ICYMI LIVE~ Total Body Toning at Karena’s House!

Hi gorgeous!!

The Instagram LIVE workouts are one of our favorite parts about the Summer Tone Up! It’s so motivating and special to know that thousands of TIU girls are working out together, and it means the world to us that you join in. We love that Insta now saves the workout for 24 hours so you can catch it after. Aaaand if you want to do it again, we gotcha!

Today we’re sharing the total body LIVE workout we did recently at Karena’s house. We were extra sweaty and it wasn’t until halfway through the workout that we realized the fireplace was on!! 😹 This routine uses Booty Bands and a set of dumbbells to tone from head to toe. We love using Booty Bands to add extra booty sculpting to every move. You’re going to feel amazing after this workout!

We’re also chatting about the TIU Tour so make sure to watch all the way to the end! ;)  In case you didn’t see, we shared five things we’re super excited about for the tour HERE! It’s getting SO CLOSE and we have ZERO CHILL about it!

Just imagine doing a live workout…with thousands of TIU girls surrounding you, cheering you on, sharing hugs, smiles, laughs, and a little rosé after of course! It’s a total dream come true!!


  1. I love this live workouts.

    They are so much fun and motivate me as much as possible :).

    Thanks for setting it online so that we can do it every time.

    I’m so grateful for this community.

    Thank you Karena and Katrina for all you did!

  2. Thanks for kickin my booty Karena!! 😘
    Can’t wait to meet you lovely ladies next month!!!

  3. K&K,you are awesome, but please, can you unable this super workout for Apple TV and YouTube too?

    1. Hi babe! So glad you love it. This is one of our new faves too! This video is blocked on YouTube because of some of the music but you can watch it anytime here on ToneItUp.com! xxo

  4. Oooh yeah! I loved this workout last week! Happy that it’s now online! Thank you girls 😘

  5. Love this workout! I would love a new Kettle bell routine for the Summer Tone Up!

  6. This is SO GOOD!! I was literally dripping so much sweat I could hardly stay in plank at the end I was so slippery! Thank you guys for continuously putting out amazing workouts <3

  7. This is one of my favorite workouts I’ve done with you girls. My whole body feels amazing and it was great to be live and see the authentic K&K just chilling and having fun together. Thanks so much for sharing with us!! I am SO excited to workout with you and meet you girls in Chicago in a few short weeks. I hope the tour is everything you girls dream of for yourselves… I’m confident it will be everything we dream of in the TIU team :-) <3

  8. Is there a way we can download this? So we can watch it anytime and workout anywhere? :)

  9. I was missing new workouts with both K&K so I’ll take what I can get. But I think Kat might have an attention problem with that phone😜 Don’t we all though!

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