Sculpt + Tone Your Booty With Karena!

This Tone It Up Tuesday I’m taking you through a totally butt-kicking BOOTY and leg workout! Sorry Bobby couldn’t join for this one ;)

I created a 4 circuit lower body routine to fine tone your cute tush, sculpt your gorgeous stems, and boost your metabolism. All you need is a dumbbell! I love moves that mostly use body weight because you can do them anywhere, anytime and you still reap all the toning benefits. I even threw in some moves to sculpt your lower abs…just because ;)

Tighten that ponytail gorgeous! You’re going to feel so LEAN and STRONG after this workout!

You can also watch on YouTube or Apple TV HERE!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly Move Guide HERE!

After you work your cute booty, fuel your bod with nutrient-packed foods it deserves! The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is packed with thousands of delicious, slimming recipes to help you reach your fit goals!

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  1. My new favorite leg workout! This combined with the band workout from a couple weeks ago and the bootylicious workout from BB5 = amazing lower body workout :) thank you so much K&K, especially since I am trying to work on my legs mostly this summer!

  2. Girrrrrrrrrrl. What. Was. That?! I love how you get me to do HIIT when I’m not expecting it. And baby burpees.

  3. Yerp! My butt has been officially kicked!! After my #GooberGuy and I took our Memorial Day bike ride, the ol’ booty was already a tad #saddlesore! Thanks for this short, focused sweat sesh!! \m/

  4. Loved this, quick and easy, broke a sweat and I a great 10-minute workout for traveling. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren! Yea it’s PERFECT for traveling! We’re going to be doing this one wherever we go. Glad you loved it!

  5. Such a great workout. Did it during my lunch break and now my legs and booty are on fire

  6. Loved this workout! It was awesome
    And raised my heart rate and can feel the effects! Thanks for making great videos for us! ;)

    1. Hi babe! We’re working on a NEW and improved app! In the meantime, we recommend using Safari or Chrome to access! You can click once to your Daily Workout and all posts super easily! We also love setting a page to our home screen by clicking the arrow at the bottom of our Safari. Let us know if you have any trouble! xxo 😘

  7. I was thinking to myself, 10 minutes… this won’t be so bad. HOLY MOLY!!! This is definitely a new fave booty workout to add on to the end of my cardio!! Thanks Karena, booty goals for sure!

  8. WOW.. I haven’t done a TIU workout in years… I am out of breath even withthis short one and sweating like a beast… I am BACKK BABAY!!!

  9. Great workout! Thanks for all you guys do! It’s so nice to have you guys out there and that your so happy to help others to be healthy.

  10. Loved this workout!! Thank you so much. So grateful for this supportive and amazing community. 💖💖💖

  11. I don’t feel my booty and my legs but i love it!!! Hohoho ! + Dm done✔ Love you girls 😍

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