Got 10 Minutes? Burn & Sculpt Your Total Body With These 6 Moves

Hey gorgeous!! It’s the final week of the Love Your Body Series and you’ve been CRUSHING it! We’ve been having so much fun sweating it out with you and seeing you push your limits and reach your goals! Before you do this workout today, take a minute to thank yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Now let’s get after it! We picked six of our favorite moves from our Sunset Magic workout in your Tone It Up app, where you’ll find the full routine. We filmed this in Manhattan Beach just as the sun was setting ~ it was magical. ✨

These combo moves will sculpt every inch of your beautiful body ~ your legs, booty, back, biceps, shoulders, and abs. You’re going to burn out every muscle group fast! 🔥It’s the perfect routine for a busy babe like you. Check in with us after #TIULoveYourBody! 

Love you! 



6 Total Body Exercises to Sculpt from Head to Toe

Grab your dumbbells and let’s work every inch of that gorgeous body! Do 2-3 rounds of the circuit below. 

Goddess Squat + Curl

Sculpts your legs, booty, and biceps!

Begin standing with feet wider than hip-width apart and toes turned out. Hold a dumbbell in each hand straight down in front of you with palms facing up. Lower straight down until your thighs are as close to parallel to the ground as possible. As you stand back up, curl the weights up to your shoulders. Then lower everything back down and repeat.

Do 20 reps.

Row + Rear Fly

Targets your back and arms!

Begin standing with knees bent, holding a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other. Hinge forward at the waist, keeping a flat back and your core engaged. Row your elbows back behind you, keeping them close to your sides and engaging through your mid back on the pull. Slowly straighten them back out. Then, raise both arms to the sides, maintaining a slight bend in the elbows as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. With control, lower the dumbbells back to start position. Continue alternating between rows and flies.

Do 20 reps.  

Reverse Lunge + Overhead Press

Works your legs, arms, shoulders, and core!

Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Step your right foot back into a reverse lunge, knees bending 90 degrees and your back right knee just hovering off the ground. As you step back, curl the weights up to your shoulders, palms facing you. Holding your lunge, press the weights overhead and turn your palms to face away from you. Bring the weight back down to your shoulders. Then, as you step back up to stand, straighten your arms back down by your sides and drive your back right knee up toward your chest. Repeat from the top.

Do 12 reps, then switch legs.

Deadlift + Upright Row

Strengthens your legs, booty, and shoulders!

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of your thighs, palms facing you. Maintaining a flat back and a soft bend in your knees, hinge at the hips as you lower your torso toward the ground, keeping the dumbbells close to your shins. Engage your booty and core as you drive through your heels to stand. At the top, pull the dumbbells up to your chest, elbows bending out to the sides and reaching higher than your shoulders. Lower the weights back down and repeat from the top.

Do 20 reps.

Forearm Kickback

Tones your booty and works your core!

Begin on all fours, with your forearms and knees on the ground. Make sure to engage your core so your back stays flat. With your right foot flexed, lift your knee and pull your heel in toward your butt. Press your heel back back and up toward the sky. Pull your knee back in to return to start and repeat.

Do 20 reps, then switch sides.

Side Plank Hip Dip

Targets your core, especially your obliques!

Start in a side plank position with your right forearm planted firmly on the ground and your left arm on your hip. For extra stability you can stagger your legs, placing your top foot just in front of the bottom. Lower your hips a couple inches toward the ground and then back up to starting position. Repeat.

Do 20 reps, then switch sides.


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