Love Your Body Cardio Abs With Karena!

Hi beautiful! This week of the Love Your Body Series is all about strength ~ of your mind, body, and spirit. Inner strength was the intention of our meditation yesterday. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to take some time for yourself to quiet your mind. It’s been life-changing for me.

And today we’re focusing on strengthening your gorgeous abs from every angle — your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and waistline — all while raising your heart rate and boosting your metabolism! When you feel like you want to challenge yourself and give your core some love, this quick workout will be your new go-to. It incorporates some of my favorite ab toning moves in just a few minutes! Add this routine to any of your workouts for a little extra burn🔥

Take pride in your strength this week and share it with the people who surround you. You are such a bright light in this community babe ✨



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  1. This looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it! I have been off for a while but my body is craving a workout like this so it will be perfect!

  2. This was an awesome workout to pair with today’s 5DM + cardio challenge!! Thanks K baby! <3

    :* xxx,

  3. Great routine! Hours later and I can still feel my abs:) I have to ask- where did you get those Leggings? Love the astrological symbols.

  4. Loved this quick, all-over ab workout!! I do have a question about the lower ab exercises- any time I do lower ab moves like leg lifts or leg lift crunches, my hips pop. Is this normal? Is it a sign that my form is wrong? Thanks for any advice you can give! Xoxo

    1. Mine used to do this all the time too! I think it’s just tight hip flexors. It doesn’t happen too much if I warmup and stretch my hips out first. 😊 Hope that helps you some!

    2. Hi babe! Yes, it’s totally normal. Just make sure that you keep your lower back on the ground to keep your form on point. If your lower back starts to lift, you don’t need to lower your legs all the way down to the ground during leg lifts. And make sure to stretch your hip flexors! xxo

  5. This is perfect to help get my core strong and toned after baby number two!

  6. I was struggling this week, because I don’t visually see any difference in my body or on the scale…but doing this routine just now, I noticed that I was doing the plank and everything without shaking arms or dropping down on my knees, sooo yay! I have been getting stronger :D

  7. Loved this! Curious- are we supposed to be building in rest days? I noticed they used to be on the weekly schedule but aren’t anymore

    1. Hi babe! It’s important to listen to your body and you can add in 1 to 2 active rest days per week that work best for your schedule. You can try any yoga flow or stretching routine you love in Studio Tone It Up or on or go for a walk with a girlfriend! xxo

  8. I just wanted to say thank you girls for the “love your body series”. The workouts have inspired me to feel positive and strong. To know that i am capable of doing these workouts, which last year i thought i coudln’t do it. Thank You so much girls!

  9. Hi girls! What happened to the Love Your Body HIIT video from a few years ago? I love that video for quiet apartment cardio and couldn’t find it this morning trying to pair it with this workout!

    1. Hi girl! We had to take down some of the older Love Your Body videos because of music copyright issues. We’re working on it!

    1. Hi babe! At the top of the post, you hit “Save” and then under the “Fitness” menu, you’ll find your “Saved Workouts.” xxo

  10. Loved this ab workout!! I take muay Thai classes every tuesday and Wednesday so I need something for the days I’m not going and all of these workouts are awesome!!!

    1. Hi babe! Make sure your wrists are directly over your shoulders. You can always modify with a forearm plank and if anything is bothering you, we recommend checking with your doc. xxo

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