How to Take Your #TIU21 Toning Moves to the Next Level

We’re L💛VING your 21 Rep Challenge checkins! We’ve been doing the moves every day at the HQ. Who joined us live on Instagram earlier this week?! OMG…when that spider was on the floor next to us! 🙀 Don’t worry, we rescued him!

If you need a little refresher on your 21 Rep Challenge, we’re breakin’ it down! Your Toning Moves are there for you each morning here on & free on the TIU app! Your new app makes it so easy to scroll right through so you can do them anywhere, anytime! We’re doing 21 reps of each move 3 times through!  PS…no iPhone? No problem!! Access your Toning Moves from anywhere right on your Daily Workout page. We like to “add to home screen” to have them with just one tap!

Want to take it up a notch?! We’re sharing a few tricks to maximize your moves. These tips will help you get some extra cardio perks and an even better burn! We know you’re up for the challenge!!

Drop it like it’s hot

You already know the 21 Rep Challenge is all about drop sets! You start off with heavier weights for the first 7 reps, then drop down to a medium set for the next 7, and finish off with light or no weights. Performing a drop set allows you to push your muscles a little harder and perfect your form while still getting all your reps in. It’s the best way to strengthen your muscles and start working up to heavier weights!

Step up your game

If you live or work in a building with stairs, incorporate them into your moves. Walk up a flight and do 21 reps, then climb another flight for your next 21, and keep on going! Your booty will be ON FIRE…even more than usual 🍑

Stroll ‘n sculpt

On days when you have bodyweight or Booty Band moves, take a walk to a local park to do them. You’ll be getting in some extra cardio and doing your sweat sesh in a new spot. If your walk turns into a jog, get it girl ;)

It’s so easy to access your moves with you on the go! You can swipe through them free in your TIU app or find them on your Daily Workout page every day.

HIIT ’em hard

To add a little something extra to your routine, try doing a cardio move between each circuit ~

~ 30 seconds high knees

~ 30 seconds jumping jacks

~ 30 seconds mountain climbers

You got this!!

Invite a babe

You never have to work out alone again! One of the coolest things about your TIU app is that you can invite your girlfriends to do the Toning Moves with you and see all the other babes in the community doing them too. The support and encouragement will help you crush your moves. Always remember we’re stronger together 💪💛

It’s not too late to join the Tone It Up 21 Challenge with this beautiful team!