna!)
    But now it is Tuesday AM in Europe and there is no workout for today- I don’t want to miss out on all the best parts of LYB series! You’ve done a great job at getting them up early enough with previous series.

    Thanks gals! You’re killing it!

  20. I loved this workout!! I was literally laughing out loud at how fun y’all made this, thank you!!

  21. I just joined the nutrition plan a couple days ago but I cannot fine the Love Your Body plan anywhere. I saw other comments that said to scroll down to find it but I still don’t see it.

    1. Hi Lauren! So happy you joined the Nutrition Plan! You’re going to LOVE it! If you go to “My Nutrition Plan” under “My TIU,” it will be in the first row. You should have also received it in your email but if you didn’t for some reason, you can email our girl Stephanie at [email protected] and she’ll get you all set up! xxo

  22. I loved the workout, but absolutely love all the tops and leggings that everyone is wearing in this video! Where can I purchase them? Wearing cute workout clothes is so motivating! :-) <3

  23. Hey! Just signed up for tiu yesterday. Is it ok to start a plan mid week??

  24. Hi! This is my first time commenting so sorry if it’s long (i don’t have instragram):) I’ve been following TIU from afar for a few years doing an exercise here and there or trying out a recipe. Although I thought the concept was awesome I always thought it’s too complicated for me and too much work. It wasn’t till the TIU 21 Challenge that I committed to the Daily Moves on a daily basis. Now I try to stick to the weekly schedule. I’m not quite there yet (and the next step is the nutrition plan), but the important thing is that I take the time and do this for me – and that’s what TIU has thought me and I wanted to let you know. And I loved this workout too! So great to see so many girls together! The energy is infectious!

    1. Hi babe! This so amazing to hear!! You are totally rocking it by committing to the Daily Moves and following the Weekly Schedule! We’re so happy to have you as part of this community. Your journey is just beginning and we’re so honored to be a part of it! xxo

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