Master the Yoga Mat!

Hi there, gorgeous yogi babe!!

Today, our girlfriend Stacey is teaching the fundamentals of your yoga practice. We’re going to go through a few asanas (yoga term for posture ;) that you’ll see in most classes and videos! We always feel so amazing after taking yoga with her

We’re flowing through chaturanga arms in your vinyasa, tree pose, crescent, and warrior 2!

stacey_dancers pose

Here’s a lil’ guide to Sanskrit terms to listen out for… ;)

Chaturanga: Low Plank

Vinyasa: Sun Salutation

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana: Up Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana: Down Dog

Uttanasana: Forward Fold

Vrksasana: Tree Pose

Virabhadrasana 2: Warrior 2


It’s important to have proper form in your flow so you can grow, babe!!

Follow along below….


Watch on YouTube HERE!



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  1. After my teacher training I realized how so so important to have good form! Thank you so much for doing this video! Love you guys! <3

  2. Love this Stacey, cause I never did any yoga until I joined TIU! Now I know the translation and I’m so much stronger 🙋💪🏻😘

  3. Love love love this! How did you girls know I needed this so bad this morning? ;) Thank you girls!

  4. I love this! I would love more videos for Yoga at home. I always feel like I focus more when I have an instructor!

  5. Thank you this was fantastic. Having it all broken down like this was so helpful. I’ve been confused about a few poses. Stacey was fantastic and I loved how she clearly explained every pose. I’d love to see this type of workout for all your videos. ie. A basic HIIT workout, A basic weight lifting workout etc.

  6. I’ll be testing this out later. I’m feeling not with it today and my shoulder and neck hurt so I need something less intense.

  7. Love this so much! My form was so perfect, because everything was explained so clearly! Thanks so much it was the cherry on top of my day!

  8. Thank you Stacey really enjoyed this routine. Couldn’t sign up for yoga this month due to study commitments and missing my yoga. Just what I needed! <3

  9. This yoga routine was a great start to my day. I appreciate Stacey teaching chaturanga correctly. She gives just the right amount of cues for the novice as well as for the more seasoned yogi. I hope more yoga videos from her are to come!

  10. Loved this! Just what I was looking for this AM. I was not doing the chaturanga correctly before and now I can :)

  11. Absolutely loved bed this yoga sequence. My body appreciated every move and your awesome instruction. Thank you! Namaste

  12. Thank you! I love doing yoga, but my schedule is so irregular that I cannot make it to a class. I am not always sure I am using proper form since I don’t get to work with an instructor. This was really helpful! Please do more!

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