Live Rooftop Workout ~ 40 Minutes of Total Body Toning!

in case you missed it live rooftop workout total body toning tone it up tiu hq headquarters karena katrina

Twice a week during the BIKINI SERIES, Katrina and I hop on Instagram @ToneItUp to do a LIVE workout with you!! We literally get to squat, lunge, and crunch with you in real time. It’s such a blast! Every chance we get to connect with this incredible community, we take it! Seeing you work out with us brings Katrina and I back to our WHY ~ which is you!! We started Tone It Up to empower women around the world to be their best and healthiest selves…and have the best time doing it!

Last week, we took it to the roof with some of our gals from the HQ for a total body workout. Sarah, Kelly, Stacey, and Keeks joined us! This routine tones it all ~  your arms, back, chest, core, legs, and tush. Helloooo Kat booty! And speaking of…anyone else notice Kat shaking her tush during the criss-cross punches without even realizing?! It just comes so naturally! 😹

Make sure to join us on Instagram @ToneItUp to work out with us LIVE TODAY at 5pm Pacific!

We can’t wait to see you there!!

Watch on YouTube or your AppleTV HERE!

Want to play your own tunes? Play the music-free version HERE!

live rooftop workout tiu hq headquarters tone it up karena katrina total body toning
We have live workouts every week of the BIKINI SERIES on Instagram @ToneItUp! Make sure to check the Weekly Schedule or Daily Workout page for the day and times each week. Just click on our profile pic at those times to join in!

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  1. Yes! I was so happy to see this. The first of the recorded live workouts for the #tiugirls who lives in different time zones! (I’m in Asia!) *happy dance* Thank you so much girls for all the things you do for us! Love you K&K and the TIU HQ!

  2. Thank you SO SO SO much for posting this!!! What a great way to start today!! <3

  3. LOVE IT!!! Please post more of the live workouts!!! I’ve missed the first yoga one and I’ve missed the Saturday live workouts! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Thanks for posting! Will you be posting the live workouts from week 1 ( the bootycall and yoga from the girls weekend)?

  5. Yeah! Thank you ladies for posting this LIVE workout. I missed it so I am looking so forward to trying this one out. It looks awesome! I’ll do this one on Friday since I don’t have the BB5. Is there any chance you ladies will be posting Karena’s Arm Workout from Saturday? I missed that one & really wanted to see & try it out. The workouts from this Bikini Series rocks. Love it! I absolutely love the mix of total body toning moves with yoga (Sunshine Sculpt) & cardio moves (Sandy Sweat & Totally Toned). Thank you for everything K & K! Love you girls!😍

  6. Thank you so much for saving this! I had to do it tonight at 9:30 pm CST. A mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do ;) So much fun! Thanks K&K!

  7. I thought I couldn’t do it but I did it!!!! Oh my god thank you so much girls, you guys are the best for putting these great workouts. You guys rock!!!!

  8. Loved this! So glad I was finally able to do it. Hard to make some of the live workout timings in Dubai. Please post more of the live workouts!

  9. Love this Work out I’m overweight after baby number 2 , I lacked motivation and I Love these Workouts!! They are actually easy for me as a beginner to follow and keep up with . 😉 Thank You for this Katrina and Karena !!

  10. Wow! What a great workout! I did this following the Total Babe from BB5 and let me tell you, I am GLOWING! Feeling amazing. Now for a LC&G meal and a shower!! Thanks so much girls! Xoxo

  11. More AM workouts and Friday or Saturday workouts please !! I’m missing all of the workouts, because in Europe it’s in the middle of the night :(

  12. I LOVED this workout. I am nursing a knee injury and it was great to have an effective workout without lots of jumping/plyo. Loved the total body especially the booty on the mat and a warm up and cooldown were a nice touch! Keep it up!

  13. AMAZING workout! I always feel so refreshed and joyful after doing any of your workouts. You ladies are way too wonderful, and I am SO grateful to both of you for the amazing company you’ve created :)

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