Namasleigh Yoga Abs Christmas Workout

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! Take a moment right now to pause and take in all the love around you! ❤️ We hope you’re surrounded by family and friends, eating delicious food, and just catching up on quality time today!

Before the festivities start, it’s always a great idea to take a little time for YOU! Setting aside just 20 minutes to show yourself (and your body!) some love is a great way to kick off a fun-filled holiday. That’s especially true when you have a routine like this one ~ yoga-inspired exercises that make you feel strong to the core!

Join your gorgeous Studio Tone It Up trainer Chevy for these ab-solutely amazing yoga moves! And to get a full ab workout, plus a soothing yoga flow, check out today’s workout in the your Studio Tone It Up app!

Here’s to the incredible #TIUteam ~ may your day be merry and bright! We love you!



Namasleigh Yoga Abs Workout

It’s time to light up that core! Follow these yoga-inspired ab exercises to tone your midsection from every angle! Do 2-3 rounds. Enjoy the workout and your day babe! You deserve it.

Chair + Airplane

Targets your legs and shoulders as your core works to keep you steady!

Begin standing with feet together. Sit your hips down and back into a shallow squat. Lift your arms overhead, palms facing each other. Bring your arms down by your sides, as you lift your heels off the ground and come up to your toes. Send your heels back down as you bring your arms back overhead.

Do 12 reps.

3-Legged Dog + Knee to Elbow

Sculpts your abs, shoulders, and legs!

Begin in a push-up plank position, shoulders over your wrists. Lift your hips to a downward-facing dog, then lift your right leg toward the ceiling. Bring your right knee to your right elbow, as you push your weight forward and back into your plank position. Press back to down dog while straightening the right leg back behind you.

Do 12 reps on each side.

Chaturanga Push-Ups

Strengthens your chest and core!

Begin in an extended arm plank position, creating one straight line from shoulders to heels. Send your weight slightly forward, so shoulders come just in front of wrists. Hugging your elbows close to your sides, lower down into a pushup. Then press back up, maintaining your strong plank. If you need to modify, drop your knees down to the floor.

Do 12 reps.

Straight Leg Bicycle Kicks

Targets your abs, especially your obliques!

Begin lying on your back, hands behind your head and legs straight up toward the ceiling. As you lower your right leg down toward the floor, lift your head, neck, and shoulders up and over, bringing your right shoulder toward your left leg. Then switch legs and rotate toward the other side.

Do 15 reps each side.

Boat Pose + Crunch

Tones your abs!

Begin seated with your legs bent. Lift your feet off the ground so your shins are parallel to the ground, and lean your torso back at a 45-degree angle. With hands at your chest, straighten your legs out in front as you lean back. Both your legs and shoulders hover off the ground. Sit back up to a 45-degree angle as you bring your knees in until shins are parallel to the floor.

Do 15 reps.

For more workouts you can do anywhere, anytime, check out your Studio Tone It Up app today! You’ll find tons of amazing routines to strengthen your abs, legs, arms, and more!