Morning Mantra Yoga — TIU Tuesday!

Happy #ToneItUpTuesday beautiful!

Today I’m sharing a very special routine — one that’s so close to my heart. As you may already know, yoga has been incredibly transformative for me and Karena. We both decided to go through teacher training to dive deeper into our practice and so we could share our experience with you!

Today’s workout is a beautiful morning mantra yoga routine, all about setting your intentions for the day ✨ It’ll tone and strengthen your entire body and lengthen those gorgeous muscles! As you come to your mat, create a soothing environment for yourself ~ set up candles, dim the lights, or maybe take your practice outside. Take a moment to turn inward and feel your heartbeat. Focus on your breath as you set your intention for the day! Think of three words — two words for yourself and one word for someone else in your life. These words could be love, courage, compassion, creativity, vitality, energy, nourishment, acceptance, or patience.

After you finish this routine, take some time to reflect. Journal your intentions, share with a girlfriend, or check in with us on Instagram to let us know how you feel! And share your intentions for the day in the comments and on Insta #ToneItUpTuesday ~ I’d love to hear them!

The light in me ADORES the beautiful light in you 📿🙏



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***Mamas to be ~ This routine is great for prenatal! Just go at your own pace (feel free to drop to your knees during any chaturanga) and lay on your side during shavasana at the end.

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What’s your morning mantra? Choose three words to carry with you throughout your day and share with us in the comments and on Insta #ToneItUpTuesday!!


    1. Congrats!!! This routine is great for prenatal! Just go at your own pace (feel free to drop to your knees during any chaturanga) and lay on your side during shavasana at the end 🤗

  1. This is my new favorite tone it up workout! I love it so much and my mantra was Energy, Nourishment, and Love.

  2. I love that workout,the best start into each day!!thank you so much Katrina,love you!!

  3. Thank you Katrina for including some of my favorite moves! I feel so great and ready to start my day!

  4. That was magical Katrina, you are so calming in these sessions!
    Not better way to start the day!

  5. This was wonderful!!! I loved setting a mantra for the day, mine was patience, kindness and love

    1. We’re filming more prenatal workouts for Studio Tone It Up so keep a lookout! Can’t wait for you to see them!! xxo

  6. Thank you Kat! I loved this morning yoga practice! This, combined with Karena’s mindful meditation is a wonderful way to start the day! 🙏🏼💙

  7. Love this so much! Very relaxing. My words were creativity, freedom, and encouragement. Question: I was having a lot of trouble due to my wrists hurting, and I think it’s from doing a lot of the weight-bearing daily moves. Any advice on lessening wrist discomfort?

    1. Hey babe! Love that mantra! Wrist strength and mobility are different for everyone! It definitely takes some with yoga. I know when I first started my wrists ached after taking a yoga class. We recommend dropping to your knees during chaturangas to take some of the weight off. Also, I sometimes like to do them on my knuckles to give my wrists a break (your wrists will be neutral), but it’s harder on the hand and forearm strength. You can also hold small hand weights to keep your wrists neutral. When doing the daily moves, keep these modifications in mind! Push-ups with hand weights and modifying weight on your hands! xxo

  8. What a great mid day reset for this busy mama and mama to be again! Thanks Kat! I think baby liked it too, I can feel little kicks afterwards :)

  9. Hi Katrina & Karena. This is such a great yoga workout. To be honest, I haven’t been doing yoga as much. Only two times a month. I’m more of a Hiit girl & dance girl too… well only burlesque dancing. :D Ever since my doctor told me I have a mild form of kyphosis. Not treatment or surgery at this time. Thank god. Just do alot of back workouts ( such as the sexy back workout. Thank you. :) ) & yoga to improve my posture. So far I have been adding yoga to my routine & I feel calm & relaxed. I hear that yoga is good for the skeletal muscles. L,ast but not least, I remember that when it was a yoga workout, I mostly see Karena teaching it. ( & she is so fabulous doing it.) Now I see Katrina teaching yoga as well & wanted to say congrats on yoga training I haven’t got the chance too. You are doing fabulous. xoxo

  10. This is beautiful, thank you! My mantra for today is courage, energy and patience. 🌺

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