NEW Booty Barre Workout With Jillian!

Hi booty-full ;) You know our girl Jillian from the Studio and our live barre workouts. This one is a community fave! We take Jillian’s barre classes here in Manhattan Beach and we’re always obsessed with her incredible energy and cute booty 🍑Just when we think we can’t do one more squat or booty lift, Jillian’s inspiring words and bright smile have us droppin’ low! We’re so excited for you to experience more of Jillian’s classes too!

Jillian combined her love for fitness with her background in dance for some majorly sculpting, high energy workouts. She’s also one of the most uplifting, gorgeous women. Read more about her story in this post! Today, she’ll lead you through a booty-targeting routine that tones all the muscles of your tush, leaving you feeling confident, sexy, and unstoppable.

 She’ll give you tons of tips on alignment and form too, so just follow her lead. Have fun in class babe… and give Jillian some love! 💖

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

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  1. I did Jillian’s Booty Barre class first thing this morning❤ What a great quick and effective workout! ☺

  2. Wow!!! That was amazing!!! Going to feel that one for days!!!💕Feeling so strong!!!

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