Gettin’ TOTALLY TONED with Katrina!


Week 2 of the Bikini Series and you’re looking STRONG! If you haven’t already joined the Bikini Series, you can jump in with us anytime! Sign up HERE to get in the best shape of your life this summer.

You’re about to get some serious total body toning. Booty, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, core…every inch of your beautiful bod! This 15-minute routine is a combo of total body sculpting and high intensity cardio moves to bring your heart rate up and majorly boost your metabolism. You’re going to be feeling incredible all day long. (If you’re feeling a little sore too, we’ve got your back! Check back soon right here on for a post on how to soothe your sexy muscles!)

All you need for this workout is a set of dumbbells. Feel free to have one heavier set (about 8-12 pounds) for booty and leg moves and a lighter set (3-5 pounds) for upper bod. You can swap between these two pairs depending on the move or how your body is feeling. Or you can start heavier and drop down to the lighter pair ~ aka a drop set.

Now let’s start this beautiful Tuesday with some major toning!

You can also watch on Apple TV & YouTube HERE!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly Move Guide HERE! 

Tone It Up Free Bikini Series Workout Katrina Totally Toned

 Follow up your workout with THIS stretching routine! Or if you have Beach Babe 5, try Karena’s Stretch It Out routine. You’re going to feel amazing!

Abs are made with your Tone It Up workouts and REVEALED with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! As a member, you’ll automatically receive the all past and future editions of the Plan!


  1. Wow!!! Killer workout. It was challenging for me but somehow I manage to did it to the end! and now I feel on top of the world ready to tackle any other challenges for this day. Thank you Katrina!! Have a awesome day #tiuteam !

    1. Amazing job finishing today’s workout!!!

  2. I just went through the video and WOWSA! I can’t wait to do this tomorrow morning :) Thanks ladies, for always bringing the HOT FIRE FLAMESSSSS to our bodies <3

  3. Love this workout, thanks k&k

  4. This workout officially killed me after yesterday’s Sandy Sweat HIIT & 5 Daily Moves! 😅😅😅 My legs are numb. 😂 Thank you Katrina for yet another great workout! You girls are awesome! 🙆😍 PS: when will last week’s LIVE workouts be available on the website?

  5. I’ve noticed some differences between today’s workout video & printable. On the printable it doesn’t state that you must do moves 4 & 5 and 6,7 & 8 on one side first before completing moves on the other side? As well on the video Katrina does the oblique hand to heel crunches after the alternating leg raises but it’s not on the printable at all? Just wondering.

    1. the printable does say to do those moves on both sides! Not sure about the oblique crunches, maybe they just missed that one

      1. Correct but it doesn’t indicate to do all 3 moves one one side first BEFORE moving on to the other side, as is done in the video.

    2. Hey girl!
      With our free workouts that are especially long, we create these quick printable guides when you can’t watch the whole video through! Enjoy your workout! :)

      1. Thank you, appreciate it. I did enjoy the workout but my booty & legs are still angry at me. 😜 Katrina you look awesome in this video. LOVE the muscle definition. Definitely my goal. You girls are such inspiration & thanks for all you do for this community. 😍

  6. Killer workout. After yesterday and the Coachella workout this morning I thought I was going to fall over my legs were burning so much. Amazing!!!

  7. Thank you for this! An amazing workout – my heart rate is soaring! Have a great day, all!!

  8. Today’s workout was very frustrating for me, I kept having to stop and start over because it was so fast. I cant do deadlifts that fast without falling over. I feel like I failed at my workout today because of it.

    1. Don’t get discouraged-the workouts are very challenging and you did it! I also fall over during single leg deadlifts. Just keep practicing, they will get easier!

      1. The deadlifts are SO hard for me too! Especially in the morning, I feel like my balance is way off. I just do them at my own pace and tap my foot down when needed – believe me, I still feel the burn! I hope you come back to this workout and keep trying it, because the feeling of getting the moves and rhythm of a video down is fantastic! :)

    2. The only failed workout is the one you don’t do at all, girl! Like Katrina always says “this is YOUR workout, so do what works for YOU.” Be proud of yourself for not quitting. You may have lost your balance, but you didn’t give up! You got this! :)

    3. The more you do it, the easier it gets. I’ve heard Kat say in one of the Workout videos, muscle memory. The more you do a one leg deadlift or any balancing, muscle memory comes into play and your core and everything becomes stronger to keep you from falling.

    4. You’ve got this, girl! Take your time through the video and do as many sets as you can while maintaining proper form. We all fall down sometimes (even Karena and I fall during single leg deadlifts!). Just listen to your body and go at your own pace. We’re all here for you every step of the way! :)

    5. Silly girl…. I’ve been doing deadlifts for years and years… and still fall over! Sometimes with both feet fully planted. ;) Can you try not to look at what you didn’t do perfectly? And instead appreciate yourself for what you did do? I’ve been working out six days a week for longer than you’ve probably been alive. One day’s not-so-great workout compared with a lifetime of workouts is, literally, nothing. What I know is that if you are very good to your body it will be very good to you. Aretha Franklin had it right: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If you try, you cannot fail, you may not succeed as you’d like, but you cannot fail.

  9. I cant wait to do this later! I wanted to ask you girls, this morning I woke up and felt a bit of knee pain during my morning yoga routine. Could you share some recommendations on how to keep the knees safe, how to properly stretch the legs to avoid knee pain after workouts, and how to care for the knees when they are feeling some pain? I am not used to all the HIIT workouts and my knees are pretty sensitive so this would really help me! Thank you for your help and thanks for the awesome videos as always! :)

    1. Go to the website and search, “keep your knees happy.” Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks! I actually read that one when it came out! :) do you have any specific stretches to help after a run or HIIT workout to prevent knee injury?

  10. Yay what a fun workout! Did an hour of barre class and followed up straight with this…so OUCH…in the best way. ❤💪🏼

  11. This workout looks intense after yesterday’s HIIT_the_beach & 5 toning moves but that will not stop me from enjoying every inch of burn! Cannot wait to workout this afternoon – Also, YAYAYAYAY I will be able to join the LIVE workout this afternoon :) Super excited

  12. What a great little workout! Thanks K&K:), you ladies are really rocking this bikini series and I’m loving it!!! THANK YOU!

  13. Loved this workout! I was running late today, but told myself just to get as much done as I could. Before I knew it, this workout was over. SO quick, but all the moves made me feel EVERYTHING. Loved it! Thank-you for the free bonus workout.

    Ps. rehabbing from an ACL, MCL and meniscus root repair. I’m a little over two months. This is my 2nd time for this surgery, and let’s just say the first time it took me over a year to come back. I also gained like 20-30 pounds while I was injured and after surgery. This time, I’m using Tone It Up, I just used the nutrition plan and then I did Abs and upper body workouts when my Dr. would let me. Now I’m able to add in everything but squats and lunges. The Dr. has been so impressed with my healing, and I’ve actually leaned out more than before my surgery. I definitely think Tone It Up has had a lot to do with it- the diet, positive vibes and the workouts. Thank-you!

    1. Wow! Incredible recovery!! Such an inspiration!

  14. Just completed #totallytoned and burn baby burn!!!

  15. Loved this workout. So efficient and tough!

  16. I DID love doing this workout this morning Girls!!! But too short and too short time between exercises! I did it twice! #AWESOME

  17. Wow…what an awesome workout!! Sweatting this sickness out! Thanks K&K 😗 #totallytoned

  18. Wow…what an awesome workout!! Sweating this sickness out! Thanks K&K 😗 #totallytoned

  19. Made it through with 8 lb weights!!!! Wow, that one burns during those single leg deadlifts and rows!! Sweating so much right now. I freaking love it and love you girls!!! 😘

  20. L8 says:

    Thank you for this new work out! Interesting with some new mowes. My body says wohoooo

  21. Confession: I saw burpees on the menu for the second day in a row and decided to do BB4 Upper Body Total Toner instead. 😬😂 Definitely keeping this video on my go-to list though.

  22. Such a great workout! Feel SO great afterwards! Y’all are so amazing and making this so fun! Loving this bikini series! Xox

  23. I was dragging getting out of bed this am, but I got up and got my Booty Call on! This was a great workout to get that blood pumping.

  24. Did this with the Coachella Booty & Abs W/O!! My BOOTY is on FIIIRE!! :D LOVED it!

  25. Wow what a burner but felt so good!! This workouts have been amazing tone it up! Thank you! xo

  26. Amazing!! Feels so good. I did my 30mins cardio today as well (for Wed) as I have work obligations tomorrow. It was a killer! I will add my coachella video in tomorrow at 5am! Can’t wait. I feel it in the booty! :0

  27. Awesome & burning at the same time! SO excited to be on this journey with our tone it up team! See you for the live workout today! #tiuteam

  28. Oh em geeee! This is exactly what I needed today! Buns and quads are burning but it feels so good!! Loving the new Bikini Series workouts! I fell off the TIU wagon for a few months, but I’m slowly integrating the workouts back into my routine and loving every second. Can’t wait to see what the next seven weeks have for us! 💕💕💕

  29. Loved the workout! 💪 And my booty still burn from yesterday moves 🔥🙈

  30. I was wondering when & where you’ll be posing the Live Instagram workouts? I’ve been tuning in and try to follow along but there’s often too much moving around, dropping, and the video is almost always blurry. It’s really hard to follow along like that. 😔 I’d love to be able to complete those workouts on the same day that they go live and I know you’re recording them just don’t know when they’ll be up for us to watch. Any ideas as to when they’ll go up? Thank you in advance!! 😘

  31. I’m a bit concerned that I’m doing these exercises wrong. My knees end up hurting and my booty doesn’t seem to be feeling anything. Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong? I am loving the workouts and the nutritional plan, thanks so much K & K :)

    1. Hey girl!
      Take a look at our post on how to keep your knees happy during workout moves HERE! These tips are perfect for protecting your knees from injuries! ;)

  32. So pumped to do this workout. Looks amazing! Hey @toneitup when will the live workouts be posted? I really really want to do yesterday’s workout!

  33. I did this immediately after Tuesday’s live workout and HOLY MOLY my body was on fire. Thank you so much!

  34. Perfect workout tondo while kiddoe naps! Phew …Sore

  35. During the straight legged dead lift, should you be feeling more of a workout in your standing leg? I am barely feeling anything in the leg/booty cheek that I am lifting. If you have any feedback as to what I could do different, please let me know :)

    1. Hi!!

      Make sure you’re engaging your lower abs by pulling your belly button in toward your spine throughout the move and that your hips are squared. This will help engage those booty muscles! :)