HIIT It For The Holidays!

SLAY bells ring…

Are you listenin’? Time for your BOOTY CALL!!

We know you’re busy wrapping presents, visiting family, and attending holiday parties, so squeezing in your workout can be tough this time of year. But don’t worry – we’ve always got your back, girl. Consider us Santa’s little (sculpting) helpers! ;)

Today, we have our bestie, Kristina, doing a 13-minute Tabata-style HIIT workout. This total body toner will have you sweating within seconds of starting. You’ll be toning your tush, arms, core, shoulders, and legs while torching major calories FAST! There’s still plenty of time for festivities!


Watch on YouTube HERE!


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      1. Yes! I emailed them as well and they told me that the Body Love workouts would be available for $35 in January. Score!! :)

        1. Sweet!! I emailed them, and haven’t gotten an answer back yet. But this is awesome to know!!🤗🤗

  1. Wasn’t going to do this today, but so glad I did, it was great, quick and efficient. Thanks!!

  2. Yay! Thanks for asking about the new workouts! I cannot wait to see them!!

  3. Absolutely awesome workout! I didn’t know if I was gonna make it but I kicked ass!

    1. Hey Deborah, if you need some mini bands before TIU makes them available again, I got mine from Target! Not as cute as TIU’s though :)

  4. Awesome workout!! Love that it gets heart rate up and could be done anywhere with our TIU bands!!! My bands are always in my luggage!
    Merry Christmas TIU!

  5. So glad I did this workout instead of sleeping until noon like I wanted to!! My heart is racing and it feels soooooo good. I did have to hit ‘pause’, thanks to all of the food I ate yesterday, but I am determined to get through this without stopping ASAP!

  6. What a fun workout! I really enjoyed switching it up and will be completing this video more often!

  7. I LOVED this workout! I loved how Kristina explained form throughout the workout. I hope to see more of her!

  8. I’ve done this routine several times now already and I love the sweat I get from it every time!!! :) THANK YOU!!!

  9. I JUST tried this workout and LOVED it! I’m about 3 months pregnant, now showing yet, and after talking to my obgyn pretty much know what I can safely do and most hiit workouts are out of the question (because of your heart rate getting to high) but this 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (plus I’ll admit a few additional breathers so my baby’s heart rate isn’t slowed) was perfect! Also, the instructor was great! Loved that she showed each move first!! Thanks TIU! :)

  10. Hi guys! I am new to TIU – I purchased the nutrition plan for $150 and am doing the six week challenge. I’m wondering, are there workouts that are different from what I’m seeing on the “daily workout” page, /!: do I get access to those workouts with the nutrition plan? Also, when the daily workout prompts you to do a HIIT workout, where do you look to find the workout? Appreciate the help! New to the team and have a lot of questions. Thanks in advance

    1. The other workouts are under the workout tab, you can look by whatever body part you’re trying to target. HIIT is also a sub-category under the workouts tab. I hope your TIU journey is going well! Welcome to the team!

  11. What do HIIT workouts equal in regards to cardio requirements (for example, today we need 45 minutes cardio for the daily workout. I have a 5 month old and its 15* outside — no jogging for us today!

    1. Not sure, maybe 2/3 the time? Because it seems that it’s harder than normal steady state cardio. I would probably do 30 min of HIIT. But I don’t know the exact. You could also switch it out with a HiiT later in the week, like if they have 45min cardio today and HIIT in two days, just flip-flop them and hope for better weather in two days. Good luck!

  12. This was such an amazing workout! I loved breaking up traditional hit and infusing my daily moves with tabata. Kristina was an awesome trainer. Really encouraging and clear on what was left to do- great for a day when I feel too much in my head during my workout. Thanks so much! I’m glowing and feeling good.

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