How to Love (And Sculpt!) Your Booty!

Today we’re sharing all the info to help you truly understand how your booty muscles work and how to maximize your toning results! Combining quality workouts with proper care and recovery is the formula for the cheeky 🍑 of your dreams! Your drive and consistency WILL pay off!

As one of the strongest muscle groups in the body, your booty does a lot of the liftin’! And we know you work so hard for that toned tush ~ so now it’s time to show it some love and gratitude. And next time you pass a mirror… go ahead girl, check yourself out ;)

Now let’s learn about those buns, hun 😚

How Your Booty Works

Your booty is made up of three different powerful muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Together they work to perform all the movements involving your booty. And individually, they each serve different (important!) roles.

Your gluteus maximus is the biggest and arguably strongest muscle that makes up your booty. It’s involved with powerful movements like squats and deadlifts. When you think of shaping your booty, it’s mostly this muscle you’re targeting to sculpt! Your gluteus maximus is also responsible for any backward movement of your legs ~ think booty kickbacks and even walking! Basically, your gluteus maximus deserves a lot of love!

Your gluteus medius is located beneath your gluteus maximus, closer to your bone. It plays an important role in rotation and any movement that involves your leg moving away from your body, like side leg raises or clam shells!

Your gluteus minimus is the smallest of the glutes, located under your gluteus medius! Its role is to help out your gluteus medius perform those exercises that involve the movement of your leg away from the body. But don’t underestimate this little guy, the gluteus minimus is small but mighty!💪🏻

Get That Booty-licious Bum!

Now that you’ve had a little anatomy lesson 🤓 let’s get to the toning! As you know, your booty is involved in MANY movements but we want to share a few exercises that most effectively sculpt your derriere. And remember, your booty is strong! Make sure you’re challenging yourself with enough weight to feel the burn. We always recommend a drop set for those booty workouts ~ start with a heavier set of weights (we like 12 to 15 pounds), then drop down to a lower set to finish off your reps.

Deep Squat

This move is all about form. Take your time and make sure you’re doing it correctly ~ that way you’ll target the right muscles and prevent injuries! Start by standing with legs wider than hip-width apart, holding dumbbells in both hands resting on your shoulders. Engage your lower abs as you bring your booty directly back and down as if you were sitting on a chair. Keep your heart forward, shoulders back, and knees behind your toes. Drop your booty as low as you can. As you return to standing, squeeze your booty! This is where the major toning occurs.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your knees. You want them to be directly over your ankles, so engage that outer thigh and booty to keep your knees in line!

Side Lunge

This move is amazing because it requires your body to call on so many different muscles. Start by standing with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips for stability. Then shift your weight into your right foot as you lunge in that direction. Make sure that your knee stays facing forward and stacked on top of your ankle! Maintaining proper alignment is always important, but especially when doing moves that involve stability. Now using the strength of your booty, press your bent leg straight in order to return yourself to standing. Make sure to keep your core tight ~ it will help your balance AND tone those abs while you do your booty work.

Pro Tip: This is a great move to go through slowly. Focus on your balance and breathe. This will help you to maintain that perfect form and isolate your booty muscles!

Bent Leg Deadlift

This move will do some SERIOUS sculpting to your backside. Deadlifts are one of the most effective booty lifting exercises. Do this move with weights, a barbell, or even a kettlebell! This is also a great move to perform a drop set with! Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and holding weight in both hands. Hinge at the hips and lower the weights, tracking your shins as you lower down. Maintain a neutral spine, chest lifted as you gradually bend knees until weights are at your toes. As you reverse the motion to return to standing, keep your booty engaged. You’ll feel the toning action in your hamstrings and booty!

Pro Tip: Keep your back as flat as possible, engaging your abs the entire time. This way you’ll protect your spine from injury and you’ll feel the sculpting exactly where you’re supposed to!

LOVE Your Booty

Taking good care of your body is truly the most important way of showing yourself love. When you work out, you’re putting your muscles under (good) stress, so that means post-workout it’s SO important to give your body lots of attention and time to repair. Refueling your body with protein and plenty of liquids ensures that you’ll feel stronger after a tough workout. Make sure that you ALWAYS stretch post-workout, even if you don’t feel sore! Over time your muscles will actually lengthen, which gives them greater range of motion and makes them stronger! Try to incorporate a quick stretching routine at least once a day ~ it’s so easy to do a small stretch before bed or right after you hop out of the shower. You’ll feel amazing and your booty will love it too!

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    1. In order to put on more muscle, yes you have to eat a surplus of calories. But be careful, when I do this I almost always gain weight too..because I’m eating more. This may or may not be your goal. I do heavy weighted squats at about 135 lb with a barbell and my booty has grown tremendously. I have been eating at a deficit while lifting very heavy and my muscles have really grown. Eating at a deficit helps to burn fat and lifting heavy gets your muscles popping!

    1. Hi babe! Aim to do these moves 2 – 3 times a week. You can pair them with the lower body or total body workouts on your Weekly Schedule!

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