Kettlebell Cardio Core With Your Studio Tone It Up Trainer Stef!

Today we’re sharing a booty kicking total body kettlebell routine with your Studio Tone It Up Trainer Stef! This girl radiates positive energy ~ she’s such a goofball and we love her for it! She had us cracking up on set so much last week!! She also has some pretty amazing routines that leave us sweaty and feeling super toned 💪🏻 You can read all about her incredible story HERE!

Today’s workout is a mashup of Stef’s new kettlebell routine that’s available in the Studio Tone It Up app. You can download your app HERE! This total body routine sculpts every inch of your gorgeous body. Abs, arms, back, legs, and booty… she’s got it all covered! You’ll also raise your heart rate – especially with those kettlebell swings, which will boost your metabolism all day long.

Give Stef lots of love today and go through her sculpting routine below!

P.S. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can do this routine with a dumbbell! ;)

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Come work out with us, your kickass Studio Tone It Up trainers, and your girlfriends in the Studio! Our doors are open 24/7 and you can start your free 7-day trial today! Download the app and join us HERE!


  1. Thank you for bringing a new kettlebell workout, it’s one of my favorite piece of equipment!! Can’t wait to try this workout in the app today. I’m gonna do it right before I teach my own fitness classes :)

  2. Does this mean that TIU Tuesdays will only feature “full-length” new videos for people who subscribe? I’m a member but can’t afford the app; I’d be very sad to see TIU Tuesdays become an exclusive perk for people who subscribe.

    1. Hey babe! We hear you and can definitely clarify. 💗 Nothing is changing or being taken away! We just added more! Just like years before, we have free workouts coming out for the January challenge and Bikini Series for TIU Tuesdays, longer/premium routines will be available on, and we still have the Free Daily Workout on & the app. Think of the Studio as an added bonus. It’s in addition to everything else we’ve always done. Last year at this time we only had Daily Moves, so now it’s extra! The challenges coming up are going to be fabulous too! So you can choose to do the workouts on the site, YouTube, or in the Studio. Hope that helps answer your question!!! Thank you so much! Xxxxo

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