L♡VE Your Legs Workout

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday!! It’s time to shape one of the most requested body parts: Your Legs :) You’ve asked us to give you more workouts to shape your legs and thighs and here it is!

Get ready to show off your long, lean, toned gams ~ and to rock your favorite jeans with confidence!

This routine is going to sculpt your entire legs, thighs and booty!

Remember, your Challenge today is to do this workout in combination with your Love Your Total Body Toning Routine :) Check your weekly schedule to get all your workouts!



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Love Your Legs Toning Routine

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Don’t forget that today’s challenge is to combine this routine with your Love Your Total Body Toning Routine!!


Checking in with you girls this morning! 30 minutes BootyCall on the stairmill then 10 minute ab circuit. Had the pre-workout Buzz Smoothie :) Ready to take on today!

A lot of you have asked and yes, I’ve been extra focused on my arms to get wedding ready. As most of you have heard me say, it’s my problem area! I do TIU total body workouts 2x a week & Karena‘s arm circuit – I took my weight up to 15lbs, 20-30 reps. I’ve also been doing yoga once during the week and once on the weekend, which is a great workout for my shoulders and triceps – plus a ton of core. And I’m of course following the Tone It Up Plan which is helping my metabolism a ton. Thanks everyone ♥ I appreciate your support!!

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Journal your nutrition everyday – either in the community, your phone, calendar, or a journal. Journaling is the best way to stay honest with yourself and get clear on what you’re putting in your body and what you’re doing to love it!

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We LOVE this amazing Check in blog from Amber Stanton! You’re an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!


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