Love (And Boost!) Your Balance

Hey boo😘  Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? Get ready to cheers to your INCREDIBLE accomplishments during this Series!🎉  We hope you’re planning something special to celebrate your beautiful journey these past six weeks. You’re stronger, more confident, and more in love with YOU than ever! Raise your glass girl, you’ve earned it!

Today we’re sharing all the info on loving your balance! Balance is so much more than nailing that tree pose…your ability to walk, jump, run, and dance are all thanks to your balance!

We’re also discussing the role of proprioception (pretty much your sixth sense!) in balancing. Proprioception gives us the ability to fix our hair without looking or walk when it’s dark outside. We all have natural proprioceptive abilities, but fine-tuning them is SO important for boosting your balance!

Balance is the 🔑  to life babe…let’s learn all about it!

Understand Your Balance

We rely on many different systems in our bodies to work together and create stability. Your eyes, ears, and muscles all take in information and report to your brain and support your ability to move your body effortlessly and (almost 😉 ) always land on your feet. When we talk balance, it’s important to understand how proprioception plays into everything. When you’re chatting with a girlfriend and raise that glass of vino to your lips without having to think twice, you’re using proprioception! Your proprioceptors are sensors throughout your body that give your brain information on how to move. So when you’re placing your body in a position that requires balance, your proprioceptors tell you how to execute and autocorrect if you start to wobble.

Boost Your Balance

Improving your balance benefits you in every move you make. As you strengthen your proprioceptors, you’ll feel more stable when you run or hold a yoga pose. This may seem small but think about it… EVERY movement that is seemingly second nature can be majorly improved with a little proprioceptor love! Today we’re sharing three of our favorite balance-boosting toning moves…but you can add proprioception challenges into almost any routine! Next time you’re sculpting your biceps or triceps, try standing on one leg ~ this adds an amazing added balance challenge. Over time, these moves will come more easily to you, and you’ll notice your balance will improve in other areas of your life!

Booty Pulse

This move does some major booty toning while using your proprioceptors. Start standing firmly in a deep lunge with your right foot forward. Slow and controlled, shift your weight to your front foot, extending your back heel behind you and moving into Warrior 3. Your hips should be parallel to the ground, engaging your core and booty. With stability in your standing leg, pulse your top leg up and down. 

Pro Tip: Try focusing your eyes on one point about a foot in front of you ~ this will help you balance!

Standing Side Crunch

We love this move for sculpting your waistline and challenging your balance. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your right arm raised above your head. Raise your right knee up while crunching your upper body toward your right side until your right elbow meets your right knee.

Pro Tip: For an added challenge, try closing your eyes! This makes it so you’re relying only on proprioception.

Single Leg Deadlift to Knee Raise

This move does some major total body toning and balance boosting. Start by shifting your weight to your front leg and allow for a slight bend in the standing knee. Hinge from the hips and lower your upper body down while lifting your back foot behind you. Maintain a neutral arch in your low back. As you raise your upper body, engage your abs and crunch your knee into your chest. 

Pro Tip: For added stability, exhale as you raise your knee into your chest. This way your abs will engage and boost your balance!

LOVE Your Balance

Throughout the day there a few ways you can test your balance, which ultimately improves it. When you’re brushing your teeth, lift one leg or try closing your eyes to strengthen your proprioceptors. Over time, these small additions will improve your proprioception, which will have major impacts on your everyday life. Plus, great proprioception promotes good posture and alignment!

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