How To Build Your Perfect Home Gym

Hey babe! You may have seen on my Insta Stories that I made space for a lil’ home gym. It’s perfect for squeezing in my Toning Moves in the Studio in the morning or after work with Brian, Karena, or Angela. The amazing thing about having a home gym is you don’t need a lot of space ~ you don’t even need a room! A corner of your living room, office, or bedroom is perfect…as long as it’s a space dedicated just to you and your workout. Anywhere can be transformed into a space that motivates you and makes you feel amazing. If you build it, you WILL do it! Fill the space with things you love and make it your favorite area of your home!

Here are some TIU girl essentials that will make the ultimate home gym. And remember to make it YOURS and add your own style and flair ;)


            • ✓ Your Phone & TV

    • Your phone is all you need to get in the Studio with your girls! Just join us in Studio Tone It Up, sign up for class (there is a class every hour on the hour so it works for your schedule no matter what) and invite your girlfriends to take class with you! You can also swipe through your Daily Moves in the app for free…I do ’em every day at home!

      If you have a TV in your space, that’s amazing too! A lot of you have asked how to get workouts on your TV ~ it’s so easy! Mirror to your Apple TV like my girl Angela! Or you can use HTMI cord!

      An absolute necessity for any workout —from HIIT to stretching it out to yoga!

      🍑🍑🍑 all day errrr day…Karena and I both keep these at home, at the HQ, and in our purses and gym bags. We put together our fave Booty Band moves for ya HERE!

    • ✓ Exercise Ball

Soooo amazing for sculpting your gorgeous core ~ this Beach Ballin’ Workout is one of my faves from last year’s Bikini Series!

We recommend having dumbbells for those toning workouts, daily moves, and drop sets! I like between 5-15!  If you want to grab 20s too, get it GURLLL! We have a guide to what weights to choose HERE!

And we love using kettlebells because they add an extra total body toning element to every workout. Check out some of our fave kettlebell routines HERE!

Staying hydrated is SO 🔑~ it boosts your metabolism, helps your muscles recover, and makes your skin glow ✨

      • ✓Candles

Set the mood ;)

    • ✓Mirror

For those sweaty selfies 📸 Make sure you check in with us #TIUteam after your Booty Call!

    • ✓Extra Hair Ties

Because obviously!!

  • ✓Speakers

Pump-up music is a must!

    • tone it up bikini series prep for success clean closet
    • ✓Bins

I got these cute copper bins from Target and I’m obsessed with them for organizing my gym gear!

    • ✓ Quotes & Pics

Hang pics of your friends and fam or frame your fave inspirational quotes (Karena has a chalkboard where she writes hers). These will motivate you to challenge yourself and make you smile during your workout!

    • ✓Your A Game 💪

We know you’re bringing it 😉

  • We want to see your home gym! Share a pic in your space and tell us what’s in it! #TIUhomegym

 Get your space all set up, and meet us in the Studio ;) With Studio Tone It Up, you’ll be surrounded by strong, inspiring women no matter where you’re doing your workout! You’re never alone! Join us in the Studio HERE!


  1. We finally just finished our basement and I am so excited to set up my own gym space in the corner!!!!!!

  2. We just converted a guest bedroom, barely ever used, for a home gym. Just bought a home gym system. Excited to share pics when its all done!

  3. Hi! I see in one of the pictures that you have a Spin bike. What brand/model is it? I’ve been considering in investing in one! Thanks!

    1. I’m not sure which bike this one is but I recently invested in the Peloton spin bike and it is the best investment I’ve made :) I get SO much cardio done at home and love their live classes and instructors.

    2. After some serious zooming on the picture and major googling! I believe the bike is a Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike and I think the model that looks the most like that one is SF-B1110. I hope this helps! :) x

  4. My home gym is usually my living room, bathroom, or. bedroom depending on the day!

  5. Just a Yoga Mat by the bed and some weights is what I’ve got room for..and it works!

  6. Hey Kat! What is your floor in your workout room actually made of? Looks amazing just wondering what you used? thanks!

  7. My husband and I are currently buying our first house. We’re going to use one of the bedrooms as a gym. I am SO excited! I know I will work out even harder and more of often in my own fun space! Great article! I can’t wait to use these tips in my new home gym!

  8. Hi Ladies! Any suggestions for a wooden box/bench? I really like the type are featured in the App workouts.

  9. I am so excited to start the new summer series!!! I currently drink a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. I do try and eat a healthy snack in between and then also between lunch and dinner. For dinner I do cook a healthy meal. My plan is to follow your recipes for my snacks and my dinner meal. Is this okay, or do you recommend I follow your meal plan?

    1. Hey Lisa! We recommend following the guidelines of the meal plan, but the meal-by-meal guides are just a suggestion. Do what works for you and your lifestyle! xxo

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