Inner Thighs & Waistline with Kettlebells!

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  1. Roxane Coryell says:

    I can’t wait to try these at the gym tomorrow morning! The LYB with Kettlebells routine was the first time I used kettlebells and I love it! Any chance you will come up with more amazing kettlebell routines for us soon? Thank you!

  2. Taylor Gill says:

    What weight would you recommend for beginners using kettle bells?

  3. Rebecca Doerr says:

    I have a hard time doing Upright Rows and I’ve read it is an exercise that some Trainers don’t recommend because of the possibility of injury (read this on Athlean-X, Top 5 worst exercises), can you recommend an alternate exercise? I’ve been doing Side Raises which is just a variation where the thumbs are facing the front and you raise to your underarms, but if you have a better idea, that would be great!

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