Love Your Body Cardio Kickboxing with Kristina!

Hi girl! Today’s workout is all about feeling like the strong badass boss that you are! 💪 Our girl Kristina is taking you through a seriously booty-kicking total body workout. Her cardio kickboxing class is the best way to tone your total body, boost your metabolism like crazy, and bust any stress. Every time we do one of Kristina’s kickboxing routines, we feel so strong after. You’ll feel like you can accomplish anything…cuz you can ;)

Kickboxing is all about quick bursts of intense, muscle toning movements, so it’s important to control your breath. Kristina will remind you throughout the routine to focus on short, forceful exhales. This way you’ll feel stronger throughout your workout and your abs will get some major toning too!

Have fun babe! And don’t forget to share your sweaty selfie after. We’ll be looking out for it 😉


You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

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  1. This workout was super fun and different! Really enjoyed Kristina’s energy and attitude. Thanks TIU!

    1. Hi mama! You can modify by taking out any of the jumping. Listen to your body and do what works best for you. You can also try our prenatal modifications for postpartum. Find some of our go-to modifications HERE! xxo

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