How To Refresh Your Workout Routine For Spring

Happy Spring! We’re soaking in alllll the gorgeous flowers, amazing produce, and those extra hours of sunlight! ☀️ We love rising with the sun to take a morning walk or yoga class. And those extra hours of light help us stay motivated to get our evening Tone It Up app workout in.

Here are a few amazing ways to revamp your fitness routine just in time for spring!



Try a new class

Whether you’re a cardio queen or all about strength, don’t let your usual workout ways define you! Step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Not only will a new modality challenge your body in new ways, you’ll beat boredom and be more likely to reach your goals. Ready to mix things up? Try Chyna’s Boxing HIIT workout TODAY in your TIU app!

Take that booty (band) outside

On your next Target run, make sure you’re stocked up on our amazing TIU Booty Bands! These mini resistance bands are the perfect portable way to take your workout outdoors with the nicer weather! Karena and I pop them in our purse, suitcase, Bella’s diaper bag 😂 — literally wherever we go so there’s no excuse to skip a booty workout! (Check out our fave Booty Band moves HERE!)

Find your workout BFF

You know we’re all about this one. Two TIU girls is better than one! Enlist a bestie to join you once a week for a class in your Tone It Up app, or make an IRL sweat date. You’ll be more likely to stick to your workout sched when your boo’s waiting for you!

Revamp your workout wardrobe

You’ve Marie Kondo’ed your closet 👏. Now put that workout gear front and center! ‘Cuz when you see it, you’re more likely to use it! You might even want to splurge on a new outfit if it motivates you to crush more workouts.

Set a spring fitness goal

Do HIIT two days per week. Sign up for a 5K. Foam roll after every sweat sesh. There are SO many amazing fitness goals you can choose, big and small. Pick yours and share ‘em with the community on Insta. We’ll help hold you accountable!

Get access to hundreds of sculpting, toning, and metabolism-boosting workouts with the Tone It Up app.


  1. I love this! @TIUteam Spring is a great time to start anew!! I’ve been working on the closet–time to work on the workouts!!!

  2. perfect timing to splurge on a new outfit and plan new work out goals! Spring has sprung, @TIU!
    new reasons why, new outfits, new recipes!

  3. I usually do Pilates so doing TIU workouts is what I’m working on for spring! My other fit goal is to increase my flexibility so I’m doing a stretch project and some yoga to help with that. Still need to clean out my closet and stock up on more booty bands. 💕

    1. Those are such great goals Nikki! There are some great stretch and yoga routines in the TIU app too that increase flexibility and feel amaaazing!

  4. I am so grateful and happy that I found TIU! I’ve tried a dozen other programs and although I’ve always worked out and aimed to be healthy, I wasn’t expecting feeling part of a community – even if I never see anyone! The encouragement and positive vibes are amazing! And I am obsessed with my booty band!! THANK YOU!

    1. Thank YOU for being a part of this community and being part of what makes it so special! Love you 🤗

  5. Started taking Barre class again and incorporating Yoga.

    Would love new TIU workout apparel to sport! Hint hint :)

  6. Hi girls, with that post you totally read my mind. I live in northern Europe so the weather is terribly cold until March usually, but now it is quietly starting to go above 0 degrees ( celsius :)
    So now just starting with walks outside, but hopefully in April it is enough for running and bike rides :)
    But as I am a #tiubride this year I was wondering when is the Bikini Series starting this year? I was planning to take my results to the next level by also committing to working out right when I wake up, and I think that Bikini Series really is perfect motivation and support for that.
    Lots of love from Estonia

    1. Hey Merit! So glad it’s starting to warm up by you! Keep your eyes peeled soon for all the details on our next challenge. It will be amazing for #tiubrides!! Love from Cali 🤗

  7. Hey tiu team, great post! I really love when spring comes with new challenges :) I will join to one cool running event for women <3

  8. While waiting, impatiently,for the new bikini series I am doing all the bikini series YouTube videos

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