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Happy Thursday from Florence, Italy! We are so happy to see the excitement over your just-released line of Tone It Up by Maaji bikinis. Designing these beautiful, vibrant suits for the season was such a fun project, and we love creating things for this amazing community.  See them all here!

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You are all doing amazing with your #BIKINISERIES challenge.  Today, it’s time for a NEW full body toning, fat burning workout! Your Making Waves Cardio routine can be done anywhere, anytime and with no equipment. It also counts as 4 miles towards your #100BySummer or #150BySummer Challenge!

Bring your printable to the gym or to the park,  for an effective cardio session that will leave you smiling all day long!

Go left to right so you alternate between cardio and toning, and make your way down the chart.

Making Waves Cardio Routine BIKINI SERIES copy

Need music to get you energized? Us too!! Listen to some of our favorite songs with your BIKINI SERIES Motivation Music Mix!

Download your printable HERE! Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

Follow the rest of your daily challenges on your Weekly Schedule ~ we’re all getting ready for summer together! Take a look at your workouts here!

Keep your #BIKINISERIES Check ins coming on Instagram, Twitter & on the Community! Remember, this year’s Grand Prize includes a trip anywhere in the world with Contiki!!! We’re on our trip now!!! Anyone is eligible to win…just complete all your challenges and check in on social media with the hashtag #BIKINISERIES

Just joining us!? Welcome! Sign up below & learn more about how to get started with the BIKINI SERIES here!

This week’s check in prizes will receive an amazing package that includes Oakley Sunglasses, COOLA Suncare, Perfect Fit Bars and Tone It Up Beach Babe lip balm!

Week 2 Prizes Bikini Seriesbikiniseries-waves2


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  1. Jess says:

    Thanks so much for the workout! Could the next one you do be suitable for indoors like your living room? I dont have enough room for running inside my house lol Love you guys! xx

    1. Marta MCH says:

      Me too!!! I would love to do some cardio with no equipment indoors without doing a HIIT video (even though I love them!) will you guys be making a new one so we can switch up a little? It would be awesome! Thanks! Marta

    2. Debbie says:

      I do my workouts indoors also so I have been doing a video called “Walk away the pounds express” It’s a 4 mile walking video. At first it seems really easy but they up the pace and do simple moves. It seems to really burn the calories too! You could always add lunges or the other moves in the middle of the miles too! It’s by Leslie Sansone, probably available on Amazon.

    3. Katherine says:

      You could always replace the running cardio with jumping jacks or jump rope! Or if you have a flight of stairs, use that!

    4. Chelsea says:

      Love your body with HIIT is a great indoors HIIT routine

  2. Tania says:

    You are in Italy!! Welcome here, K&K, it feels like you two are just around the corner :)

  3. Janice Anne Carol Noblejas says:

    Does this mean girls outside the US can already join your contest?! Is this true?? Pls answer…

  4. Judy says:

    Hi, so I think I know what most of these exercise are, but what is the Bikini Walk Out? Also I’m assuming we do these exercises from left to right top to bottom? Thanks!

    1. vanessa says:

      Bikini walkout is where you stand straight and use your hands to walkout into a plank. Then walk back to standing position. hopefully that makes sense!

  5. Destyni Chaisson says:

    How are you supposed to do this? Like do you do cardio then the moves or do you do only the cardio or only the moves?

    1. StacyAnn says:

      I think you do the jog, then 20 high knees, then run, then lunges, then sprint, then bench dips, etc. Going left to right from the top of the column to the bottom. At least that is the way i am going to try it today :) Good luck and have fun with it!

      1. TIU_SherSher says:

        It also states “left to right then down the chart” right before the graphic

        1. Tamra Rainone says:

          ^Thank you! I was like . . . they tell you how to do it . . .

    2. Kristin Crowley says:

      I think you can do it any way as long as you work your booty off! My gym is pretty small so I’m going to do the left side first then the right column, but StacyAnn’s version seems effective too. Good luck!!

      1. Maria says:

        Agreed. I didn’t realize it was suppose to be left to right. I worked on the left column which turned out to be around 3 miles and then did the toning afterwards and I was dying. It definitely kicks your butt no matter what! :)

    3. Toneitup Cobra says:

      cardio then moves. its like an interval workout. Think HIIT.

    4. Toneitup Cobra says:

      “Go left to right so you alternate between cardio and toning, and make your way down the chart.”

  6. Erin Schmidt says:

    Yay….love the new cardio routine. And those prizes, I would die. K&K are SO generous!

  7. Annie Mac says:

    If you aren’t a runner, this would be super fun to sub a jump rope in for running! Fun as in, torture for the calves. But effective!

  8. Amy says:

    This bikini challenge is my first experience with tone it up. I didn’t get started until this week and enjoyed the videos but todays challenge was quite confusing. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the Tone It Up “lingo” but I spent half the workout trying to figure out what Bikini Walk Out, Punch n’ Crunch and Vinyasa were. For me a huge waste of time in a busy day. A little more explanation would have been helpful to me because with 3 “crazy kids my workout time is limited :).

    1. Tamra Rainone says:

      I always google workouts like that with “tone it up” in front. I didn’t know what the tummy tuck things were (or whatever they call them) and I googled “tone it up tummy tuck” and the first two results were exactly what i needed. Shortens the time!

    2. Angela Lopez Akbarpour says:

      I agree with you Amy. I don’t have a lot of time to figure out the lingo and I’m not even new to TIU. Demonstrations are needed especially since I’m already spending a lot of time with meal prep/planning, trying to fit in 2 workouts a day, and checkins… Eat, sleep, breathe TIU!

    3. Katherine says:

      I completely agree with you. Since I am not as busy as you, I have looked them up for you. Enjoy!

      Bikini Walk Out – “Bend down keeping your legs straight and inch your way forward with your hands while your feet stay in place until you reach a plank position. Drop to your knees and do a push up making sure to keep your elbows tucked into your sides. Straighten your legs and bring your knees off the ground and inch your way back up to the starting position. If you like you can replace the push up with a tummy tuck.” Images are here:

      Punch n’ Crunch – You can see this workout on their Love Your Body HIIT workout video located on the sight. To try and describe it, it’s where you start with your left foot forward and right foot back. You punch forward left hand, right hand, left hand. As you finish the second left hand punch you bring your left knee up to your torso. Reverse for other side.

      Vinyasa – This one is actually a yoga move. You can see it in the Love Your Body Yoga video that is on this sight. From what I figured out, you go from upward facing dog to downward facing dog and repeat.

      And from my understand you don’t need to complete their cardio exercise for the Bikini Series, just any cardio you enjoy, those are just suggestions!

      Hope this helps!

      1. ItsDickers says:

        You are wonderful – I was also wondering what the heck some of these are. Thanks so much!

      2. Erika Dwyer says:

        very helpful where did you go to look these up so I know for future workouts! thanks so much for posting

    1. Vinyasa is the flow of going from plank, lower down (triceps pushup), then push to updog, then downdog, back to plank (1).
      I’m guessing Punch n’ Crunch is squatting, you punch then crunch by pulling your knee up while engaging your abs?

      1. linzielu says:

        The TIU punch n crunch is like a boxing move…stand with right foot foward. Punch out with right arm, then left, then right. Then bring right knee upwards. Do them fast! Then alternate…you can see this move on the love your body hiit video :)

  9. Caitlin P says:

    Help! I know what the Bikini Walkout is, but I need help with the Punch n’ Crunch and Vinyasa. Any details/input would be much appreciated. Thanks, ladies! :)

  10. Melissa Bricker says:

    I wish there was a video that we could do this with, but I will try doing the print out!

  11. Kay says:

    Just finished this workout and I feel amazing! Loved the playlist with this. I was jammin’ out and feelin’ the burn. :) Thank you!

  12. Hey girls, can somebody describe K&K’s version of “tummy tucks” for me? I want to make sure I’m doing them right!

    1. Heather Wright says:

      Plank position, bring one knee up to your elbow then back to plank, alternate! Your back should stay neutral , I move my hips a bit and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to :) I think the power is coming from the core. :) I hope that helps!

    2. phemfit_tiu says:

      I decided to add buttons on their PDF w/ all the videos on how to do
      each move. Also, there is a button for you to click on for an interval
      timer for the cardio portion.

      Link on how to do Making Waves Cardio:

  13. Arene Milton says:

    Could you make a post about ‘How to get rid of cellulite’ I’ve been eating healthy and exercising for many years and still suffer from cellulite (though not always visible)

    1. Samantha says:

      I majored in zoology with a focus on humans and from my understanding in class, cellulite comes from the way the connective tissue cords cris-cross between your skin and muscle, and the fat layer in between it all. While you can lose the adipose tissue that’s between skin and muscle, you can’t change your connective tissue. Cellulite isn’t a special kind of fat – it’s just the dimpling caused when adipose bulges up while connective tissue pulls down. So really the only solution is to lose fat, period, but some people will just always have it in certain areas because of how their connective tissue is. It tends to run in families – some people tend to get the dimpling, and some people don’t.

      1. Erin says:

        Most accurate explanation I’ve read on cellulite, ever. Thanks for your insight!

  14. erin says:

    since i don’t have a treadmill — so I did a fitness blender HIIT that was broken into 3 rounds of 5 mins each. and between each, I did the stuff on the right. so i did that 3 times. I am nice and sweaty. and thanks for those girls who explained some of the moves! the vinyasa was kinda fun! a different sort of move!

  15. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love the tone it up girls! And have been slacking completely on this Bikini Series…I go on vacation in 3 weeks so it’s crunch time! My life is so hectic right now so I need to really utilize the check in’s and start waking up! Seriously between holding 3 jobs and everything else life throws at me – 5am workouts need to become my bestie!

  16. Angel Gutierrez says:

    Can anyone tell me if instagram and twitter are the only ways to be entered in the contest? Can you enter here? Also, is it only for members of the nutrition plan or everyone? Thanks!

  17. Lauren says:

    man so much running, this makes me feel out of shape lol

  18. Angela Lopez Akbarpour says:

    I agree with you Amy. I don’t have a lot of time to figure out the lingo
    and I’m not even new to TIU. Demonstrations are needed especially since
    I’m already spending a lot of time with meal prep/planning, trying to
    fit in 2 workouts a day, and checkins… Eat, sleep, breathe TIU!

  19. phemfit_tiu says:

    Hi guys,

    This is the cardio for Wednesday, May 14, 2014. When they first published this new cardio interval I was a little confused w/ the moves. I decided to add buttons on their PDF w/ all the videos on how to do each move. Also, there is a button for you to click on for an interval timer for the cardio portion.

    Link on how to do Making Waves Cardio:

    Hope this helps anyone!

    1. ItsDickers says:

      This is genius – they should totally start doing this! Thanks for putting it together :)

  20. Emily D says:

    I LOVE that this cardio routine is in a printable format so I can easily save it to my iBooks and pull it up on my iPad! Thanks so much for publishing it this way!!

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