Make Your Abs POP!! Your New 12-Minute Standing Abs Workout

Hands up babe, it’s almost the weekend 🙌🏻For this week’s Studio Tone It Up Mini Challenge, we’ve been focusing on improving our flexibility and strengthening our balance. Just a few days in and we’re feeling more centered already!! Balance is the 🔑  to life. I mean…

Plus, your ability to walk, jump, run, and dance are all thanks to your balance! Learn more about the body-loving benefits of improving your balance in THIS post.

Having a strong center is essential to balancing ~ that’s why it’s so important to tone your gorgeous core! Today we’re sharing one of the BEST workouts with your ABsolutely stunning trainer Stefanie. This 12-minute routine is completely standing; by taking it off the mat, you’re engaging your deep core stabilizing muscles, which improves your balance and posture. This workout targets your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques, plus boosts your metabolism and throws in a little bonus arm and booty love too! Because why not?! 😉

Get ready for abs for daysssss!!!

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

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  1. There are so many programs offered online, but so far I like this, i mean i like how it was demonstrated, it was very easy to follow. Achieving those abs takes time, so maybe this 12 minute workout will work for me. :)

    1. So glad you loved it!! Keep up the amazing work and it WILL work for you! You got this girl! 🤗

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