Metabolism-Boosting Cardio Arms Workout With Your Trainer Tori!

Who’s ready to shake that b🍑🍑ty?! 🙋🏻Obviously, we want to dance like Beyonce…I mean seeing her this weekend was ALL the inspo!

So we’ve been practicing our moves in the Studio! And our girl Tori is helping us out 😌

Today your Studio Tone It Up trainer Tori is sharing a brand new dance cardio routine that focuses on sculpting your gorgeous arms, PLUS it will boost your metabolism like crazzzzy and make you feel like a QUEEN 🐝 👑💃🏼 Tori brings such a fun high-energy vibe to her classes and she makes the steps so easy to learn! So don’t stress if you’re new on the dance floor ~ dance cardio routines are for all levels!

And as we get closer to the Bikini Series, we’re starting to majorly amp up our workouts ~ this routine is one of our faves to pump up your heart rate and sculpt your beautiful muscles!

This workout is part of the full class available today (and anytime On Demand!) in your Studio Tone It Up App! If you haven’t yet, you can join the Studio here to start your 7-day free trial! See ya in class!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

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  1. I kinda go back and forth with how I feel about new tiu stuff now. I feel like the communication between new things like protein flavors or snacks being released at target is so poor and if you’re not following Brian on IG then you don’t get any new information. and some of these videos are so short that it makes me not want to pay for the studio tiu pass because the content doesn’t seem worth it. Maybe I’m missing something? I love tone it up! but I feel like there must be something I’m missing and thats why I feel so disappointed and not as interested in moving forward with them.

    1. I love them as well, just right now I feel like there is a big push to studio you. Also I can’t leave comments/find community stuff. 🙁

    2. Kelsie I couldn’t agree with you more. I hardly check the schedules anymore because it’s allll studio workouts now, which I don’t have an iPad for and am not going to do on my phone… you can barely see what they’re doing. Not to mention, I don’t find them nearly as challenging as what their workouts used to be on Youtube and the Beach Babe DVDs/downloads… so that’s what I am still doing now, but am craving new stuff.. but everything new is so short it’s hardly challenging if at all.
      And I do agree that they’re not communicating things as well as they used to at all. I love TIU too, it’s just a bummer! Missing the old things!

      1. I have felt the change as well. I think that at this point in their career the outreach has become so huge its near impossibble to manage on their own now. TIU is bigger than ever and with a kid on the way for Kat things are only gonna get even more crazy. I think these other trainers and the app help relieve some strain and pressure on Kat and Karena. I have mixed feelings about the app more so now than ever though bc I used to have their old app and loved it but thinking about working out from only my phone is a bit of a bummer but like someone else mentioned there are cables you can attach to your tv from your phone. I think my biggest pet peeve with the site and tiu app is that I cant see yesterdays daily moves and I missed them yesterday so I wanna do them today but every time I click it it goes straight to todays. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? Also a random side note, my fave newest addition to the TIU team is TIU Chyna!!! She is adorbale and so down to earth and relatable. I’m not sure where she is from but she has a Midwest sorta charm to her and I love that!! She has also responded to a couple of my comments which I find super cool cause I can only imagine how busy she must be! Also love that Kat and Karena are reading and responding to these posts. They hear us and they care and for all we know they may be planning another DVD!

        1. Hi babe! We’re reading all of your comments and we hear you. For your Daily Moves, if you miss a day, we don’t want you to worry about it or double up the next day. Just jump in on the current day’s moves and rock them 💪🏼 xxo PS…we love Chyna too! 💗

    3. So the videos they have for free are small snippets of longer workouts – I did the longer 20 minute version of this video yesterday, plus a 7 min barre booty that was attached to it. They’re not showing the whole videos because they want people to pay for the app. These are just to give you a taste.

  2. The Studio Tone It Up workouts are usually around 30 min, so it’s a full workout. I have the website pass because I dont have an IPhone or IPad. I certainly miss TIU before the app. There is a disconnect now. It’s almost like K&K don’t fully run the business anymore. I do miss the original TIU/ before the app but I am willing to evolve with them because TIU totally works for me. 💗 Fingers crossed for more videos, not just app workouts.

    1. Hey babes! We hear you and want you to know we’re always here for you girls! Your free Daily Toning Moves are always posted for you at along with your complimentary workout option each day! Plus we have brand new booty-kicking workouts coming your way for the Bikini Series that we’re so excited for you to see too!

      Studio Tone It Up is an amazing option if you’re looking for something extra! We love to offer many different types of workouts in your app & share the quicker routines here on too for our busy babes. We’re always looking for new ways to bring you more options ~ do what works best for you! xxo

      PS: Check out your new protein flavors that we’re SO excited to share with you here!

      1. I really appreciate this response :) Makes me feel a lot better actually. Thank you for hearing us and responding!:)

    2. I totally agree! I feel completely disconnected to K&K. I loved TIU and the workouts bc I felt like I was hanging with 2 ppl who I could relate to. Now we have all these trainers. I’m not following bc I want all these different trainers, I’m following bc of K&K. I don’t mind paying for an app, but it’s the lack of relationship. I miss the days where their snaps were the two of them hanging out in the HQ goofing off. Now I wonder how often they even are together :( it’s like they’ve become figure heads. Just really sad.

  3. Can we please have more workout from Natasha on the app.? She is my favorite and her workout totally changed my shape!,,,,,

  4. Will studio tone it up classes ever be available online? Am I the only one who hates the idea of trying to follow a workout on a small iphone screen? I know people use Chromecast and what not to get it on their TVs but it’s one thing I don’t need right now and have no use for it other than trying to get this app up. It’s starting to add up between buying the app and then buying something to get it on a decently sized screen.

  5. So I’ve been doing the 3 sets of 15 reps since the Love Your Body Series. Maybe a dumb question but can I just keep up with that instead of decreasing the number of sets to start the Bikini Series?

  6. Hey guys… Wasn’t sure where to post this, but thought here might be a good option. My name is Christiana. I have been a TIU girl since 2015 but had to take a break early in 2017, due to a serious health issue. You see, I was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (and later hereditary thrombophilia) and was forced to stop exercizing (as well as go off my birth control pills and smoking) overnight. So, I quit TIU (as well as my running & walking), my hormones went apes*** crazy, I started nimbling (instead of smoking) and… went from 63 to 77 kgs during the ensuing year :( As you may imagine, I feel absolutely horrible with myself and my body and have now started trying to exercise again (and shift my diet to a healthier one) in order to lose all this extra weight. I have joined the 2018 Bikini Series and am hoping to be able to stick with it (BUT I am totally and hopelessly unmotivated, for reasons I cannot realy fathom). Was thinking that an accountability partner might help – but there are no TIU girls that I know of in Patras where I live. Maybe one of you online is looking for someone to do the challenge with and would like to join me and offer/receive some motivation? No worries if not, just thought I’d ask. Best of luck to everyone joining the challenge this year (old & new members) and here’s to us having the most amazing summer ever…

    1. Hey Christiana, did you find an accountability partner yet? If not, I’m in! (As long you have the ok from your doctor) I’ve been unmotivated with navigating the app but let me know :)

    2. Girls you are not alone! I was feeling the same way, unmotivated to the highest degree! So…. I went on a little soul search with some wise words from some smart women. As suggested by a really good friend, I started listening to Candace Van Dell on YouTube! Then I listened to Eckart Tolle The Power of Now and holy cow it hit me like a ton of bricks. Self love is really important and eating health with a great exercise plan is a great way to do this BUT Soul Love, that was what I was really seeking. And once I realized the what, the how came naturally. I don’t find myself struggling with motivation, it’s like I connected to a deeper level of my innate knowledge myself and that woman knows without a doubt she is a boss! I do enjoy YOU with an accountability partner so I found a bikini buddy! Or she found me.. either way it was part of my journey and I am thankful for her. We prep a lot of the menu together and we check in with each other on Snapchat almost daily. I make goals every week and if I don’t achieve all of them I give my self grace, because tomorrow is a new day. I also really like that TIU is doing meditations, it really helps me stay connected to this aspect of my new frame of mind. So I guess my point is search your soul, chances are connecting to it with some thoughtful intention will reveal where you may need some spiritual healing before your mind can mustar up the motivation for the physical healing. (And by spiritual healing I am not necessarily suggesting church or scripture unless that is already aligned with your beliefs) anyway I hope this helps. Namaste

    3. Hey babe! You are such a strong and amazing girl!! Let’s do the Bikini Series TOGETHER!! You have this whole community behind you! An accountability partner doesn’t have to be in your area…there are so many girls in this community who have your back!! Stay strong girl! You’ve got this and we’re all here for you whenever you need us!

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