Love Your Total Body Sculpt With Karena

Day 2 of the Love Your Body Series has us feelin’ amazing! 😍 You’ve been spreading so much love through this community with your #TIUloveyourbody checkins ~ your energy is magnetic and it’s SO inspiring! It’s your kind of drive and positivity that fuels this incredible team…keep it comin’! If you haven’t already signed up for the Love Your Body Series, it’s not too late!! Sign up HERE for the most amazing start to your 2018!

While you stick to your Love Your Body Meal Plan (head HERE to get it if you aren’t already a member!) it’s also SO important to challenge yourself in your workouts. Push through the 42 reps, grab a heavier set of weights, or drop into an extra Studio Tone It Up class. You have so much more strength than you know and you’re only getting stronger!

Today, I’m sharing a total body sculpting routine that is the perfect opportunity to challenge and amaze yourself. Remind yourself of what inspired you to start this Series and use that as motivation. And share what inspires you on Insta and in the comments! I can’t wait to read through them!

Let’s get it girl! 💪



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  1. Amazing workout! Do you have any recommendations for replacing weights while travelling? Also agree with yesterdays comments about releasing the workouts early. I live in Australia and am moving to London shortly and it would be so nice to follow the same daily schedule rather than completing everything a day later 🙌

    1. Yes! There’s almost no point signing up if you’re not in the right time zone because you end up missing out on all the fun with the work out releases :( would really appreciate early release so all time zones can participate :)

    2. Hi babe! We always travel with resistance bands and you can use them instead of weights. You can also use water bottles…or even wine bottles 😉 And thanks for the suggestion about releasing the workouts earlier. We’ll talk to the team about it! xxo

    3. Thank you for the real time workouts. Love them. Also thank u for the Playlists on Spotify I was literally going to go to bed but turned on one of your playlists and bam I knocked out my workout.

  2. Dear TIU, I’ve a silly question: I’m 5 weeks pregnant with my first child and I’m freaking out about ABS exercices :( Can you confirm that they are still ok for me? Also, is the LYB plan ok for pregnant women? Thanks in advance for your replies. I absolutely LOVE all the content you’ve been providing us since the start of the challenge <3

    1. Hi Claire! I am 6 months postpartum and I asked my doctor lots of exercise questions. I don’t remember the exact time frame but I believe it was around 4-5 months. and standing abs is perfectly fine, it is just exercises that you are lying flat on your back that you will have to avoid later on. Absolutely check with your doctor and tell her you consistently workout. Congratulations!

      1. Congrats Claire! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and my doctor said to avoid any outer ab workout whatsoever because it can contribute to diastasis recti, such as crunches, boat pose, etc. She said that planks in moderation can be fine, but I often go to my knees. She said working your inner abs is important, but I typically avoid most of the ab workouts these days! Prenatal yoga has been super helpful in also showing me ways I can work my inner abs while avoiding my outer abs!

    2. Hi Claire, its standard advice to stop doing ab exercises lying on your back such as crunches, sit ups, etc when you start to show around 12 weeks pregnant. This is for two reasons: 1. When you lie flat on your back, it limits good blood circulation (also why its recommended to sleep on your side while pregnant), 2. Doing these kind of exercises put you at risk of splitting your ab muscles and getting diastis recti. If I were you I would only do standing ab exercises or only do prenatal ab exercises. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

    3. Hi Claire! Congrats!! So happy for you! We always recommend checking with your doctor just to be safe.

  3. OMG Where are Katrina’s leggings from. I love them and need to have them. Great workout 👏

  4. I love this workout! Hand weights and booty band are two of my favorite things, so the combination is right up my alley! Too, today’s daily moves included kettlebell, also one of my favorite things, and pairing those moves with this workout made me so very happy! :)

  5. So this complementary workout is longer and more extensive in the subscription to the app? Or is this free for today and available in the app for subscription after today? Just want to understand the subscribed content. Thanks!

    1. Hey babe! Studio Tone It Up classes range from 25 – 30 minutes and feature app exclusive workouts. We add new Studio exclusive classes to your app every week and they are great options to add to your routine! xxo

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