Nama Booty ~ New Summer Tone Up Workout!

Happy Day 2 boo! You’re off to such a strong start in your Summer Tone Up. Now you’re ready to kick some nama booty! 🙏🍑Join your Studio trainer Chevy and our girls Claudia and Quori and let’s sculpt and flow! 

You may have heard the story of how we first met Chevy…she was teaching a yoga sculpt class at a local studio and workin’ it to Missy Elliott! We were in love! Her combination of rejuvenating yoga and total-body toning is amazing and her energy is electric! It’s so special having her in Studio Tone It Up so you can experience her workouts all the time just like we did!

Today’s Nama Booty workout is one of our faves of the Summer Tone Up. That’s why we’re giving you a taste of the full 25-minute routine, which you can find in your Studio Tone It Up app along with hundreds more amazing workouts! Chevy will take you through an empowering yoga sculpting routine that refreshes your mind and tones your beautiful booty. You can use light weights as you go through your flow for an added challenge. The most important thing is to listen to your body, so if you want to flow without your weights go ahead girl! 

Now let’s quiet our minds and set an intention for this workout. You are SO strong, beautiful, and powerful — never forget it!



PS: Join Chevy, Claudia, and Quori in your Studio Tone It Up App for your full Nama Booty workout! You’ll find this workout, your free Daily Moves, and all of your Summer Tone Up routines in the app! Download it for iPhone HERE and Android HERE!

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

This is YOUR summer ~ we want you to feel strong and fabulous every day! Join us for your 6-week Summer Tone Up challenge for daily workouts, recipes, beauty tips, and so much motivation leading up to Labor Day!


  1. Loved this workout, I did this after the daily moves and the burn was incredible!! Thank you!

  2. Love the positivity and encouragement I get from all of the ladies in these workouts! Did this one after one of the HIIT workouts and a toning sculpt and it was a great after burn to tap into additional muscles. Always a pleasure!

  3. This felt amazing! Such a good mini sweat sesh! Love the amazing energy Chevy always has very inspiring ❤️

  4. This workout was a really good one I love Chevy she’s adorable and super happy nice to follow along.

  5. This was such a great workout! Loved Nama Booty, and Chevy! Her positive energy is so motivating! Thank you for the excellent booty burn 🍑🔥💖🙏🏼Ladies!!!

  6. Can you guys create a without video that’s free so that I can follow the weekly schedule? I’m not sure what’s on YouTube but I’m not planning on buying the app since I don’t have the room for it on my phone and I personally don’t want to spend much on my fitness. I love your bars and am planning on doing my nutrition plan regular now… I just really miss the free option. I don’t like just doing toning moves. I would like a video along with the app world. Thanks 😀

    1. Hi babe! So glad you’re loving the bars and Nutrition Plan! We have a complimentary workout on the Weekly Weekly Schedule every day so you always have options. You can do what works best for you 🤗

  7. Wow!! I’m DRIPPING!! I used 8 lbs. I’ll have to pick up some 5’s. I never though I would want to lift that low, but with the yoga workouts I think I’d better jut to be safe. AMAZING WORKOUT!!!

  8. Love, love Chevy’s vibe! K&K are obviously my favorites 🥰after them it’s Chevy. She so motivating🧘🏽‍♂️ and tough💪🏽💕

  9. Love you, Chevy! Thank you for a wonderful workout. Your energy is contagious.

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